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Don't confuse a beautiful website with a website that is high-sales, high-traffic, reliable and useful! At Blizzy designs, the website design and development process begins by approaching your site as a business first and foremost.
The Blizzy website design and development process follows our unique methodology that leverages our extensive industry expertise to help you achieve lasting success. The first step in our process of creating a successful website is to clearly articulate a viable online strategy.
The business and online strategy is described in a holistic and comprehensive blueprint document detailing the Insight Phase.
From there, the development and implementation phase begins, which we term the Innovate Phase. The answer is simple: you wouldn't build a house without an architect and a blueprint, and you shouldn't build a website without a digital equivalent. Armed with an extensive specification and comprehensive designs, our cutting-edge development team is ready to dive in and produce a functional site.
We know that e-commerce is first and foremost a business and that most e-commerce transactions start with a user's web search.
What if you need an e-commerce Website that also contains a Content Management System, an Email Marketing System, a Product Catalogue System, a 3D Modelling tool to showcase your products, Web Analytics, and integration with your e-commerce supply chain?
To do e-commerce well, you need to expect to make a significant investment — in time and money. As far as time is concerned, a general principle that applies to just about any web development project is that it will probably take more time than you plan for.
A payment gateway serves as a financial intermediary between your customers and your website, taking care of approving credit card transactions and capturing funds without interrupting the user experience unique to your website. Every e-commerce website must have security protocols that protect consumer information (e.g. To validate that this security is in place, the website must have its own SSL certificate, which must be set up by applying with a Certificate Authority (CA), like Thawte. Typically, a server should be latest technology including the latest server side languages, PHP, MySQL etc.
We can set up to charge for shipping, per item and per weight, and consider other factors like destination, shipping time and insurance.
We are the experts in small business web design and provide quality websites at realistic prices. A good website design should quickly let your visitors know who you are and what you do and also be attractive, easy to navigate and of course look professional.
A great website design will do all of these and in addition will engage your visitors with exciting and interesting content that will keep them on your website and convince them that you are indeed the company that they have been looking for so much so they need search no longer. In fact after visiting your website they are so delighted to have found exactly what they are looking for they are ready to buy your product or service.
Icon Web Design will design just such a website for you and help you develop your business online. There are various factors to consider when deciding which type of website you require not least your type of business and your budget.

Do you want your website to be a brochure style website that acts as an online advertisement and as the first port of call to your potential customers? Or perhaps you wish to take payments on your website and so need an e-commerce website incorporating a shopping cart and payment gateway? Perhaps you do not need a website geared at customers whatsoever as in fact all you require is a club or hobby website?
Well no matter what type of website you need we are sure we can provide you with a vibrant and engaging website at an affordable price.
If you would like to ask any further questions or perhaps you have a website in mind that you want to discuss then please feel free to give us a call or if you prefer just send an email with your questions. We are happy to give you a free consultation and to also help you take the first steps to creating your new website be it a small brochure style website, a hobby website or a large ecommerce or shop style website. We start the process with an initial consultation to help us get a real feel for exactly what you are looking for.
Knowing zero about websites and with no desire to learn we decided that we would hire a small business web design expert. We wanted to expand our business and needed a website to compliment our small business and so we needed help from an expert.
Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. Our passion is building successful businesses online, and the value we provide can be measured in business terms, such as ROI, revenue and customer volume. The insight phase includes Creative, Functional, SEO, Search, Content and Technical Requirements. The functional design provides a visual blueprint and map of the website through Information Architecture wireframes, sitemaps and process flows.
This phase encompasses all the design, coding, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Migration and Launch processes that are involved in any professional website development. If you want your digital ' store-front' to crumble, the surest way to ensure failure and waste untold time and money is to skip proper planning and jump blindly into implementation.
We are intimately familiar with the latest technologies and platforms, including AJAX, FLEX, LAMP architectures and the top commercially-available content management, cataloguing and e-commerce shopping carts. Therefore, we always ensure that all of our development and website architectures are Search-engine friendly. A merchant account is distinguished from a regular bank account by its ability to accept payments by credit and debit cards. The same process that occurs in just seconds after a customer's credit card is swiped at a point-of-sale terminal in any store — where transaction details are passed over to the merchant account payment processor, then to the credit card's issuing bank for approval, then back to the merchant where the funds are requested — is handled by payment gateways in online store purchases.
Although we will administer the hosting service, all domain names and hosting accounts belong to you, and therefore you are responsible for payment. Offering affordable small business website design packages that can fit any reasonable budget and provide our clients with a first class website tailored to their needs. Payment can then be made and we will start the design of your new website and set up the hosting and domain name immediately.
We started working with Ross and the team at Icon Web Design after a recommendation from a mutual client.

We came to Icon Web Design through a recommendation and have been working with Ross and his team for nearly three years now. With over a decade of experience in eCommerce web design, we understand the business of the Internet and excel at providing tailored technology solutions that are scalable, flexible, search-engine friendly, and proven to solve your business needs. For this reason we begin by researching your online business, its target audience and its competitive environment through intensive data-collection and analysis. Additionally, this phase recommends to what extent custom development and 3rd Party Applications will be necessary during implementation, or whether standard e-commerce website tools could suffice. Each step is planned in advance in the Insight phase, and then our implementation is carefully choreographed and managed to ensure the best results.
Whenever possible, we help you save time and money by sourcing and using existing, reliable software products that we then customize and tailor for your project. You won't find us delivering any solutions with hidden tab content, JavaScript-driven Text that a spider can't crawl, improperly structured Flash interfaces, unfriendly content URLs, or fully dynamic pages that Google can't find.
While the exact timeline will depend upon many factors unique to your business - we can tell you exactly how long e-commerce projects take for us. Aside from the additional operational costs that e-commerce requires, e-commerce development requires significantly more technical expertise to properly plan and implement than development of a typical website. The standard form of security for e-commerce is known as a secure sockets layer, or SSL for short, which is an encryption protocol created to protect information as it is communicated over the internet. Icon Web Design built a quality brochure style small business website which has paid for itself over and over again.
Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales. Based on these findings, we define the website strategy, including the site's goals, success metrics and value proposition. However, when no commercial product will suit, we are also able to develop a dedicated Custom Solution that is architected from the ground up specifically for you.
A typical website project will take 2-4 months from start to launch, assuming no delays or interruptions. If your new to business online, and wish for your site to take payments directly (as opposed to using a payment gateway), be sure that — before you do anything else — you confirm with your bank that your merchant account is qualified for internet transactions.
You have probably seen some of them in action; in addition to changing the HTTP to HTTPS, they will also change the colour of your browser bar to make the secure environment more apparent — which comes at a higher cost than standard certificates. Each of these offer configurable calculation tools that your website can integrate with in order to automatically calculate shipping cost and time estimates for your customers when they are checking out.
Remember: without a SSL certificate in place, users being directed to a secure server would be alerted by their browser that the URL cannot be trusted, and would have no way to be sure that their information is protected, even if it is. In fact, of the e-commerce projects we've worked on in the last few years, the quickest prototyping phase was 1 month and the longest was just shy of four! But despite the range in the prototyping time, in the end, both of those projects took less than six months to complete.

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