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So, you’re getting fed up having to haul all your gear and loot across the wilds of Skyrim and sleeping in the dingy back room of the Sleeping Giant Inn. Now that you have the Hearthfire expansion up and running, it’s time to shop for a parcel of land to build your house on.
Helpful Tip: Out of all the building materials listed above, Iron Ingots are especially prized. As you probably know already, the recently released expansion for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Hearthfire, allows you to build your own house in the game from scratch. And if you read and followed the previous article on how to buy land in Skyrim Hearthfire, you’re one step closer to having your dream house built and ready in the game. Now, next thing to do is to use the Drafting Layout and then the Small House Layout from the menu. Then, you will have to use the Carpenter’s Workbench to build the foundation of the house. The idea is to visit the traders and get the building materials that you need (like owners of the Lumber Mills for logs, Quarried Stone from the rocks near the house or Straws from general traders. So we thought we’d tempt you, to show you the options available to you and the success you can one day hope to achieve. These are specific choices from three different options per wing, and once the foundations are set you’re stuck with that choice.
We opted for the library in the east wing, the trophy room in the north wing and the bedrooms in the west wing (in the hopes of one day fulfilling our dream of adopting a child).
Frustratingly you can only have the bedrooms or the glasshouse, not both – which made the possibility of creating a self-staining lifestyle for our children an impossibility. If you need help building your house, check out our guides that pinpoint where to buy a plot of Skyrim land in the first place, or how to hire a steward and adopt a child. Hearthfire will allow you to purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armoury, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more.
Hearthfire was released in September 2012, and is the second of three DLC addons available for Skyrim. For this reason it’s recommended to stockpile your building materials before you build a house in Skyrim.
Iron Ingots are fashioned into Nails, Iron Fittings, Hinges, and Locks at the blacksmith’s anvil. By simply following these 5 easy steps you can build a house in Skyrim — and not just any house, mind you, but a house as unique as your own playing style.
Share your opinions and helpful tips on home building with your fellow Skyrim fans in the comment section below, and be sure to check out the Fansite’s latest Skyrim memes for a good laugh.

This is not an easy process and that’s the reason why I have decided to create and share with you this guide with step by step details on how to build your house in Skyrim Hearthfire. Once you get there, get all the items from the chest (some building materials, which are 30 Clay, Corundum Ingot, 6 Iron Ingots, and 30 Quarried Stone), plus 20 logpiles. But your quest only now begins as you will have to actually build the furniture inside using the new work bench there.
But if you want to build your own house from the ground up, now it’s your chance and you have the guide with requirements and how to do it!
After building the first room and the main hall, you can only add a room to the west, east or north wing. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings.
Skyrim is fast approaching its two year anniversary, but many gamers are just starting out their Skyrim adventure.
These are to get you started, but you will need more materials to build the house (more on that in a bit!). With the Hearthfire expansion you not only have the ability to build your own house, but your own furnishings as well (beds, chests, shelves, tables, weapons racks, etc.). Once your home is finished you can hire a Steward to oversee your affairs and adopt children (we’ll cover these features of the Hearthfire expansion in a later article). He's currently on his third playthrough of Skyrim, and is playing as a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online. After awhile, I thought it might be a good idea to tackle some of the games in my backlog and try something else… played Gears of War and Far Cry 3 and was bored after a couple hours.
Take a look at the table below to see what basic materials are used in the building process and horde as much beforehand as you can. What starts out as a basic dwelling can quickly be crafted into a sprawling manor complete with unique rooms to suit your taste. Add what you like and remove what you hate!Want a small simple shack located by a beautiful river? Build your home to reflect it!Choose from one of 4 "Themes" to decorate your home, these themes can be mixed and matched for "hybrid" designs. More info on designs below (FANCY IMAGES!)Also available is a hidden lair that can reflect Werewolves or Vampires! Keep an axe handy and a pickaxe at your side, finallyyou have reason to go out there and collect stuff!The home is situated just outside of the Abandoned Prison, at Lucky's Shack. If you've never been to the abandoned prison, its essentially right at the fork in the road between Riften, WIndhelm, and Whiterun.

TRavel from Whiterun to Riften and after you pass the bandit tower you come to a winding cliff road, then a bridge.
When you reach the bridge you have made it to the home.Once there, be sure to pick up Lucky's Journal inside the (convenient!) shed, where you can alsostore all of your building materials. The barrel is only there for convenient storage, you need to have the materials on your person :pQ.
Punch him, I don't know why this happens but punching him always solves it for me, he willl ignore the gesture and continue on sleeping. If you have a CTD, there is no clear way to solve it other than you taking the time to adjust your mod load order or check for conflicts. Trying to get spouses to live in a modded home isn't really easy to do, and will ultimitely conflict with any other mod that tries to do the same. Its not practical to even try, instead use this mod:Spouses can live anywhereIts better than the vanilla system. Werewolves are openly hostile toward one another, and Hircine tells them to kill one another enough for it to make sense. ALL the books stored in the shelf are deleted, and worse off the space the books occupied remain. If you continue to forget to remove books before you remove the furniture, your bookshelf will end up being filled with no books.
Loot Lucky's body before you remove the ruined shack, he has a treasure map on him that actually initiates a hidden quest by enabling a chest. Sometimes he falls into the rubble below the home, you may have to do some swimming to get to him.
Example: The exterior smithy hangs off of the watch tower, so you cannot build the smithy until the watch tower is built. This should make it nice and compatible with tons of other mods!This mod took 980 lines of scripting!
Here are someimages that do that job for me!Now that your home is complete, how to decorate the interior?

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