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Minecraft has become a phenomenon pretty quickly considering how young the games industry is.
There is no hunger bar, therea€™s no NPC Villages, some of the biomes (sections of the world, such as desert, snow, etc.) are missing and therea€™s no levelling system.
As well as building my own obsessive buildings and random creations, Ia€™ve been helping out a friend with her very first experiences with Minecraft.
As much fun as I had with Minecraft on the PC, playing with friends, ita€™s never been this much fun for me.
Having that extra body really helps for some of the harder achievements too, especially one involving a pig. 4J Studios (based in Dundee) have already promised that they intend to continually update the game, like the PC version, adding features and improvements as they go. This entry was posted in Feature and tagged blocks, castle, creeper, lego, minecraft, steve, tower.
This is further proven with the release of the 4J Studios port to the Xbox 360 with a new user-interface and other co-op features. While this sounds like a lot missing, I found myself preferring my time with this more basic version of Minecraft than I have in recent months of playing the PC version, with all its advanced combat systems, animal breeding and other features.
After going mining with her to find more useful resources, I helped construct her own castle.

With the constant change of things and updates during the initial development, it was hard to keep track and excited about the next change.
Though the PC version did eventually add these, having them on the Xbox means that theya€™re worth something to many gamers, having the score value attached.
I wona€™t go deeply into this one, but it really does require a lot of patience and two people. There has even been talk from creator Notch suggesting that he wishes the version to actually have differences, meaning that the Xbox users may get some unique additional content that the PC users wona€™t actually have access too. A This includes 4-player split-screen and a rather easy system to let friends jump in and out of your world while youa€™re playing. This quickly extended into a farm on the a€?roof,a€? a store house next to that, a giant tower with walls surrounding the area and a two storey house to finish it all off.
It wasna€™t long until she had her own ideas, leading to a giant treehouse, a bridge to a Portal to essentially Hell, a rollercoaster and more. There are still things I miss about it that are missing from the version on the consoles, but this all boils down to a few missing blocks I liked building with.
It will most likely be the last achievement you get, and youa€™ll feel no guilt for slaughtering every pig you see after you finally see that achievement pop.
This could have its repercussions, but as someone who owns both versions, I can really see the benefit to now having two instances of essentially the same thing.

Ita€™s a lot easier and more convenient than the PC version was at this stage in development, which brings up the point that, yes, the Xbox Live Minecraft is an older build, so is missing some blocks and features present in the PC version. The side of the cliff even has a two storey building that is mainly empty, and just there because I thought ita€™d look cool. Wea€™ve been having a blast helping out each other and spend at least a few hours each night making everything and trying to figure out what giant project we should undertake next, which has essentially resulted in us extended her castle to have multiple towers and a courtyard.
For those of you who have already played the PC version, however, this is harder to recommend, as youa€™ve been playing a more up-to-date version. A This was all done with the materials I had gathered, as therea€™s not even a creative mode in this version of the game. Ita€™s going really well, and we get so distracted that we get annoyed at how quickly the Minecraft daytime hours really are.
If youa€™re looking for a more vanilla experience, then ita€™s worth looking into, otherwise, youa€™ve seen it all before. There have, of course, been some disasters with monsters and the like, but thata€™s a risk that comes with building at night and finding the exploding creepers that lurk around in the day time.

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