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Victory: Harry Potter author JK Rowling has won a battle to build two luxury tree houses in the garden of her home despite protests from local residents. When online accommodations service AirBnB first launched, its primary mission was to find all you urban sophisticates an affordable crash pad in a cool city center. To see some of the best of what AirBnB has to offer in the treetops, click to see houses currently for rent all over the world--and all for under $350 per night. AirBnB’s most popular tree house is in Burlingame, California, overlooking San Francisco Bay. It was decided via a 'delegated decision' by the planning department as less than six objections were received.A spokesman for Ms Rowling refused to comment. Now, with a $2.5 billion valuation and 200,000 active listings, AirBnB has seen property owners -- "hosts" -- push it into the realm of luxury wish fulfillment. According to the site, co-owner Doug—who created the tree house originally for his children—is now looking into a career as a tree-house builder. Proprietors rent their private Scottish castles, retro, pastel-colored VW vans, igloos, and -- drumroll -- tree houses.
And not just one or two, as it began in 2009, but over 200 actively listed tree houses, from Southeast Asia to rural Italy to woodsy Vermont. These days we’d probably amend that rule, but growing up, it was what we lived by.While the rules of our tree house may have changed with age, the desire for owning one has not. Not only are the childlike dwellings regularly among AirBnB's most viewed properties, but "the conversion rate [into renting] was higher than the average property," explains Vivek Wagle, the site's head of brand strategy, on how the site has monitored tree-house growth.
Ironically enough, the reasons we still want a tree house as an adult are still fueled by all of the same needs. We are looking for a place where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our own personal place to escape.
And though some tree houses were expressly built by owners for the purpose of renting, Wagle says that most really were ex-children's playthings that parents repurposed in a post-recession way to earn extra scratch. We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to give up on those childhood dreams of owning the ultimate tree house. Rustic Treehouse Cabin in ColoradoOne of our personal favorites on the list, this elevated cabin was designed by architect Missy Brown with adults in mind.

The treehouse is located in the mountains of Vail, and includes an awesome rooftop patio – perfect for enjoying a summer time beer. Treehouse Point in WashingtonLocated in Issaquah, Washington, Treehouse point is technically a treehouse hotel.
There are several different accommodations scattered throughout the property, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Tom’s Treehouse in WisconsinPart of Wisconsin’s Wandawega resort, this three story cottage was designed for guests looking to experience the great outdoors. It’s got everything from an upstairs reading nook and chandelier antlers to an outdoor deck and hammock, all wrapped around an old elm tree.
Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse in Costa RicaThis sustainable community spans over 600 acres in Costa Rica. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse in CanadaA bit different than the previously featured offerings, these round tree houses are connected to the surrounding trees by a series of ropes. The Bird’s Nest Treehouse in SwedenAs the name would suggest, this treehouse looks like a giant bird’s nest.
While the outside may look primitive, the interior has been decked out with modern conveniences, and one would never know they were sleeping in an oversized bird’s nest. Treehouse Office in WashingtonTechnically this isn’t a tree house, but it is built right into the wilderness of Washington. This home office was designed by Peter Daniel Frazier with the goal to blend in with the great outdoors, and includes a small balcony to take in those breathtaking views of the water. The Minister’s Tree House in TennesseePerhaps the most famous treehouse on the list, this structure is absolutely mind boggling. The building process began back in 1993, when Minister Horace Burgess says he was inspired by God to build it. Boeing 727 Plane Treehouse in Costa RicaOnce again our travels bring us to beautiful Costa Rica, where a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airplane has been transformed into Hotel Costa Verde. UFO Treehouse in SwedenAnother one of the rooms in the Harads, Sweden based Treehotel, this UFO inspired treehouse is nothing short of amazing. With the fog effect on, this thing looks like it’s descending from the sky, getting ready to make contact with planet Earth.

Swing At The End Of The World Treehouse in EcuadorOkay, let’s be honest, the treehouse itself isn’t all that impressive. Built for adrenaline junkies, this massive treehouse swing provides hikers with amazing views of the Tungurahua volcano – so long as it’s not a cloudy day. Three-Story Treehouse in CanadaLooking just like Tarzan’s treehouse in Disneyland, not much is really known about this magnificent structure. We do know that it is the tallest tree house in British Columbia, and it’s located near Revelstoke.14. Mirrorcube Treehouse in SwedenSweden’s Treehotel is absolutely amazing, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that 3 of its suites made our list of the best treehouses. This particular one was designed by Tham & Videgard architects, and is crafted from a lightweight aluminum that has been draped in reflective glass. In case you were wondering about birds flying into it, this thing has been equipped with infrared film that’s only visible to birds, so that rarely happens. Treehouse With Bicycle-Powered ElevatorAfter building his 30-foot high treehouse, Ethan Schlussler knew he would quickly tire of climbing a ladder “six and a half million times a day.” Thinking completely outside of the box, Schlussler decided to build a pedal-powered elevator system. At first glance, it may look like a bit more work than it’s worth, but after watching the video, you’ll see it’s actually quite convenient. Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse in South AfricaThe best way to experience everything South Africa has to offer, Lion Sands includes 3 treehouses that place you right in the heart of the action.
The reserve is home to lions, hippos, leopards, birds, and much more – so expect everything to come to life after dark.
Sustainable Pine Tree-Shaped TreehouseCertainly a lot more modern and futuristic than the other homes on the list, these concept treehouses are amazing.
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New ZealandQuite possibly the coolest restaurant ever, this masterpiece was built by the team at Pacific Environments Architects. The treehouse is built into a 40-meter tall Redwood tree with a long, illuminated bridge leading to the dining area.

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