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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Really nice, but you tried to make it look too real, remember, Adventure Time is a cartoon.
This page describes Jake's relationships with other characters in the Adventure Time series. Joshua and Margaret are Jake's parents who first appeared in a flashback in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." Finn and Jake's parents are presumed dead, although when or how they died has not been revealed.
It is known that Jake is not Finn's dog, but rather his friend and brother, while Finn sees himself as their son and fellow "puppy." Jake can sense when he is about to cry or feeling about to cry, he said that it is like a mother-daughter relationship. However, there may be moments in which they could not settle their differences, like in "Video Makers," in which they ignore each other because of a dispute whether the movie should be an action adventure or a romantic comedy. Jake can be quite selfless when Finn is endangered and will willingly take physical punishment in order to shield his friend. In the episode "What Have You Done?", when Finn is seemingly hurt by the fact that Ice King could so easily drop his lifeless body, Jake consoles Finn by saying that if he came across Finn's lifeless body, he would clasp Finn dramatically for a 'kajillion' years. In the episode "Shh!", when Finn and Jake compete to keep silent the whole day, only communicating with written signs, Finn was not able to carry out a normal conversation with the signs he had written. In the episode "Dungeon Train", Jake shows genuine love and care for Finn, going as far as to promise to stay on the train with Finn, despite this being against Jake's wishes. Conversely, in the episode "Dentist" it is revealed from Tiffany that Jake had the skills and prowess to lead a successful life of crime as a 'Criminal Juggernaut', was it not for Finn's influence as Jake's younger brother and best friend, who tore Jake away from Tiffany and their life of crime.
In the episode "Ghost Fly", Jake was willing to let BMO momentarily kill him so that he could save Finn from the Ghost Fly's possession. Jake immediately became a watchful, attentive, and very over-protective father, constantly consulting his Mom's manual on how to raise and nurture the pups properly. The pups on the other hand, who had inherited the trait of rapid aging from Lady, learned to take care of themselves in a short amount of time. Though Jake still cares for his children, he found himself moving back in with Finn, stating that, "The pups can pretty much take care of themselves. In "Puhoy," Jake plays with BMO by tossing it up and down, which inspires BMO to ask why Jake does not do this with his actual children. He also makes a short reference to them in "Dungeon Train" when he says "I wonder what my kids are doing." and then falls asleep. Jake's relationship with his puppies was shown to be more strained in "Ocarina," as their rapid aging has made them more emotionally mature than him.
Jake was very aware of Finn's previous crush on Princess Bubblegum, so Princess Bubblegum and Jake have a rather strange relationship. Jake and Tree Trunks share a close relationship, which is similar to a grandmother-grandson relationship. At the beginning of "Princess Cookie," Jake saw Baby Snaps as a villain and a criminal due to the fact he took hostages and wanted Princess Bubblegum's crown. Jake greatly respects Finn's relationship with Flame Princess and does everything he can to keep it intact, including keeping his distance when the two are spending time together. In "Jake Suit," Jake embarrassed Finn by making him semi-naked and singing the Baby Finn Song in front of Flame Princess and her family members, thinking that would made him win the bet.
However, by season two, Jake seems to have accepted that she is not evil and has gotten over his fear of her, although Jake was in Finn's pocket during the events of "It Came from the Nightosphere," and because Marceline attends Finn and Jake's party in "Power Animal" and movie night in "Video Makers." In "Go With Me," Jake announced that he had been learning about vampires lately and that his fear was based on ignorance and even called her to help Finn to impress Princess Bubblegum so that she would go to the movies with him.
As shown in "Heat Signature," Jake is now friends with Marceline and visits her house to watch movies. Jake is shown in "Up a Tree" to be very devoted to Lady during her pregnancy; he carries the basket while they go out for a picnic, helps roll her up so she can get on the blanket, and later leaves Finn on his adventure so he can walk Lady home. During his flashback as a child in the episode "Crystals Have Power," Jake was shown to have a living brother named Jermaine.
Jake often acts as a force of guidance in Finn's life, giving out advice or simply cheering him up in his own misguided ways. In the episode "Who Would Win" after Finn destroys Jake's video game, Kompy's Kastle, Jake, in anger tells Finn that he's going to break every bone in his body and then heal his with the magic tears that Finn got from the Cyclops.

In "James Baxter the Horse," Jake protected Finn from a punch that would have crushed them both, severely damaging his body in the process. It is then revealed that most of Finn's signs were addressed to Jake and only Jake, including "Hi, Jake", "Thanks, Jake", "That's Funny, Jake", "Nice Catch, Jake", Go Get'm Jake!" and "You The Man, Jake!". Finn also shows his strong bond with Jake, when he was finally able to give up the convenient temptation of staying on the train forever, this willpower arguably fueled by his love for his brother, when he saw through the future crystal that Jake would have stayed on the train with him if he had continued the way he was. Similar to how Finn's love for Jake saved Finn from the Dungeon Train, it is also possible that Jake's love for Finn saved Jake from a life of crime. At the end of the episode, when Jake's life was saved by defibrillation, Finn is seen to be extremely relieved and crying as well, demanding Jake to never leave him again. Unfortunately, he took his job too seriously and, coupled with the paranoid advice from his mother's manual, he ended up wearing himself out over his children. When Jake was taken by a horde of foxes to be eaten, the pups banded together to create Super Pup, quickly defeating the enemies as Jake was too exhausted to defend himself. Jake explains that Rainicorns age to adulthood in a few hours, which makes BMO ask if Jake regrets that. This is shown most of the time, though there was a situation in the episode "Tree Trunks" when she kissed him several times so that he would let her help Finn.
Later, Tree Trunks tells Finn that she'll accept his apology (Finn had earlier yelled at her) if he would let her kiss his cheek.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" Other than this, there are no references of an unlikely romantic relationship between Jake and Tree Trunks, although they remain close friends.
And whenever they meet, Jake keeps saying "I love you, Billy!" Jake seems to have great respect for Billy. At the end of the episode, Prismo states that he would like to hang out with Jake more in the future.
However, he soon befriends Baby Snaps after hearing his story about him and Princess Bubblegum. Jake also defended Flame Princess when Princess Bubblegum apparently attempted to keep the couple apart. Unfortunately he did not, as Flame Princess spotted him inside Finn's mouth while talking to him (Finn). Marceline cannot help it and likes to scare Jake, but in "Henchman," Jake will not accept the fact that Marceline is not evil and almost murders her by exposing her to sunlight.
He also is concerned when Marceline is in danger in "Memory of a Memory." They have become close friends, although Jake still holds some level of fear for her, as exemplified in "Marceline's Closet," where he is clearly trembling at the mere thought of what Marceline will do to him and Finn at the realization that they broke into her house and invaded her privacy.
It serves as their living video game system, film editor, camera, and many more portable electric items. According to her official bio, the two get along so well because of their shared interest in the viola.
A loyal boyfriend, Jake often stops adventuring to make time for her, meeting her every day at 4:00 PM on the dot.
In the episode "My Two Favorite People," Lady recalls a time when she and Jake ran naked through a farmer's field, causing them both to blush. For instance, Jake storms off when he misinterprets Finn and Lady's budding friendship in "My Two Favorite People." Another example comes in "Video Makers," when Mr. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Jake watches over Finn using his Stretchy Powers to protect him, whether it is shielding him from rain or cold weather, or catching him in mid-fall. In "Incendium," he finds Finn a girlfriend in order for him to cope from Princess Bubblegum, and in "Burning Low," Jake gave Finn advice about his love life which shows Jake is doing his best to make sure Finn's relationship with Flame Princess does not turn out like his relationship with Princess Bubblegum. Though they have seemingly contrasting personalities, the pair make an excellent team and are immensely important figures in each other's lives. However intense their fighting, it is noted that they always make up because of someone, whether it be BMO or the Dream Warrior. Their close friendly and brotherly relationship is also displayed when Finn shows the sign "I Love You, Jake" when he was angry at Jake, and shows the sign "Jake Rules!" when he wanted to cheer Jake up. Jake was also shown to be truly happy when he found out Finn was going to be alright in the future. Furthermore in the same episode, Tiffany said that killing Finn would devastate Jake, a show of their strong bond as brothers and best friends.

When they were first born in "Jake the Dad," he was extremely excited to show them to Finn and BMO and became very emotional with his new family surrounding him. Jake and Princess Bubblegum rarely speak to each other, but in "Incendium," Princess Bubblegum calls him "puppy" in a sweet, baby voice even letting him rest his head on her lap, and in the episode "Ricardio the Heart Guy" Jake and Princess Bubblegum teased Finn's love for Princess Bubblegum. He quit his "violent" way of saving people and started saving people in a more pacifistic way because Billy thought it was the right way, even though Finn doubts it. Their strong sense of friendship was shown in "Wake Up" when Prismo was willing to give up his life in order for Finn and Jake to enter the Crystal Citadel. He then saved Flambo from a group of Iron Owls and asked him if he knows any princesses that is Finn's age. He also offers them chamomile tea to show his support of their relationship in "Vault of Bones" when the two were playing cards.
She would have yelled at him, but she did not and thought that it was pretty hardcore of Jake of doing this to Finn.
It appeared in the eighth episode of Adventure Time, so it is obvious he has been with them for a long time. This may indicate some level of intimacy in their relationship, though they are technically almost always naked, aside from Jake's invisible pants. Cupcake flexes his muscles at Lady Rainicorn instead of acting out a wedding for Jake's romantic comedy movie. Jake is often reminded of his family, as shown in "Beautopia." In "Conquest of Cuteness," Jake tells Finn that sometimes he sounds like his mother. In "Princess Cookie," Jake stated that he hated her because he thought it was unfair that Princess Bubblegum did not let him be a mailman and made him be a milkman, though it is possible he was just saying this to stall Baby-Snaps. In "Video Makers," BMO records the footage requested by Finn and Jake, although they disagree on what genre of movie it will be, so they leave it a note that tells it to keep only the best footage and present it at the Movie Club. Jake says that he told him to say the lines instead of flexing out, who instead responds "I don't hear her complaining," which provokes Jake into attacking him.
Despite Jake's relationship with his mother he is not her actual son as revealed in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" where Joshua was poisoned by the Shape-shifter creating Jake. He was also very supportive when he was heartsick from her and fully understands how much Princess Bubblegum had hurt him. In "Burning Low," Jake misinterprets Princess Bubblegum's attempts at keeping Flame Princess stable as jealousy, and when she returns again looking for Finn, Jake furiously berates her for causing Finn so much emotional pain and for being a "heartless monster." After stabilizing Flame Princess, Jake notices Bubblegum's reaction to Finn and Flame Princess' "kiss" (each kissing a rock to symbolize kissing each other) and mocks her for being jealous, only for Princess Bubblegum to tell him to shut up. At the end of the episode, Jake gives him a crown and makes Baby Snaps the princess of the Grass Lands.
By the end of the episode, though, Kim Kil Whan realizes his dad loves him and notes, "Dad's good." Viola, by contrast, makes excuses for Jake's absence in her life and expresses approval for all Jake's actions. In "Too Old," Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that she loves Jake.In "A Glitch is a Glitch",after Finn and Jake disgusted the virus and returned to the candy kingdom,Princess Bubblegum and Jake and Princess Bubblegum's hands say that they missed each other. However, after she shows her hot-headed side (and her father calls her his "evil daughter") Jake seems to be afraid of her.
Occasionally, Finn and Jake seem to take on parental roles when it comes to BMO, such as taking him to soccer practice or disciplining it when it misbehaves. Charlie is the only pup whose opinion of her father is currently unknown, as she does not have any lines in the episode. In "Hot to the Touch," Jake continues to think that she is evil and tries to make Finn understand that.
In the episode, "Jermaine", it is revealed that Jake's half-brother, Jermaine, had been living in his family's house to protect his father's items that were taken from demons who wanted the items back.
Upon Jake's return to the house, Jermaine cracks and yells at Jake, upset and jealous that Jake had always been Joshua's favorite and left Jermaine to deal with his father's mess while Jake went on to have adventures. As he thought that she was evil, he tried to defeat her and even put out her flames (which hurts her).
However, after Finn started to go on dates with her, he started to understand her and no longer sees her as evil and just wanted Finn to be happy.

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