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So, if you are wondering how to add shelter to your farmstead easily and save your money, a pole barn will be a good solution of your problem.
In this article you will find all necessary information how to build a pole barn and how to do this easily and quickly. A pole barn is a good solution of the problem when you are talking about building of a construction where you can store your equipment, or it may also serve as a workshop facility or a garage. Furthermore, this construction can be built for different purposes and in different places. If you don’t know how to build a pole barn, you can find a lot of plans in the Internet or you may ask somebody to help you. In order to be able to build a pole barn yourself, you should have all necessary equipment and tools. So, hope that you have understood how to build a pole barn quickly and without spending a large amount of money. Using these tips on how to build a pole barn, you will be able to make it a fast, cost-effective and solid process. Project Location, site plan and floor plans: I move on to the project location and other site specific features of the website. I can make out the bedrooms and other areas by the way they were designed but not a single dimension is legible.
Features and Specifications: I move on to the features and specifications part of the website. But then, why would such people, neglect the most critical point of information sharing like their own website?
I do not even know what prices are you charging and how much in totality do I have to pay to become a resident at Urbana.
The Grand Finale: Out of curiosity, we wanted to find who were the brains behind the website.

We thought the internet was the future and most things including project credibility and reputation would be managed in the virtual world. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money to buy necessary materials as they are cheap.
The Urbana logo and the small catch line of 'Change Your world' looks neat, along with a Happy New Year Message (er, wasn't that four months ago?) and a nice artist's impression of the project. Wow, so I am buying myself a home in an INR 2000 crore project that is scheduled to be delivered in December 2011. A page opens up which talks about the project area, a few other things and beat this.- VRF Air conditioning that saves 30% power. Even a first semester graduation student can produce a neater looking document than this one. The information that this website needs to share with a prospective buyer like me is in place but the web interface itself has been very shoddily assembled. Reading about the promoters and the consultants associated with this landmark project gives me confidence and peace of mind.
It is their public window into the world, beyond national borders and barriers of night and day. The answer is that a pole barn will serve you during a long period of time, it is of high value and you can make it as you want.
There is that smart announcement that Phase I is sold out which means I got to hurry up or I will miss the bus.
The complex will have two 45-storeyed and five 40-storeyed residential buildings constructed by Bengal NRI Complex Ltd, a consortium between a group of realtors and the state government. I fiddle around a bit and I can make out how the site is laid out and where the apartment blocks, club, common areas and landscaped spaces are. The videos are configured not to hog bandwidth and take ages to load or run with jerks even on wireless dial up connections.

It seems their website has not finished yet and that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I have a little money saved up and am looking at buying a world class home for myself in Kolkata. It has all sorts of pictures of important looking people but not a single picture of the site! Unless you have a famous address on Baker Street, London, I doubt you will do better than me. A group of the finest promoters, embarking on the most ambitious project in East India, getting their website made by a company which does not have a website itself! If you have a few friends who may help you, you will be able to build a pole barn in a weekend. I have a friend who has bought a home on the 30th Floor at Urbana, The Bengal NRI Complex Limited project at Kolkata. It tells me curtly that this section of the website is under construction and that I should check back later!
Your PDFs are great, the videos and neat and the people behind this landmark are some of the strongest brands in East India.
But, as a buyer, apart from the videos and pictures and two PDFs, I have no other information which can help me make up my mind! If they mail me the pics and text, I can make one for them online in under an hour and have it hosted on the net. Maybe I would liked to see a list of all amenities, bells and whistles that the place comes loaded with.

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