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WeekendTinkers says in order to make these awesome resin knobs, you have to know how to handle poisonous and harmful substances and materials. Rhonda over at Dollar Store Crafts must have a cooler life than I do because she had champagne corks lying around, woke up one day and made knobs out of them.
Using Button Cover Kits, JCaroline Creative made these lovely tangerine colored drawer knobs.
Keep clicking, kiddo, because on page two there are even more knobs you can make… and they are awesome sauce. I like lots of light in my home and have a big window in my guest room.  I wanted to drapery panels, but I don’t want them to cover the window at all so I needed a very long rod.
When I was thinking about what type of finials I wanted to use – I played around with a few options. 1.  You will need 2 tennis balls – old ones that have lost their pep are much easier to cut than the brand new ones I used.
There were holes in the walls that invited roaches to move in and there was only one small working window air conditioning unit. Fast forward a year later, the house was abandoned and the owner, my father-in-law, decided it was time to tear down the elderly pink house.
I spent a lot of months trying to come up with the best way to attach these door knobs to a piece of wood to make a coat rack. Next is simply putting the cap screw through the hole and twisting the door knob secure to the wood. I love all the DIY ideas for repurposing yesterday’s jewellery of function into decor treasures of today. This idea might go on my DIY project list… I just need to decide where I would hang it first. What a perfect addition to a kitchen or an office space, or wherever you would place your message board.
If you guessed garden ornament I wouldn’t argue with you, because it really is pretty peeking out among the green. To be honest, a lot of the knobs features are actually glass cabinet door knobs, so they mount with a screw from the opposite side of the piece that the knob sits on. So I’m looking for some glass door knobs to make a Christmas present for my best friend. The coat rack idea from old door knobs is my favourite, I might try this in the down stairs toilet. I have a small collection (20-30) of glass door knobs, and I’m wondering where I can re-purpose them. I don’t actually sell the doorknobs, I just really like them and wanted to feature them for others to see the potential in them. I'm Sheila, a decorating enthusiast with a focus on making over, fixing up, and using what you have.
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Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. I can’t tell you how often my man-partner has had to point out an incredibly hairy mole on my chin that suddenly came out of nowhere. I think it was when I turned twenty-one and the champagne came with a a free keyring, or a complimentary condom or something. Can you even stand what kind of crafty genius it takes to think of something like this, much less do it? If you don’t love them awful, I find you to be a highly suspicious character and I feel it my duty as a human to report you to some authority. They come in many different diameters and lengths.  There are two types – lightweight and heavyweight. PVC pipe has writing on it.  You can spray some white primer over the pipe and then paint it any color you wish. Since a PVC pipe is basically a hollow tube there was nothing to screw the finials into – time to come up with a way to make the finials work – corks and hot glue to the rescue.
The traditional gilded ones I used above and a more modern look – using tennis balls and fabric – yep tennis balls – it is an old trick that I have used many times. The day before it was scheduled to be demolished, with my father-in-law's permission, I went into the house and salvaged the original glass door knobs. To fix this, I used wire cutters to clip off the excess wood to make everything as level as possible. I'm sure you can adhere the cap screw to the hole using some type of strong glue, but I like knowing that I can remove the door knobs if I ever feel the need. There’s just a look and feel to the vintage knobs that make you want to linger for a split second longer to soak their sensation in. There are so many amazing vintage glass door knobs out there, and a ton of great ideas for how to repurpose them… My dream would be to find a stash like this. But if I was to make a guess, I think removing the joining hardware is probably what happens, and then replacing that with again, a screw somehow in the appropriate length for the project at hand… I’ve been keeping my eyes open for vintage knobs in the hopes that I will have an opportunity to figure this piece out!
For a vintage glass knob like you’re describing, I would try Etsy, and possibly Ebay. I love glass door knobs, and would definitely be in favour of having one of my own on our front door!
Love your projects but trying to find the right size to make a couple of walking sitick…. So the projects I featured aren’t actually mine, just ones that I think are great ideas.
I love your items but trying to find some knobby to make myself a couple bling walking sticks. Was looking for some simple ideas to replace door knobs for cabinets in laundry room, which I just painted – and here it was! I chose to keep mine white and just turned the writing to the back.   I did have to clean it up a bit with dish detergent to get the warehouse grime off of it.

I wasn’t planning on using them until I got really great looking mottled gold and black metal rings from one of my greatest resources – my friend Karen .
Little Isabelle was born October 22nd and I wrote the story of her birth on my wonderful birth center's blog (yes that means no pain medication..
So when we wed in the summer of 2010, I, maybe not so kindly, suggested this wasn't a good place for a family with an upcoming baby to live. I just refinished a cabinet for my daughter and installed glass cabinet knobs – it took me 3 tries to find the right length screws! Good luck with your search – your linen press sounds like a great feature, and a vintage glass knob would be the perfect finishing detail!
I want to mount 4 or 5 onto a board that I’m going to design so she can hang necklaces and bracelets. You'll also find me keeping up with Audrey Would!, my online vintage boutique specializing in classic Mid-Century and Art Deco cocktail ware and entertainment pieces. The Polka Dot Closet says if you can roll a meatball, you can make these completely beautiful cabinet knobs. Some walls were painted bright red and some were painted bright turquoise, the hardwood floors were painted dark brown to seal in the cat urine stench from the previous owner. I knew there had to be an easier way, so I brought a door knob with me to home depot on a quest to find something that would enable me to make a simple coat rack.
Now, if the thread of your door knobs are in rough shape like mine were, it will take some work to get the screws to fit with the thread.
So I placed one knob in the center at 16 inches, placed two 2 inches from the edges, and placed two more evenly between them, leaving me with five equally spaced apart.
Once the weather gets to 60 degrees, the coats and boots come out of the wood work like magic.
Do you think you’ll use them on your own doors, or will you be doing something else to bring them back to life? If you know the exact length you need, have them cut it at the home improvement store – one less step for you to do. Recently she stumbled upon a manufacturer who was going out of business and got lots of good deals and free goodies.  I was the lucky recipient of these rings. Would love to hear from you… I really appreciate your comment, and so glad you came across this post!
I simply kept on rotating the screw in until it stuck, took it back out, then screwed it back in, using some force and repeating until the threads matched.
Keep in mind they do not have to fit in all the way, only enough to secure them tightly to the wood.

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