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All of Aunt Annie's project patterns are designed to be printed on standard letter-size paper (8.5"x11" or A4). When printing from Adobe Reader, you may need to select Auto-Rotate and Center or Choose paper source by PDF page size to ensure the best fit. However, the most popular hexaflexagon seems to be the hexahexaflexagon, which can display a total of six different faces. To better understand hexaflexagons, we need to go back to the late 1930s, when the flexagon committee was created. In 1939, a British graduate student at Princeton University named Arthur Stone faced a difficult situation.
What might seem like little more than a child’s toy actually has a lot of significance for the study of geometry and sequences. In order to visualize all possible faces of a flexagon, Richard Feynman developed the Feynman Diagram with the help of his fellow committee members.
Start by pinching one corner of the flexagon, noting each face as you go along, until it cannot be pinched further. Each number represents a flexagon face, so this dodecahexaflexagon will have twelve unique combinations.
Next, fold along the line separating the first set of fours on the back of the strip of paper, so that the two fours face each other. Finally, fold the strip of paper onto itself every three triangles in order to make a hexagon.
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The point where the two arcs intersect marks where you will draw a horizontal line parallel to the top edge. You will glue the flaps together, but first reverse their positions so that the one that was on the bottom is now on the top. This is interesting, though I think probably more useful for elementary or high school study guides.
I like your instructions and some people just don't have your classmates cinnda tallent. It sure would, but part of the point of this project, for my students anyway, is to follow directions and study the geometry. They have multiple faces that can be displayed by flexing, folding, pinching, and rotating the flexagon.
For example, four-sided tetraflexagons look like squares or rectangles, and five-sided hexaflexagons look like hexagons.
In December 1956, Scientific American published an article by Martin Gardner on hexaflexagons.
He went on to form the flexagon committee with fellow students Richard Feynman, Bryant Tuckerman, and John Tukey. A typical hexaflexagon is made up of equilateral triangles (with sides of equal length and three 60° angles), like in the template. Do the same for the rest of the numbers on the back of the strip, starting with the first sets of fives and sixes.
Push in the sides so you get a Y shape, then pull out from the center to reveal the hidden sides.

This led to a monthly column entitled Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions, which Gardner wrote until 1981.
Together, they researched different flexagons and discovered some of their unique mathematical properties.
In biology, these folded strips of paper have helped researchers understand how cephalopods, aquatic masters of disguise, can change their skin pattern so quickly. Many mathematicians have been fascinated by the various different types of flexagons and the number of faces that can be accommodated within each one.
The front and back should have nineteen triangles, eighteen of which are numbered and one of which is used for gluing. I disrupted every single class I was in the teachers always said they loved me but they just couldn't stand to have me in their class cuz I would not sit still or shut up. By changing the flexagon’s orientation, how you flex it, and which face you fold, you can manipulate the sequences in which the different faces appear.
He then spent a great deal of time folding the leftover strips into random geometric shapes. And you can create a diagram, such as the Feynman Diagram (see below), or even a mathematical equation to determine which sides will be shown when.
Apparently all the other hexaflexagons, such as the trihexaflexagon, just don’t count!

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