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Sometimes it's necessary to cut a shed roof type rafter when you only know the height of the knee-wall or the difference between the two walls and the run. Once you know the pitch and the total run you can lay the rafter out using a framing square or you can use a calculators trigonometric functions to figure the length. Note that the birds mouth cut on the rafter will have to be the same at the top and the bottom of the rafter.

If you want to know how to figure the length of a shed roof rafter that actually lays on top of another steeper roof see this page.
When building a shed roof, one of the main goals is to keep you and your possessions out of the elements.
With a large front overhang, the shed can incorporate a nice outdoor seating area with patio.

When you are shopping for roofing materials, check the instructions to see the necessary slope.

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