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Remember: Using others' images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement. Most do-it-yourselfers find building stairs the most challenging part of deck construction, because basic mathematics and accuracy are essential, according to the Titan website. Plan your stair, for example a construction that will stretch the length of the porch or deck and create a terraced effect. Measure in 3 feet from the front and place the 8 foot 2x10 parallel with the front, with the 2 inch side up, and screw it in place. Starting with the front section, place the two 3 foot 2x4's between the 2x4 and the 2x10, going across and connecting the two.
Place one of the 3 foot 2x10's against the 2x4 on the side of the center section, 2 inch side up.
Space the remaining two 3 foot 2x10's evenly between the two sides and screw them in place, 2 inch side up. Place a 3 foot 2x16 against the 2x4 at either side of the last section and screw them in place.
Attach the remaining two 3 foot 2x16's, 2 inch side up and evenly spaced, in the last section as you did in the previous two sections. You may consider placing a hand rail somewhere near your stairs, and perhaps some kind of non-slip tread on them, just to make sure they are safe.
In the following article you will learn how to build a deck from the ground up, at any height. Brick porch steps not only give your home an attractive, traditional look, they are also as durable as it gets.
Attaching a stair stringer to a header is a very important part of the stair installation process. Like pottery, weaving has been used for thousands of years to make both practical and decorative items. These stairs will require several extra feet of space, since each stair is going to be three feet wide and as long as your existing structure. Dig out any large boulders, and fill in any holes or low spots you may have in the area you are putting these steps. Lay the two 9 foot 2x4's perpendicular to this and then put an 8 foot 2x4 across the front. Instructions , Patterns and tying shuttle for Hexagon Looms ; Country Square Loom Instruction and. Find best value and selection for your HEXAGON LAP WEAVING LOOMS LOOM LOVE MONEY CRAFTS SET search on eBay. Clemen has a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and a one year Graphic Design degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

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He is qualified in many different art forms such as illustration, painting, murals, fashion illustration, characters, fashion design, and graphic art. And if i get an antenna to attach to the router and use it in the woods near my residence i can get away with using my network and no have to buy a card. There is nothing worse than being halfway into a project and then realizing it is not going to work. There are many companies out there that will charge you to look at photos your camera takes, but I will show you how you can easily make your own system. Complete with pan, tilt, zoom capabilities with a LIVE video stream that can be accessed from any PC or cell phone. Believe me, It is MUCH cheaper than buying the systems going right now that simply email you still pictures.First you will need an IP BASED web camera.
There are a few weatherproof ones on the market but it is not neccessary because you can always put a cover on it. Pretty much all they need is an internet connection and they automatically allow access for control of the camera by loggin into the IP address.
The point here is to be cost effective and the $80 dollar models you will find work just fine. Now, the Cradlepoint Wireless Router enables you to plug your cellular USB internet device right into it. It automatically recognizes your wireless internet device and forms a connection to the internet. Now whenever you plug your IP BASED WEBCAM into the Craddlepoint router, you have an internet connection via the wirless device.
I use a box like shown in the picture that is much like your outside cable box on your home.
I mount this right in the center so it leaves room inside the box to tuck away the wireless card and any cords and a power invertor. I like to use these boxes because you can easily spray paint them with your favorite camo pattern and once they are mounted to a tree there is easy access if needed.
You will want to drill a hole in the box large enough to run the cord for the camera outside of. I then mount the camera on top of the box so that whenever I mount the box the camera has a clear view of the feeder or location you are trying to view.
Be sure and use weatherproof calking for any holes you drill and you will want to put a "roof" over the camera after you mount it to a tree. I cut a small piece of sheet matal and just mount it over top of the camera on the tree to help keep it out of the rain.

You will need a small power invertor that can fit inside your weatherproof box with the Cradlepoint router. This invertor needs to be able to convert power from a marine grade battery to power for the Cradlepoint Device.
The Cradlepoint will supply power via the usb connection to your wireless card and some IP WEBCAMS. Being the Cradlepoint Router has a feature on it to automatically detect and configure an internet connection when powered on.
Consider this timer a safety feature to ensure your camera is always ready to be used via the internet. This timer will "reboot" the system which will automatically reset your Cradlepoint Routers connection and put it through the tasks of automatically re-establishing a connection. Honestly, I have had absolutley no problems with keeping a connection, however, it's one of those things thats " better safe than sorry" to me. The first time the system would actually need to be re-booted for some reason and you are 5 hours away, you would probably wish you had the timer on it. Just hook your battery into the power invertor and then run the power from the invertor to the other devices. You have your wireless internet card connected to your Cradlepoint Router via USB connection. Now then, you will go through the camera setup which will have detailed instructions with the booklet that came with it. Once you enter the IP ADDRESS into your web browser you can log in and take control of your camera.
I have found that you can call the help line to your camera maker and they will gladly walk you step by step through the simple setup. They can be set up to notify you by text message or email whenever motion is detected at the feeder. You can sit and watch your feeders while drinking coffee in your own home or at any other computer you have access to. If you are familiar with trail cameras then you already know with other store bought systems you will pay for monthly fees to upload pictures in which they charge you per picture fees that add up to cost hundreds of dollars a month to be able to look at still photos. Not only that but you can expect to pay in the neighboorhood of $700 - $1200 for the trail camera.
I built my first system for less than $300 dollars.Well, now you know how to not only build a system for cheaper, but also how to have a trail camera with live video streaming and many more capabilities.

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