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The Met's chief digital officer, Sree Sreenivasan, talks about his biggest sources of creativity and inspiration.
Sree Sreenivasan joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art as its chief digital officer without any museum or art world background—which is exactly what they wanted. My wife and I wake up to the sounds of Morning Edition on WNYC, the local NPR station, and the soothing voice of anchor Soterios Johnson.
Of course, I reach for my phone to check the Twitter, the DarkSky weather app, Flipboard, and email, in that order. We got rid of the cable box in our bedroom a few months ago, so my answer last year would have included turning on the cable box to CNN for news and the local stations for weather info. Most people are surprised to know that the digital media team at the Met has 70 people in it. The photographer Carleton Watkins shot photos in 1861 of Yosemite that he showed to President Lincoln and inspired him to sign legislation that protected Yosemite forever, and started the conservation movement. When I was 12 years old, I entered an essay contest that asked a simple question: Who do you admire most?
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Looking deeper than superficial perks and hiring people with strong personal values makes your already-forming culture shine. That’s because founders impact the culture of their company before they even start building it. If you fail to articulate your values in the early days of the company, prepare for frustration, arbitrary decision-making, and confusion galore. There are universal traits every CEO looks for in a potential hire: dedication, hard work, the ability to work in a team, etc.
For example, one of our core values is Wow > Profit, meaning we aim to deliver excellent customer service over solely making profit.
I’ve seen too many companies focus on perks to define their culture and lose employees as a result.
One of the most important parts of having clearly defined values is the elimination of arbitrary decision-making. Values, if created strategically, should guide your company in the right direction and trump subjective decisions by any member of the team. Another core value at my company is Communication > Efficiency, which means we prefer our employees communicate too much rather than avoiding communication to save time. In our office, we use Asana, an online task and organization app, which publicly allows any employee to contribute ideas to any department. If you want to take charge of your company’s future, consciously define the values that you want to steer your startup. Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. How to Build a World-Class Sales Organisation – With New Data from 2015 Sales Research. The right team structure can unlock additional revenue today, without more people, marketing spend, or additional leads. Brigade designer Kevin Shay showcases interactions as the final part of his design process on his portfolio site. Jason Perez, designer at One Kings Lane, shows off some amazing photography in his portfolio. Inkling designer Ed Lea showcases his motion skills in product videos as well as interactions on his portfolio site. An example of going deep on a high-quality project is the Pinterest Creative Team’s deep dive into Place Pins. I’ve reviewed thousands of designer portfolios over the past 10 years as a former design lead at Facebook and now as the cofounder of the investing and mentoring network Designer Fund.
It’s much better for you to go deeper on a few projects than go shallow on many projects.
An example of going deep on a high-quality project is the Pinterest Creative Team’s deep dive into Place Pins. Don’t be afraid to write (a lot) about your work, talking about the goals, context, constraints, and your thought process.

Team and your role: What was your explicit role, what did you uniquely contribute and who did you work with? What You Would Have Done Differently: Based on the process and outcome is there anything you learned you would have done differently?
Seeing how you frame the problem (text), how you think about the problem (sketch), and how you solve the problem (pixels) really tells us everything we need to know. Probably the top piece of feedback we hear from design managers is that they want designers who have a great process.
A wonderful way to show off your personality and how you think with different constraints is to devote a piece of your portfolio to side projects. Portfolios are a wonderful way to catalog your work and to get you thinking about the intentions behind your work.
Once your portfolio is dialed in and you have interviews coming up, make sure to read our tips for designers on interviewing at startups. In last episode we talked about why building a world class life meant much more than the amount your business brought in or the number of hours you worked. In this episode we continue to look at what it takes to be world class in every area of your life.
In addition to growing a business, as an entrepreneur your focus should be on creating a world class life for yourself.
Peter lays out five essential points that will help you stay true to who you are and build a life to be proud of. A journalist who was a dean and chief digital officer at Columbia University, Sreenivasan has brought the Met to the digital world through innovative online outreach programs, tours, tutorials, and social media projects, winning the organization a 2014 Webby Award. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by 5,000 years of creative expression from across the planet. He is a former student of mine, and the only Columbia Journalism School grad to have a song made in his honor. Our world-class team works on topics I love: web, digital, social, mobile, video, data, email, gallery interactives, media lab, and so much more.
I would always talk about the importance of connecting the physical and the digital, the in-person and the online (there's a TEDx talk I gave on this topic). In an earnest, preteen way, I wrote about Abraham Lincoln, mainly because my teacher and my dad had made me memorize the Gettysburg Address that year.
All those factors are merely products of an already existing culture, one that’s been there since day one. To determine whether an applicant aligns with that specific value, we give them a scenario and ask how they’d address the issue.
In order to guarantee your team will stick around, you need a culture that goes a bit deeper. Perks are great, but they come secondary to having a team that values being part of your mission.
Whenever someone is facing a tough decision, he or she should be able to look to the company values for direction, therefore eliminating arbitrary judgment. TINYPulse allows employees to rate their level of happiness or reveal internal problems anonymously. Use those values as a standard to hire, make decisions, hold people accountable, and share ideas. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program.
Whether you call it sales development (SDR), business development (BDR), or lead qualification (LQ), building the team can accelerate revenue from both your inbound and outbound efforts. View it here." class="">Facebook designer Ben Barry has one of the most visually effective portfolios.
View his portfolio here." class="">Brigade designer Kevin Shay showcases interactions as the final part of his design process on his portfolio site. View his portfolio here." class="">Jason Perez, designer at One Kings Lane, shows off some amazing photography in his portfolio. View it here." class="">Dropbox designer Francine Lee uses Medium to show off her fantastic user research process. View it here." class="">Inkling designer Ed Lea showcases his motion skills in product videos as well as interactions on his portfolio site.

Beautiful shots of your work might've carried you into an interview years ago, but today, design managers at top startups are looking for more. This will give you the advantage of showing off your best work and let you give a lot of context around that work. Research, sketches, wireframes, mocks, and a link to working site or application if possible. This means frame the problem well, collaborate effectively, explore many options, and execute with a high level of craft.
Too often we see scaled down versions of visuals, visuals out of context, or visuals that don’t best support the narrative of the work. It has to do with the way you act, the way your interact with others, and the way you live.
Peter delivers four more points that will help you stay true to who you are and build a life to be proud of. Our offices are spread across the 2 million square feet of the main building, which is three Manhattan blocks long. We had an exhibition of these beautiful photos, and they make the case better than I can for the value of something artificial (or digital) to inspire support, interest, and more, for something real. Among my favorites is this tweet from March 2013, showing a 1954 ID of Marilyn Monroe, known at the time as Norma Jeane DiMaggio. He is sharing glimpses of his world and connecting with his followers in ways that are unprecedented for the head of the Met. In fact, so many clever and smart sayings attributed to Lincoln turn out to be not by him (same is true for Einstein).
But that ended once I identified our company’s values and started building a team around them. Would your employees still be excited about your company if you didn’t have catered lunches and five Ping-Pong tables in the break room? It also lets me converse with people providing feedback even though I don’t know who they are.
As your company grows with those values at its foundation, you’ll see your own unique, world-class company culture begin to take shape all on its own. If you are not showing your process on a project, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to showcase one of the key ingredients startups desire.
If you are a UI designer and sweat the details, show the pixels in all their glory at full scale or even magnified.
To many startups, side projects can be a good sign that you are driven and able to work on a broad set of problems when needed. That means we are constantly going in and out of galleries, walking through grand spaces, and strolling by small nooks when we go to meetings. Every day, I deal with trustees and other patrons who give so generously of their time, money, and ideas. Some of the reasons are still earnest, but also because I think about him a lot in today's political and digital environment. As a result, we have a team that’s been working together toward a shared goal for three years now with no turnover. Open communication and defined values are the makings of a fair and balanced decision-making platform in the office—one that will allow for collaboration, new ideas, and dynamic company growth.
If you are a user researcher, show beautiful photos of your user research sessions, your findings, and how you present those to your team.
It is worth spending the time to select and present the right images to tell a compelling story.
Several people have remarked how much more interesting my Twitter and Instagram feeds have been since I moved to the Met. Some visit multiple times a month and some once in their lifetime—but every one of them is happy to connect with a staffer and share their thoughts.

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