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In this tutorial we'll go through the steps of designing and making an animated paper robot character. Set the aerial pieces and outer tube to the same color then change the two thin vertical rectangles to C=0, M=0, Y=0, and K=80.
Click on one side of the body, hold down Shift to constrain the line horizontally, then click on the other side of the body. Now press Shift + Alt and drag the lines to create two more lines, one at the top of the body, and one at the bottom. Make sure that you still have the Gradient Tool selected, then Shift + Click-drag from the top of the body to the bottom of the body. In the same way set the second and forth control points, but set these ones to C=50, M=0, Y=0, and K=50. Select the Gradient Tool from the tool palette, then click and drag in the direction of the arrow to change the angle of the gradient.
Back to the body, we're going to add yellow and black warning chevrons across the bottom of the body.
With the Selection Tool still chosen, hold down the Shift key, move to one of the corners of the rectangle until the pointer turns into the rotate arrow. Select the rectangle then Shift + Alt-drag it to the right so that a copy just touches the original.
Once you have removed all the parts you don't need you'll be left with a neat stripy border. Fold round and glue the tabs on the two stops so that they make triangular pieces, as shown below. The two long tabs within the body are used to move the arms up and down as the robot moves. To make a your banner design effective there are many steps to be considered like length of slogan, banner linking, color use, correct animation and all this need a professional banner designers touch. We are a banner ads design company based in New Delhi, India and we can create both animated, flash and static banners following common Internet advertising standards for sizes and dimensions according to your business needs.
Because Facebook refuses to make thumbnails of linked horizontal images, I upload each one manually here. Need to make a custom, digital clock that will run in all major desktop and smartphone browsers?

Not just a picture, this is a moving character that will sit nicely on top of your computer monitor. These shapes will appear on the back of the second sheet when you come to print the model out. Holding down the Shift key whilst dragging ensures that the gradient line is exactly vertical. Make sure that the gradient swatch (arrowed) is still visible, as you'll be needing this next.
Select the two existing rectangles and Shift + Alt-drag them to the right so that the new copy just touches the original. We're going to use the rectangle to cut a chevron border out from the yellow and black rectangles. If not, you'll need to experiment with the values in the Placement or Offset box in your print dialogue box.
The edge of the triangle indicated with the arrow needs to be aligned with the crease in the arm. Hold the feet and pull the body up and down and watch as your robot flexes his paper claws!
For both virtual and real businesses, banner is used as a campaigning measure and banner design will play a significant role in success and failure of a business as it is the tools that can help people remember your name and presence.
This tutorial shows you how to employ Javascript functions to communicate in real time with web page elements to get a slick CSS animated clock. Page one is used to print the first sheet of robot parts, page two and three are the front and back of the second sheet. Click on them with the Selection Tool (V), then click somewhere in the middle of the Inner Tube shape to select it. Open the gradient palette and click on the gradient to fill the robot body with a white to black gradient. Click three times to the right of the gradient control bar on the points shown on the picture.
The Shift key keeps everything lined up and level, whilst the Alt key makes a copy rather than just moving the shapes. Solid black lines show where to cut, you'll need to cut out some holes as well as cutting out the parts.

To get crisp accurate folds you'll need to score along all the fold lines before you cut the model out. The inner tube needs to be free to move up and down inside the outer tube so make sure there is no glue where it shouldn't be. Check out the picture, you'll notice that it glues onto one of the sides with the vertical slots.
We'll start with the lines ready and learn the craft of coloring and then physically putting this paper character together. Before you print out the model it is time to get creative by adding some color and artwork to the parts.
At the moment the gradient will look exactly the same as before, but the three tabs that have appeared are now fixed points along the gradient. Move to each corner of the foot and click to add a line slightly inside the line of the foot.
Select the Rectangle Tool and drag out a rectangle the full width of the body and approximately 9mm high. Make sure that the print options are set to Do Not Scale and that the placement is close to zero. Line up a ruler with the dotted or dashed line then run the point of an open pair of scissors along the line. Use the Direct Selection Tool to make corrections, if the line isn't quite parallel to the edges of the foot. You'll need to experiment with different pairs of scissors until you find a pair that crushes the card rather than cutting it. Select this new line with the Selection Tool, then choose the Eye Dropper Tool and pick up the dotted line style from the body (shown circled).

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