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The recipe is easy to make, as befits a recipe that cooks in an hour and has only four (or four-ish) ingredients. Most other homemade breads have more going on; the flavor has greater depth and the bread itself has more structure in which to sink your teeth. The best thing about this one-hour bread is that, if you ever feel like baking bread, you can just go ahead and bake it. Occupy’s try to pitch its tent in Hudson Square is blocked By Lincoln Anderson Hudson Square is a neighborhood still striving to raise its profile.
However, an effort to turn a privately owned open space at Duarte Square into Occupy Wall Street’s fallback encampment on Tuesday morning ran into a stiff blue wall of opposition.
Earlier Tuesday, a massive force of police officers had descended on Zuccotti Park at 1 a.m.
Garrett Perkins, 29, said the idea was to use the LentSpace site as a new camp-out area, partly because it was privately owned, but also because it has walls around it, which would have made it ideal. A metal worker from Chugiak, Alaska, he’d been camping at Zuccotti for the past three weeks.
Perkins said he had almost fallen asleep in his tent in the northwest section of Zuccotti on Tuesday morning when the police action started about 1 a.m. A print reporter who was able to get into Zuccotti before the police action, said that, despite police’s orders to reporters and photographers to clear the park during the eviction, he stayed.
Asked how police had conducted the eviction, the reporter said, “Methodical, relentless. Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, supported the efforts to clear Zuccotti of the tent city that had sprung up there in the past several weeks, and in fact, back in October, had supported efforts to keep people from sleeping there in sleeping bags even before the tents started going up.
They were accompanied for most of the way by a strong contingent of officers, many wearing riot helmets and holding clubs, who ran along next to them in the street. At times sprinting in formation, like a well-drilled football team executing a designed play, the police would rush in to block the marchers’ path. A standup comic turned antidrug activist, Credico ran against Senator Chuck Schumer in 2010 on the Libertarian line, winning 0.5 percent of the vote.
Outside Zuccotti Park on Thursday shortly after noon, Reverend Billy was telling everyone to prepare for mass arrests.
However, Joan Pleune, a member of the Granny Peace Brigade, said the idea was not to try to get arrested, but to get a message across. Perkins said the bridge action will, in fact, include film projectors and screens and boats with video.
Sean Sweeney, director of the Soho Alliance, said he was awakened early Tuesday morning by the racket of the police helicopter hovering overhead, and turned on the news to see Julie Menin, chairperson of Community Board 1, criticizing the clearing of Zuccotti Park. Written permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents of this newspaper, in whole or in part, can be reproduced or redistributed. Atlanta Police say officers in the past month have arrested two well-known graffiti artists whose tags can be found in approximately 180 spots across the city. APD says officers armed with warrants searched Carrafa's apartment and vehicle and seized more than "50 cans of spray paint, over 100 spray paint caps, sketches, T-shirts with the “OBVS” tag, and a telescoping ladder." Carrafa has been charged with one count of interference with government property and two counts of criminal trespass. APD says the Etterle has come across more than 150 instances of NEATO tags across the city. Eryn Eddy Erickson's clothing brand So Worth Loving goes from online to IRL with a newly opened shop.
She outlines how you can take control of your weekends by planning ahead, being selective with your time, and finally indulging what you love most. It’s so easy to plop down on the couch on a Friday night or Saturday morning and watch TV, but falling into these routines will suck away the few free hours you have. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says you need to have a plan for the weekend, setting specific hours or minutes aside for activities you want to do.Then you have to commit. She writes, “Three things taking three hours apiece is nine hours of your 36 waking ones. Make a list of the things you dream about doing, and you’ll find the ones you can do every day.
When the weekend rolls around there may be so many things that you want to do that you freeze up and end up doing almost none of them. Like siestas in Spain, you don’t necessarily need to sleep and may choose to watch a movie or read.

Be sure to make plans for Sunday night so you don’t sit around stressing about your job. Planning something for Sunday nights is an easy way to avoid stressing about work in anticipation of Monday. There are always things you have to do, but keeping chores to a minimum on the weekends is really important. Vanderkam says, “What the most successful people know about weekends is that life cannot happen only in the future. ABOUT USSince 1991, First Sun Consulting, LLC has provided corporate outplacement services and career transition programs for employees during downsizing, retirement, or a change in a company’s branding. Living in a tropical jungle away from modern civilization means you have to deal with the unrelenting entropy of Mother Nature. Our biggest step towards reducing our footprint is a bold abandonment of several septic tanks to install composting toilets, and we have been delighted with guest approval.
All accommodations have comfy beds, plump new pillows, soft sheets and organza mosquito nets.
Maid service is provided once a week for long-term guests (or available more frequently for a charge), for those wishing to skip housework entirely.
At Casa Isabel, we spontaneously enjoy pot-luck suppers and dancing parties with talented local musicians. Kitchens are well equipped with all the usuals, except microwave ovens.A  Beachside studios do not have blenders.
At Casa Isabel, we spontaneously enjoy pot-luck suppers and dancing parties with talented local musicians.A  Bring your instruments and celebrate! Casa Isabel offers a variety of accommodations, all with ocean views, their privacy ensured by lush plantings with flowers and shrubs. Casa Central was completely transformed last summer, including a 2nd floor pavilion perfect for retreats, weddings and special events. Review-Journal reporter Corey Levitan responds to Image photographer Duane Prokop's request for his sexiest pose. My audition, called a "go-see" in the business, is off to a great start because I was a Chippendale. Anderson and his executive assistant, Whitney, respond to my claim with polite poker faces. Ita was born in Cross River State, Nigeria, where he dreamed of being someone different: a pilot. That means very little time for kneading, little time for the first rise, no time at all for the second rise and not much time for baking.
Simply mix together yeast, honey and warm water, and allow the yeast to bloom for about 10 minutes.
More than anything, it reminds me of the white bread made by Pepperidge Farm, which is quite good for what it is. Perkins said he had actually managed to pitch his tent in the LentSpace area when the police moved in to clear out the protesters, at which point, he promptly threw his gear over the fence and hopped out. After about five minutes of initial disarray, protesters put their preplanned emergency response into action.
Perkins said that while he had been doing civil disobedience in the park, a police officer had punched him in the face, but he wasn’t sporting any visible bruises or cuts on Tuesday afternoon.
The adjacent, dirt-covered Trinity-owned space was formerly home to an office building that was razed, and Trinity hopes to build a new residential tower there with a New York City public school in its base — provided a residential rezoning for Hudson Square is granted. However, the church said the Hudson Square open space was not open for occupation, and gave police the green light to make arrests. Overhead, a police helicopter slowly circled low in the sky, shining down a searchlight, tracking the protesters’ movements.
At various points, police blocked the marchers as they walked on the sidewalk, and took every opportunity to split the march into successively smaller and smaller groups. On one such occasion, they surrounded a group of marchers who were all on the sidewalk just north of the Crunch gym on Lafayette St., giving the sense that arrests were imminent. A psychiatrist on the Upper West Side, she said she had to get set for Thursday’s day of action. Board 1 had made strides getting the protesters to work better with the community, Menin said, but the city never even sent anyone to their meetings.

The crowd itself seemed like transplants from a gathering of the Rainbow Family, that band of itinerant hippies.
18 shortly after midnight, officers arrested James Strawn, 30, whom they say is behind "NEATO" tags, for outstanding warrants for graffiti vandalism.
He's been charged with two counts of interference with government property, two counts of criminal trespass, and one count of criminal damage to property. The most successful people know better than to squander them by laying around or scrubbing the floors. Vanderkam says Jess Lahey, a New Hampshire-based teacher and writer, has an official weekend nap time every afternoon between one and three. That can happen even when you like your job, but for people who don’t like their jobs, Sunday night stress can be draining and sad.
A few more steps takes you to Casa Central (Penthouse, Cool Corner, PassionPalace and the Nook), with Anniea€™s just above.
One is that the name given to it, or at least the name I saw, is “Easy-Peesy French Bread,” which offended my senses in many ways, only one of which is that it should be spelled “peasy” if it is going to be spelled at all, which it should not.
Fool proof.” This gave me pause, because I counted all of the ingredients (water, yeast, honey, salt, flour) and I’m pretty sure that adds up to five.
In other words, it doesn’t have enough time for bread to do what it has to do to become bread. There is nothing to startle you in this bread, nothing sour or sharp-flavored, nothing that picky eaters could object to.
Just stir it up, put it in the oven and you can have a fresh loaf of home-baked bread by the time dinner is ready for the table. Meanwhile, he was in a group that hooked themselves into their backpacks and luggage and then tied themselves together via their luggage. 14 after having said the park would be temporarily cleared for cleaning, and allowed the protesters to stay. But, after a tense few moments, the officers opened up the semicircle’s southern side, allowing the marchers to head back Downtown. People say Carrafa is behind OBVS tags, 30 instances of which were found by Officer Brad Etterle, the department's graffiti officer. Soon they will become traditions, and traditions become comforting memories, which are proven to boost happiness. For example, set a half an hour on a Friday night between dinner and when you watch a movie to put away the laundry, or 20 minutes between your piano lesson and bike ride on Saturday morning to empty the garbage. But by falling into that trap, Vanderkam points out you may miss the best parts of your own life. After a Client has Secured a Position, I Advise them to Take Their “JAR” to Work with Them. We are daily publishing decorationg ideas, interior design ideas ,home design tips, creative ideas and very useful tips for you.
Like its predecessor, this new style reminds us of a nest – round and organic, at property amongst the trees and surrounding you with nature. It makes a superb conveyance for butter and would be even better with peanut butter and jelly. Holding a General Assembly meeting, they resolved to enter the adjacent walled open space that has been used for LentSpace, a public sculpture park run by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. A temporary project, the LentSpace sculpture space was opened with a ribbon-cutting in September 2009. For the ultimate in privacy, Las Palmas is a separate property, a ten minute walk high above the town of Yelapa.
Shape into a loaf and allow the dough to rise for just as long as it takes your oven to reach 425 degrees. Some of them then hopped over the wall, while two other individuals produced a bolt cutter, which they used to clip a gaping hole in the chain-link fence on the space’s southern side, allowing protesters to walk right in. Cozy up your lounger with a fashionable choice of upholstery and cushions, from acrylic and polyester to synthetic leather, obtainable in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

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