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How hosting providers structure their hosting accounts varies, but what is important to remember is that your Web space is simply a folder on a web server, and like any folder it can contain files and other folders. The folder is the root of your web space you cannot go above it ( you don’t have the necessary permissions). When you register a domain name it will associate that domain name with the root folder by default. You may not want to do this immediately but It is better to prepare for this possibility by creating a sub folder, and using that as the root of your site.
You then create sub-folders under this new root folder each of these folders ( website1,2,3 ) is in turn associated with a separate domain name. Each of these folders would in turn contain files and sub folders similar to our single site layout.
From the above you can see that the files for the  blog site are located in the bywblog directory (first entry above). This entry was posted in Website Hosting and tagged 1and1 on February 18, 2014 by steve cope. But how are you going about it, you don’t have the expertise to build a website nor the time to do it. The difference is that you don’t have to learn any arcane languages to built this website, because 1and1 Website Builder comes with hundreds of Website Templates.
Today if you don’t sell your products online then you will surely loose your competitive advantage to attract customers.
Last but not least, your website will be optimised automatically to work optimally on smartphone. Using 1&1 My Website and its 1and1 Website Builder you will have your Professional Website ready to go quickly and economically, saving you from wasting your precious time and money.
Rule of Thumb: Choose a website builder platform that allows you to easily customize the template you choose.

Instead of designing and developing web pages from scratch, you can use pre-built website templates and customize the pages to fit your needs. Generally speaking, the more complicated your website is, the more effort you’ll spend in customizing templates. Because of the amount of options available, the website builder UI might have a steep learning curve. Easy and affordable solution for beginners who look to get started with a personal or a very small website. Easy to create professionally looking photography portfolio sites that have advanced features without any technology skills. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.Click here to see our Cookie and Privacy Policy.
For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! You can choose one of these Professionally designed templates that suits your business sector.
But don’t fret, 1an1 Website Builder comes with eCommerce module, enabling you to create an online shop easily.
As I mentioned earlier, more and more people are doing their online activity using their smartphones or tablets. If you find yourself wasting lots of time trying to fix little things to meet your expectation, it might be time to consider investigating building the pages from scratch. Good for beginners without technical background who wants to start personal websites and very small business websites. If you don’t have an online presence sooner rather than later, you will loose your advantage and get left behind. Well, normally you would hire a web designer to build a website for you, but this way more often than not is an expensive way of doing it.

And here is the cool thing, you can customise the design (colour, font), layout and content of your new website by using the simple drag and drop website designer. You can even use and connect your store to the already well-known web services such as eBay or Paypal.
1&1 My Website will make sure that your website will look as beautiful on the desktop as well as on mobile. Good for verticals where impression and presentation is important, such as wedding photographer portfolio site.
If you can find suitable templates for your business, it’ll help you launch your website much faster. The key is to try out a few options and have some hands-on experience with the choices available to gauge matching level. Good multimedia (photos& videos) integration is a big selling point for business owners who want to promote photos and videos on their sites. Is there any other way to get a website without breaking the bank or resorting to learn the craft yourself?
This way your customer can easily share and recommend your website to their friends and followers. And that’s on top of the domain name and hosting, which you still need to fork separately.
A Hosting is where you store your website online (physically), and 1and1 Website Builder is their Web Design service they offers, except that you built your own website yourself!

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