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Generally we need to generate different kind of reports & need to save it in MS-Excel or Ms-word Document for future Reference, Or sending emails or sharing with others.
Run the applcation by pressing F5, this will open the webpage having the Griview populated with data. While usually not necessary, you can change the code and options to suit your specific visual sitemap requirements. This includes HTML, CSS styling, JavaScript code, columns per sitemap page, links per sitemap page etc.

In this article we will study how to create header and footer and using both on the master page .
So to acheive here I create a code for achieve this task the first one is conversion data into Excel & second one is for Word Document. If you change the code or options, be sure to test your changes before uploading the created sitemaps to your website. Right-click on "Websites in Internet Information Services"; see the left side of the above image.

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