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I can't find a link, but I'm almost sure that badly behaved youngsters would be threatened with having their backsides tanned if they misbehaved again.
There is a lot to be said in favor of 'fake tans'.Australia has one of the highest sun cancer rates in the world.
Thar, I agree - usually tan is uninspiring as a color for walls.However, at age twelve, my granddaughter, who is quite good at art, picked just the right shade of a darker tan for three walls in the living room, and suggested a Laurentian red- it is a dark burgundy - on an accent wall. Classic stand for timeless, traditional, high value design while contemporary is celebration of what is new and current. Contemporary design looks slightly similar with minimalist, concentrate with white or primary color, avoiding busy wall and fuzzy ornaments, and amazing unusual (in a good way) artwork.
Typical classic design focus on the major point in one’s room, like fireplace or grand table, the rest items within the room are put in order to expose the major point.
The purpose of classic contemporary interior design is to achieve visual balance point with modern environment. If anyone could feel the beauty complexity in this design, then they are in the right place. When we talk about the penthouse that is in our minds definitely a luxury residential and high class. First, check out the Universal KittiMount System, two different wall-mounted perches both featuring a replaceable cardboard scratching surface.
There are also several very cool looking cat beds, some with hideaways inside and others with perches on top.
Finally, the KittiCraft scratch pads provide a nice wide, flat scratching surface that can go anywhere.
All prices on the KittiCraft website are listed in South African Rand, but you can easily find out the prices in USD by using the currency converter on their site. Gorgeous presentation from start to finish — and Moon and Kiara are adorable Please do let us know if this line becomes available Stateside — very nice stuff!
These designs are amazing, but I personally wouldn’t purchase any of the products made with MDF due to possible health concerns. I’d want to check to make sure they use the non-toxic kind, like Square Cat Habitat uses. Firstly, we are in the process of arranging our international shipping and we will be in a position to ship worldwide in about 4 weeks time. Secondly, we only make use of European Standard E1 Low Formaldehyde certified MDF, it is absolutely safe and non-toxic.
There is a lot of confusion regarding MDF, so we decided to write an article addressing the concerns.
Types of Chinese Wood - this section concentrates on all the different types of wood used to make Chinese furniture.
Interest in traditional Chinese furniture has increased in recent decades as we in the west have become more familiar with the beauty and craftsmanship of Chinese design. Initially interest was in the hardwood pieces a€“ cabinets, chairs and altar tables in Huanghuali, Zitan and Jichimu wood, which were popular among the Chinese elite during the Ming and Qing dynasties. These pages have been developed as a resource for collectors of Chinese antiques or for those with a general interest in Chinese furniture. The materials used in the production of Chinese furniture varied depending not only on the region the furniture was produced, but also on function and whom it was to be made for. Other than the hardwoods used for court furniture and for the upper classes, most furniture was constructed from indigenous woods. By far the most common wood used for furniture production in northern parts of China, a€?northerna€™ elm has a yellowish-brown sapwood and darker heartwood. Popular for furniture making in the Suzhou region, a€?Southerna€™ elm has a slightly darker heartwood than sapwood, varying in colour from a yellowish-brown to a coffee brown. Cypress, or cedar wood, is found in various parts of China, most notably Sichuan where a€?Weeping Cypressa€™, the most highly regarded variety, can reach up to thirty metres tall. Walnut is similar in appearance to a€?Nanmua€™ but has a more open grain and is more golden-brown or reddish-brown in colour. There are a dozen or so varieties of pear distributed throughout China, with the majority being concentrated in the north and east. Catalpa is considered as a secondary wood in furniture making but, being particularly stable and decaying very slowly, it is ideal for the panels of lacquered furniture.
Often found as a secondary material in furniture from Shanxi province, poplar is used mainly for decorative panels and other carved areas of a piece, such as aprons or spandrels. Fir and the related Spruce and Larch are distributed throughout China, generally found in areas above 2000 metres. Considered to be the king of hardwoods, Huanghuali was first imported into China following the lifting of a ban on foreign timber from Southeast Asia in 1572, thus ushering in the era of fine hardwood furniture. Hongmu is a variety of Southeast Asian rosewood, also referred to as blackwood, that resembles Zitan but lacks that wooda€™s lustrous surface and unusual grain. Jichimu, or a€?chicken-wing wooda€™, has a fine tangential grain made up of purplish-brown and yellow lines which resemble feathers and which gives the material its name. UV exposure either in tanning beds or the sun is extremely dangerous.Just make sure you dont turn carrot coloured!Thar, some raw hide is green. You may notice some pages look different than others, until I get the update done.  Thank you for your patience! We might get confused what classic contemporary interior design definition is, because they have two contrary meaning. Contemporary concept blended with classical interior design often overwhelmed any designer.

Natural based elements mixed with glass or chrome, open and spacious place to bring fresh and relaxing look for contemporary design.
Classic contemporary interior design is perfect mix between balance, harmony, chic and sophisticated look. Simplify the ceiling and wall with primary color, you may also hang one or two unique artworks, mixed with classic fireplace to keep the old tradition going, decor the furniture with conservative pattern and fabric, focus on the symmetry, vertical lines, marble flooring and natural fiber rug to create classic theme. One’s has to have a gift for keeping up with tradition and balance point in classical theme while blending with flexibility and simplicity in contemporary design. One is a Vancouver penthouse is very strategically located and easy to access anywhere with beautiful ocean views. Whether you want to add artistic flair with wall decor, or you're looking for more storage and organization solutions, you'll discover exciting and stylish ways to complete your decor. Like beautiful suspended nests, these beds can hang from the ceiling or on a free-standing frame.
These posts are assembled using a similar method as the original Moderncat Studio Scratch Tower, however KittiCraft has developed some nice design variations. Certification is required in order to export to the USA and Europe, guaranteeing the safety of the product for animals and humans alike. Using the currency converter widget on the sidebar of our website; you will be able to view the prices in various currencies including USD. As China has opened its doors to tourism and foreign enterprise, so more and more westerners have started to appreciate the elegance and artistry of these beautiful pieces. More recently though more and more collectors have learned to appreciate the beauty and value of furniture from Chinaa€™s regions a€“ painted red and black lacquer cabinets from Shanxi, walnut furniture from Gansu and the brightly coloured furniture of Tibet and Mongolia.
We have tried to provide enough detail to satisfy the enthusiast, but for further information we would recommend that you see our resources section for a list of recommend books and publications. The lifting of a ban on the import of tropical hardwoods during the late Ming Dynasty saw the introduction of luxurious woods such as Zitan and Huanghuali, which were made into the finest furniture for the ruling classes.
Unlike in the west where the term a€?softwooda€™ refers to coniferous woods such as fir, pine or cedar as opposed to coniferous hardwoods, in China the term simply suggests the indigenous woods used for furniture making and so include woods like walnut, elm and oak. It has a medium density and most varieties have fairly low strength, but is it popular in furniture making as it is easy to work, quite resistant to decay and has an attractive, wave-like grain. It is again widely distributed throughout China, but particularly in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. The heartwood of Weeping Cypress is yellowish brown in tone but the colour becomes deeper over time.
More highly regarded than the more common a€?northern elma€™, walnut was used for fine furniture making in northern and north western provinces such as Shanxi and Gansu. Because its strong aroma acts as a natural insect repellent it has been used for centuries in China for making cabinets and chests for storing clothes, bedding and fabrics.
Although generally cultivated for their fruit, there are some varieties, notably the Birchleaf Pear and Callery Pear, which are highly regarded for their exceptional timber. There are more than sixty species of Poplar found in China, most of which grow in the northern provinces.
Used mainly for construction, there are some varieties that are hard and dense enough and have an even enough texture to be used for furniture making. Most fine furniture that has survived from the Ming and early Qing dynasties is made from Huanghuali, although it was seldom used after the mid Qing period. Its colour ranges from a dark purple brown to a reddish brown, with some examples being as black as lacquer. Large quantities of furniture during the second half of the Qing dynasty were made from Hongmu, particularly in Southern China, but there is almost no reference to it before the eighteenth century, suggesting that it was not a material commonly used before then. It then means the colour of leather, and hence to go that colour in the sunSo, what do you think of tan for the walls?
Having classic contemporary interior design in one’s home is definitely not a piece of pie but the finish result is way too amazing to resist. Candles, Candles Holders, Art Prints, Table Accents, Garden, Lamps, Masks,A  Mirrors, Sculptures, Wall Hangings, Books, Peace Gifts, Bookends, Coat Racks & Key Holders, Baskets. KittiCraft launched with an impressive line of perches, beds, and scratchers all made using CNC laser cut cardboard and MDF. It looks like they are only shipping within South Africa at this time, but I will be sure to let you know if these products become available worldwide. Outside of these circles, the selection of wood depended largely on availability and suitability for the type of piece produced in terms of flexibility, durability, colour and grain. There are more than twenty varieties of elm throughout China but they are more concentrated in the north. It has a more refined grain that distinguishes it from a€?northerna€™ varieties of elm, and is slightly denser and stronger. The weight, density and strength are all medium to high and, although it needs a long drying process, the timber is highly resistant to rot and to damage by insects. It is distributed across southern China, with concentrations especially on Hainan Island, Taiwan, Jiangxi and Fujian. The wood is ideal for carving and has long been used for making musical instruments as well as for carved panels on furniture.
The wood is light yellow to yellowish-grey in colour and is found mainly in Chinaa€™s southern provinces such as Sichuan, Hubei and Yunnan. The heartwood and sapwood are both light in colour, with a straight grain and even texture. The texture of pine is considered inferior to that of other woods and the furniture made from in these regions would almost always be painted so that the material was not visible.

The timber was sourced from the island of Hainan off Chinaa€™s south coast, but primarily from Thailand and southern Vietnam a€“ the only area where it can still be found. It may once have grown in the southern provinces of Guandong and Jiangxi but became extinct in these areas due to excessive felling. To reduce shipping costs, most items ship flat-packed and are assembled by the customer with no tools or glue required. Varieties particularly noted for furniture making include Japanese Elm (a€?chunyua€™), Manchurian Elm (a€?lieye yua€™) and Siberian Elm (a€?bai yua€™), which is slightly stronger than other varieties. Part of the laurel family, camphor trees grow to up to 50 metres in height and can reach up to 5 metres in diameter. It ranges from a light grey to a reddish-brown colour, is of medium to high density and hardness and has a fine, even texture. Poplar is easy to grow and the timber dries quite easily without cracking, but the wood has little resistance to moisture or to insects.
It was particularly popular for furniture making in Fujian province, where it grows in abundance.
The term a€?hualia€™ literally means a€?flowering peara€™ while the prefix a€?huanga€™ refers to the yellowish-brown colour of the wood. Instead it was imported in large quantities during the Ming and early Qing dynasties from India and the South Pacific Islands.
Makes sense.Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts. There are some interesting variations on existing cat products as well as some brilliant new concepts. For example an inferior wood such as fir may have been used for the frame of a cabinet while a harder, more durable wood suitable for carving, such as camphor, was used to add decorative panels. It is also shares characteristics with Cedar, including a strong aroma, but is not related. It is mainly found in the north and north-west, reaches 20 metres in height and produces the edible walnut that we are familiar with.
The reddish-brown heartwood contrasts against the much paler sapwood, giving an attractive grain. The colour actually ranges from a pale honey to a purple brown, and the wood has a distinctive grain which is reminiscent of mountain landscape. Initially used for small luxury items like game boards and musical instruments, Zitan was later used for furnishing the emperora€™s palaces, but supplies diminished to such an extent that the emperor ordered for it to be preserved.
Decorating tips and furnishing ideas are provided, step by step for creating your unique, stylish and comfortable interior space. Manchurian walnut is not used for producing fruit and is therefore often used in the place of True Walnut for timber. It has a golden sheen when polished, which gives an almost translucent quality, and is resistant to insects.
The wood is light to medium in density and is relatively stable, with a fine, even texture. Very few examples of Ming furniture made from Zitan exist today but there are many pieces remaining from the mid-Qing dynasty onwards, suggesting that not many pieces were made before this time. Decorating a home can be exhausting and if you don't have the skills and abilities in your back pocket you need some decorating help. Professional interior designers and decorators typically have decorating tips, tricks and ideas to get your end result faster and with less cost and frustration, but hiring a designer or interior decorator can be costly.
When choosing a company to design and install your custom electronics, there are a few things to look for - Experience, Expertise and Qualifications.
We specialized to design low voltage and supply to our customers advance electronic equipments included with a latest installation!We provide as well as assist you in making the right decision with the equipments. We love to design and determine the perfect products what fits best in your house or commercial. Decorating a home can be exhausting and if you don't have the skills and abilities in your back pocket you need some decorating help. Essential oils, the pure essence of a plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely. Inhaling Essential OilsEssential oils that are inhaled into the lungs offer both psychological and physical benefits. Not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain to trigger a reaction, but when inhaled into the lungs, the natural constituents (naturally occurring chemicals) can supply therapeutic benefit. Diffusing eucalyptus essential oil to help ease congestion is a prominent example.i»?The Benefit of Physical ApplicationEssential oils that are applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Since essential oils are so powerful and concentrated, they should never be applied to the skin in their undiluted form. Citronella essential oil is the ingredient in the candles that is responsible for repelling the mosquitos. Visit the Essential Oil Uses page for additional information on ways that you can use essential oils.Essential Oil BlendsEssential oils can be blended together to create appealing and complex aromas. Essential oils that are carefully blended with a specific therapeutic purpose in mind may be referred to as an essential oil synergy.A A  A Copyright this business.

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