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A Domain name is the URL (Uniform resource locator), which user enters to visit the website. You can refer my tutorial how to register domain name for a website, In this tutorial you will find a step by step procedure for domain name registration with screenshots. In short, you can say, by setting up a web hosting account you can store your webpages to the server so that it can be fetched from server directly, based on user request. But you need to associate your domain name with web host account then only your webpages would come up for your website’s URL. You can refer my post how to setup web host account, it’s a step by step guide for setting up a webhosting account with hostgator.
In step 1 linked tutorial (how to register domain name for a website), I have explained how to register domain name with Godaddy and in step 2 linked post (how to setup web host account), I covered webhost account setup with Hostgator. If you liked the post and want to stay in touch then you can join us on facebook and Gplus.
No Starch Press has released an entirely different book with the title, Build Your Own Website. The book authored by Nate Cooper with art work by Kim Gee helps you to learn the concepts associated with HTML, CSS and WordPress in both interesting comic style with adequate explanation.
Build Your Own Website begins with a basic introduction to web, browser and text editor in addition to concept of web addresses, clients, servers and hosts. The author introduces herself nicely with a cute comic followed by a brief explanation of the above mentioned concepts with relevant screenshots. A rough sketch of the dashboard and page addition has been provided in addition to a brief outline of visual editor. You will learn the relevance of WordPress pages, categories and tags in pages 133, 135 and 137. The author has examined the importance of WordPress administrator account in page 144 of Build Your Own Website followed by a detailed coverage of WordPress.
Towards the end of the chapter, the author has provided the relevant steps to migrate sites from one host to another. The final chapter of Build Your Own Website elaborates the steps required to setup a hosting account and installation of WordPress under the account with the help of the web based interface. The author missed to provide a brief coverage of Permalinks, which is essential to every WordPress blog.
While the comics provide a brief idea of the concepts, the content helps you to learn the concepts in a detailed manner. I would prefer to see an appendix with list of free themes and plugins which are essential for every WordPress blog.

From my point of view, Build Your Own Website will be an ideal companion for beginners, students and senior citizens, who would like to learn the fundamental concepts associated with HTML, CSS and blogging.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. So you want to build a website or have a website makeover but are not sure what's involved. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our experienced technicians will build, design, and develop your modern and professional website. Our techs have more than 18+ years of experience developing and designing simple one-page websites for small and large organizations. All social media services added at the fastest rate possible while maintaining the safest standards.
I know for the first time these terms seems confusing, don’t worry I will explain these with an example. Now it’s time to go ahead with step 3, If you are done with step1 and step2 then you must be having your domain name and web hosting account ready so in this step3, we will see how to associate domain name to web hosting account. Enter your username and password (which you would have got while domain registration process with them in step1). Enter Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2, which you would have got after setting up your webhost account with hostgator (you should have got these two nameservers in e-mail from Hostgator). In WordPress you will get number of free themes and plugins, which you can use while building your website. However, a basic idea of HTML and CSS always helps if you would like to build websites manually. I feel that readers will be able to learn faster with this book than a traditional book if they follow the content inside the comics. The designer has taken little effort in drawing a comic of a web browser with illustrations. You should note that the content inside the comic is more than what you saw in HTML chapter. The remaining content of this chapter examines media library and the steps required to insert an image into your WordPress post. You will learn the same concepts covered in the comic but with the help of comprehensive explanation and real screenshots. Our designers build a custom web site and professionally designed pages to give your business the internet presence you desire.

This shows a typical website makeover project that your vendor would take you through. Having defined scope, process flows and deliverables are important for both parties.
It will be built in the most popular theme standard of WordPress so it will be easy to use and expand.
Your name, website hosting (for one year) and initial site build are all included in the above price.
Even I didn’t have any knowledge when I started building this website, I kept on learning things and come up with this design.
You can register any domain name that suits to your business, provided that the domain name is available, if the domain name for which you are trying is already existing then you have to go for some other alternatives.
In short you can choose any domain name but if you choose it according to the purpose it would be a plus point. So if user want to visit your site, those pages should fetched from your PC, is it make sense?
This means that you will learn the fundamental concepts associated with HTML, CSS and WordPress in a comic style rather than full blown text coverage. You will also see group of students sitting on their desks with their laptops to start learning.
Towards the end of Chapter 2, you will find a detailed list of all the important HTML tags along with a brief explanation. The author has mentioned the importance of mentioning three different font names in code with a nice comic.
The author has shown link creation process with a nice touch followed by the relevant screenshot. The author has created a small dummy picture of the WordPress login screen and clarifies a query as to whether login is similar to that of FTP. Followers, views, likes, subscribers, and all other promotions are done at the client’s own risk. Contact us for upgrades or additional pages. Website name chosen must be available at a standard rate.
Mohr Publicity is not responsible for lost followers, subscribers, likes, views or any other administrative changes and decisions made by the targeted social media site. Mohr Publicity and Mohr Productions are not affiliated with the social media sites promoted.

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