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From the Appearance CSS sections choose browse and find the image you want to use as a repeating image. This technique will allow you to add a background image to your work that is stretched to cover the entire browser. Note: Your image should either be the exact size of the div or your image needs to be able to be repeated.
The results were protested by Tracy's team, but no evidence was ever produced to show that the track was green as Tracy took the lead. After a breakout year in 1977 where it won three races (including it's debut race) and was runner up in the World Championship, the Wolf WR1 was showing it's age during the 1978 season.
Ideal for restoring an old Tamiya Wolf WR-1 kit, or to do a 1978 version that wasn't an option with the kit decals. NOTE: You do not need to purchase a 'missing markings' sheet if you are purhasing one of our other sheets for this car - the missing marking sheet is only for those who want to use the kit decals with the 2010 re-issued kits.

It can be added to an existing site but there can be a few layout problems you’ll have to adjust to make it work.
A repeatable image is good as the div can expand and contract and the image will fill the space.
Helio Castroneves was looking to become the first person to win Indianapolis in his first two attempts and was leading in the closing laps.
Despite struggling to keep up with Lotus, Ferrari and Brabham, Scheckter scored a 3rd place in Montreal.
We are now offering a blue numbers version for those who prefer to paint the gold on the wingplates and sidepods.
Please examine all images of the decal sheets to clearly see what is on each respective sheet. In my experience I’ve found that it causes less problems adding this CSS to each page rather than the external CSS sheet.

The WR-1 was used in four of the first six races in 78 before being replaced for good by the WR5.
Please note, if you are building the 1977 version of this car, you need to purchase the 1977 decal sheet. Tracy set him up for a pass going down the back straight, and as Tracy pulled out to make his move approachign turn three, Buddy Lazier and Laurent Redon colided bringing out the caution flag, freezing the order just as Paul was pulling along side of Castroneves.

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