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Even though you might have a product or a service, you might not need a website in order to reach a large enough customer base for it to become profitable. With the help of a pretty intriguing flowchart, we can actually determine if you need a website, and how to build it for your business. With a few easy questions, this infographic will guide you through the process of creating your own website (maybe by using the Basekit tools) and then launching it so the world has the opportunity to enjoy your products and services. If you have experience creating a website before, you’re probably no stranger to multiple sites that offer web creation services.  But if you’re looking for a one stop shop that offers web creation, hosting, and domain name registration in one place, you can use IMCreator to build a free website. Unless you are a professional web developer, choose from one of the templates they already have.  Once you have made your choice, the fun begins.
Web pages for offices and professions would benefit greatly from pictures showing their facilities, their staff, or samples of their work.  Examples of these are galleries of school faculty, specialist doctors in a hospital, completed architectural designs, or gym equipment.
Visual representations of the office, products or services your website may contain greatly influence people’s and potential clients’ perceptions.  If you are unsure of your photography skills, consider hiring a professional to produce images your website will use.
Editing the text on the web pages is just as easy.  Texts are contained in text boxes just like in MS-PowerPoint. Resize the text box if the text is more than what it can hold.  Click, drag and drop to reposition the text box. The top of the web editor page contains a button that allows you to manage (add or remove) pages.
A second button marked ‘add an element’ allows you to add videos, text boxes, pictures, slideshows, widgets and many more.
Publishing is as easy as hitting the blue ‘publish’ button on top of the edit screen, typing your domain name, and clicking ok.  You are now the proud owner of a new website. Now that you know how easy it is to use IMCreator to build a free website, you can maintain your new web, create new ones for yourself and maybe even offer to create one for a friend. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
We often hear questions from Webs users about how they can make their small business websites more effective, attractive, and professional. Ita€™s easy to start a small business website a€“ just think ofA a domain, find a hosting service with a builder (like Webs!), and hit publish.

We surveyed people across the business; from the people who build our tools to the people who help users make the most of them. I really enjoy your posts and help, not to mention your fantastic ‘Web Builder’!
If you came here from the previous section, this means that you have decided that a static website is what you need. Whether for personal exposure or to promote your business, there are any number of reasons you might be considering building your own website.
This flowchart from Basekit allows you to see if various social media sites could serve your purpose more effectively or if it’s time to get down to business and claim some real estate on the Internet. There are a lot of questions you need to answer before you start putting together what could become tomorrow’s most popular website. However, what the past has shown is that companies that were previously doomed to fail found new life and became insanely successful because they managed to hit that sweet spot after they built a website. The flowchart is called Should You Build A Website And How To Do It, and it’s presented by Basekit. For sure, you will not find a better site that offers a more comprehensive web creation service. And thata€™s good news because it shows that those people have taken the first step toward success: recognizing that there is a difference between putting up a website, and having a professional online presence.
Below, youa€™ll find their advice on what matters most to your visitors, some easy changes that get results, and three key areas that will help you build a better website for your small business. Get helpful small business advice and tips to help you get the most out of your business and your website.
If you came here directly you can go the previous section Find Out if You Need a Static Website or a Dynamic Website to determine which type of website do you need.
The hard part is filling it with appealing content that makes people want to come back and visit it over and over again. The devil is in the details, as they say, and youa€™d be surprised how many people forget them. But the work can be speed up by using a Development Software or a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor like Dreamweaver, CofeeCup, Aptana Studio etc.

On this page you’re going to find a few different options on building a website of your own. YesORNo Close this popup Discover My New Helpful Wordpress Tutorials & Plugin Reviews Subscribe! So to help you make sure that your website is doing your small business justice, wea€™ve created anA infographic based on insights from the experts right here at Webs. Although if you don't know Html and CSS, you can still do things with the help of Development Software, but learning Html and CSS is a lot better (trust me on this :) ).
If you show me how to do something via a video tutorial I’ll have no problem repeating the process. I believe it was at this point I realized that my video tutorials were actually helping people.I then created myself a new YouTube account and started creating videos for YouTube, Wealthy Affiliate and my own websites.
That way I can help many other people like yourself who want to create their own website or blog without having to pay a professional company $1,000’s of dollars. As I mentioned in the beginning you have a few options when it comes to building a website, and I want you to know that which ever option you take you can come to me for help.Option #1  Follow my step by step tutorial, but you will need to purchase a domain and hosting.
Hosting varies from $5 to 10 per month.Option #2  Create a free siterubix website and become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. This video is around 1 hour and 24 minutes long, so I recommend that you grab yourself a coffee plus a pen and paper to take notes.
The biggest benefit is that you don’t need to invest any money to build a website or access the community and in-depth training. If you’re stuck on something or do you just what my opinion on your current progress.

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