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This is pretty basic stuff but for those who are not familiar with PHP includes and are finding it hard to start using PHP to build a website, this might help you on your way.
The method we are going to use as the example, will allow you to have as many pages are you require in your website from just a couple of pages or a couple of hundred. For instance, if you have a website of about 20 pages and you need to change the menu system or add a few more links, then by making use of PHP includes you can change just the one file (the included one) and then all others pages which utilise this included file will also be automatically updated. Step One A good rule is to keep all files which are related to a particular website in the same folder. Now we know to keep all our files in the same folder, create a folder and call it whatever you want, just remember where it is. Step Two Now we have the actual page which will create our individual pages from, what we need now are the pages to include.
Now we are happy with how our site is progressing, it is time to open up the template.php page.
Now we have the foundation and pages created, add the text to all the pages you have just created and then open up the menu.php page again.

Now, to view the pages you have created you will need to upload them to a PHP enabled web server. After following this tutorial, you should be able to create your own website which is very easy to maintain and consists of loads of pages with quality content for the search engines to find.
I have had a few requests to write a simple tutorial on how to build a website using PHP includes.
Using this method only the centre section on each page will be different (the page content). This prevents any dead links or linking errors which may creep in later on when the website gets quite large. Then open up your HTML editor and create a new page, save this page as template.php inside the folder you have just created. Type the following into the blank page in source view or if you know a little HTML, create the tables in WYSIWYG view.
The footer can be used for other purposes including more links, but all this can be added later.

Repeat this process as many times as you want creating a number of pages to correspond with your website. Point your browser to the uploaded index page and you should be able to see the basic layout and pages we have just created.
Another good tip which is worth remembering is to keep all filenames you create for pages in lowercase. Have a p[lay around adding text and images so you get the full idea of what PHP Includes can do.

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