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Being widely recognized as a Source of FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Templates, JoomlaShine focuses on the product quality, which can be clearly seen in the design, functionality, and usability. You can find everything from the most basic landing page to highly stylized templates for almost any purpose. JoomlArt has produced well over 100 Joomla templates to date, and they are also the creators of the T3 framework, which is one of the most used Joomla template frameworks by independent developers.
JoomlArt's templates are generally very clean and offer a lot of potential for personalization. According to their website, Joomlashack was created one day after the Joomla Project was officially launched. JoomShaper is a premium Joomla template developer offering both free and club templates and extensions. JoomShaper is also the developer of the Helix Framework for Joomla, which many of their templates are based on.
YOOTheme has produced some of the cleanest designs for the Joomla template world, while still providing great support for vivid colors and bold graphics.
YOOtheme has maximized functionality by producing a great multipurpose tool for almost any Joomla site, Widgetkit, and a fantastic Content Creation Kit called ZOO.
Known for their bold designs and feature packed templates, RocketTheme also creates some excellent Joomla extensions. The newer templates in their portfolio are all responsive, based on the Bootstrap framework, and are available for Joomla 3.0. TemplateMonster offers a massive selection of Joomla templates from various sources and developers.
With such a large number of templates for sale, somewhere over 1200 at the writing of this article, TemplateMonster does a good job of providing a filtering solution at the top of the Joomla Templates page to make finding the right theme for your project much easier.
Gavickpro is a development company that has been in existence since 2007, and the quality of their templates keeps improving. Their most recent templates are built with a responsive design, have social media integration throughout and feature eye catching custom typography. Joomla-Monster features templates for nearly every web project, and they have several free templates so you can get a feel for their work before you buy. Shape 5 claims over 135,000 members, has over 70 paid templates and several free ones as well. With templates designed for everything from e-commerce to the medical field, Shape 5 tries to make their work available to any developer working on any project. ThemeXpert began when the founder, who was then creating Joomla sites for clients, decided to build his own set of template development tools. One great thing about ThemeXpert's template club is that all extensions are included with each demo template installation, which is a great value at their price point. Their latest templates are all Joomla 3 ready and are built Bootstrap, so their designs are fully responsive. Tutorials, reviews, case studies and other tips to help website owners and website developers master the Joomla content management system. As the Joomla Forum grows and demands on hardware increase, some of the community members that frequent the popular message board have noticed some performance issues, and have even experienced site errors due to the increase in traffic.
While the solution did provide some much needed relief and help to increase speed and performance of the forum, administrators did experience some "teething problems" as Martin calls them. Try changing the Maximum Size of uploaded files by going to Media Manager and clicking on the Options button. At 40 MB, that file could take a while to upload, so you might need to make some changes to your PHP settings to accommodate the longer waiting time. You can just create a php.ini file using Notepad (do not use Word or Wordpad) with the above code.
You may have already guessed, but the most common cause of your Joomla related problems is YOU! Also ask yourself this question - Will it be a faster fix by restoring a backup or solving the problem with the current install? We have a story of one developer who, while working hard at getting his new site build up and running smoothly, ran into a problem. The point is that there are many problems that can be experienced when working with Joomla, or ANY web technology for that matter.
As we develop this series, we want to hear what problems plague you most and how you've solved them. I think it's great advice to point out that if things get a little "boring" that's actually a good thing. If you have chosen to build your Joomla website inside a sub-folder of an existing hosting account, you might be unsure of the easiest way to replace the old site with your new one.
Step 3 - Navigate to the folder that contains your web files which in cPanel is public_html. If something does go wrong, you can move the Joomla files back to where they were, move the archive file into the main directory and use the Extract button to return things to the way they were while you try to troubleshoot the problem. I did recently use akeeba backup and kickstart to move (read "copy") a Joomla 2.5 from a web server to a wamp.
Now once you learn to use a module like Akeeba backup, you’ve learned to use a particular vendor’s module.
When you take a backup like the video demonstrates you learn something about how to work with your web server. But, if you are basically "copying" the site (say to test an upgrade), you need to create new database files, correct? Akeeba is mentioned above, but we've covered it pretty extensively in Beyond the Basics, so this is just another method to try. When you move (or restore) a site with Akeeba Backup all of the files, directories and everything are identical.
Will this work if my folder (new website) currently sits outside of public_html and is located in Home (same place as public_html file). Could I simply drag and drop it into public_html and then follow the steps in your tutorial?

The process known as minifying, or minification, happens when all of the unnecessary characters are removed from source code in order to reduce file size. The Administrator back-end of a Joomla website is the area where a user such as a Manager, Administrator or Super Administrator manages all aspects of a Joomla website, including the content, much of the behavior and functionality, and the look and feel of the front-end as well. In a Joomla powered website, the front-end is the area that visitors interact with, as opposed to the Joomla Administrator that is used by developers and site admins to manage and update the site from the back-end. Metadata is generally described as "data about data." On a very simple level, this means that it describes the actual data in some way. Metadata has been a very hotly debated issue over the years, and it is now thought of as quite a bit less important in terms of search engine rankings and overall Google performance. MooTools is an object-oriented JavaScript framework that is still somewhat widely used throughout the internet. Using a JavaScript library such as MooTools allows developers to rapidly create extensions and update code, while reusing trustworthy pieces of code over and over. In the Client-Server relationship, a server is the system that stores, manipulates and provides data to a client that requests it.
In a Joomla setup, the server is the system including the web server, which is usually Apache, and a database. In the Client-Server relationship, a client refers to whoever is requesting services from a service provider, or server.
In a Joomla setup the client would be the end user who is requesting web pages and information from the server that Joomla is stored on. The Joomla core provides both a wrapper module and a wrapper menu item available by default. While iframes aren't used nearly as much as they were in the past, they can still be useful in situations where you are trying to display either an entire website or multiple pages of an outside website while keeping your users on your own site. In the Joomla world, the term Banner refers to a core component of the Joomla CMS that provides advertising image management and front end display. Banners allow site owners to insert images into one or more module positions, and although this is mostly used for advertising, it can be used for any image. Some types of Menu Items relating to Article display include Single Article, Category Blog and Featured Articles.
For instance, a Single Article layout will display only one article from one category that you choose. Other Menu Item Types include Login Form, User Profile, External URL, Single Contact and Search. I normally go deaf and blind watching these online tutorials, but you lift it to a new level. They're building "versatile, elegant professional Joomla templates" for their members as well as customized extensions to go along with them. ThemeForest has done a good job lately of trying to bring in more and more Joomla templates and extensions, and there are several developers on ThemeForest that produce top notch templates. They also claim that over that time, more than a million Joomla powered sites are using their templates. Their club memberships start at $40, which gives you access to dozens of great Joomla templates as well as the new releases as long as your membership is current. In that time they've produced dozens of popular templates and one of the most widely used Joomla template frameworks, Gantry. In addition to templates, JoomlaXTC also produces a large number of extensions to work alongside their themes. They focus on producing solid templates that stand out from the crowd using their own Gavern Framework.
Knowing that some developers will want one template while others prefer the club style subscriptions, they have structured their pricing to appeal to almost everyone. Shape 5 also creates their own extensions to fit right in with their Joomla themes and is the developer of the Vertex Framework.
Some users were automatically put on the ban list, and some phpBB3 pages were resulting in MySQL errors; however, the problems have been addressed, and the system is reported to be running smoothly. Backup restorations take time and you will lose any data since your last backup, but in a serious situation it may be the best or only way to go. For instance, Joomla provides an error reporting tool which can help to point you in the right direction. While working away, and checking the front end to see how his fantastic changes were coming along, he noticed that most of the home page was broken. The offending Extension was found and left disabled, and the developer was able to move on and finish the site.
Many issues look the same at the outset, but may have completely different causes and resolutions.
Tell us your horror stories about Joomla problems below and what you've learned from the experience that would have saved you time had you known what to do from the beginning. In lock down mode you have time to start breathing and do some planning instead of trashing your own site because you're stressed out and don't see clearly. There are a few ways you can do this, but in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to achieve this using your hosting control panel. If you mess this up and you don’t have a backup, you could lose both your new site and your old one! Your current website files are displayed along with the folder that contains the Joomla website. But then deselect the folder containing your Joomla installation and deselect the new folder you created in the previous step. This compresses all of your old website files and stores them as a zip file in the folder you created in step 4.
Once again, make sure you deselect the joomla folder as well as the archive folder you created.
If you do have problems, the quickest solution might be to simply try making a backup of the Joomla site using Akeeba Backup and restore it into the main folder using Akeeba Kickstart. I had tried Akeeba to move a site in place of the live one and got a mysterious error in Akeeba it could not continue.

After using Akeeba backup and kick start one time I think I will make it routine to back up my sites. This is a work in progress, but this category will eventually feature everything from Access control to ZIP! This can greatly improve page load times for websites since the files being sent over the internet are much smaller. The site Template is used to display the Modules and other content in the front-end of Joomla. There are different types of metadata, but in relation to Joomla, we are talking about metatags such as description and keywords that are accessed by search engines and web browsers in order to learn something about the content on your website. Tags such as description are still very useful, but the approach to metadata in web development has changed dramatically.
Email servers, web servers and databases are all examples of different types of common servers. These are often on the same machine, but they can also be on different systems in a distributed server environment.
The purpose of the wrapper is to display content from a third party on your own website through the use of iframes. With an iframe wrapper, even the navigation of a third party website will be displayed within the module or content area.
Each Menu Item Type will provide a distinctly different page layout using the same content stored in the Joomla database. The Category Blog layout will display multiple articles from a specific category, but the structure and display of the page is highly configurable in the Joomla Administrator.
Each of these types will provide access to different content and provide templating layout specific to that content.
Joomla Menu Items are also explained in detail in our premium Joomla tutorial course - Joomla Pro. Instead of the traditional club, they have template "packs" based on developer needs or your specific market. You'll find full screen image backgrounds and full width image sliders among other features.
However, even if the problem does stem from being hacked, it's probably still your fault because you haven't kept your site and extensions safe and secure. However, fixing problems on a current install may not be as hard as you think, especially when you can successfully reverse your actions and think like a detective. This is probably one of the most common methods of troubleshooting issues such as broken image slide show Extensions, and anything that has to do with JavaScript.
It turned out that the site was being served through CloudFlare, a service we've written about previously and actually like a lot, and this was preventing the issue from being displayed right away. I’m using cPanel, but the principles apply with other control panels, as long as they include a file manager as you’ll see shortly. You do this by holding the Ctrl key on Windows or Command key on a Mac and clicking each folder. When this process is complete, you might like to navigate to this folder and confirm that the zip file was created correctly. At the end of this line you’ll probably find that the name of the previous development folder is included. If not, you need to backup account 1 using Akeeba Backup and restore it to account 2 using Akeeba Kickstart. The moved site wouldn't work on the wamp until I disabled a particular module (rokweather).
But this method is faster than creating the backup (although admittedly you should perform a backup), downloading the backup, uploading the backup, and going through the installation process again. There are also Extensions and other external tools that can be very helpful for troubleshooting Joomla problems.
And when it came to troubleshooting, the first step turned out to be putting CloudFlare into developer mode to bypass its caching.
If you need to go back to an earlier backup, your users and co-workers will not have entered stuff that will be lost.
So take a deep breath and ask yourself "What is the worst thing that can happen right now?".
Trying to cater for all user's whims will make you flitting about all over leaving a messy trail in your site. Then in the address box, insert the name of the new folder after public_html and give the zip file a helpful name such as Depending on the size of the site, this can take a long time, and the website will be offline during the process. Stay cool, clean up and keep it tidy so you don't trip and fall over left-overs when you are in a hurry.
When complete, navigate to the main folder again and check that the Joomla files are there. Go back to the configuration.php file and ensure that there is nothing entered in the line starting with var livesite.
Since no new extensions could be identified, the developer began the arduous process of disabling EVERY Extension possible and then re-enabling them one by one. That will give you time and space to take care of the invisible stuff, like security, reading up on new things, evaluate and evolve the site etc.
If you entered something next to the RewriteBase line, comment this out by inserting a hash at the beginning of the line.

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