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Once you reach out the dashboard after completing the WordPress installation, development of website starts. WordPress gives one default page (sample page), and one default post (Hello world!), which you can see on your website. The options being shown on the right side, are called theme options, which are available in TemplateToaster generated theme. Fill in the post title, write the post, add a media, and simply press the “Publish” button showing on the right side of the page. From this option, you can select a particular page, which your visitors will see when they first visit your website. Once you save the changes, the front page will become static and all your posts will be shown on Blog page.
WordPress gives you the choice whether you want to enable readers to comment on your blog posts or not. We would suggest you to read about how you can prevent you site from comment spam if you don’t want to disable the comments on your posts. We’ve the “Settings -> General” tool on the dashboard for basic configuration settings of the website. You can create your own menu and add your pages into it from the “Menus” tool, which resides inside “Appearance”.
You can arrange the menu items in preferred order by simply dragging them from their position and dropping at the desired level. WordPress has a great attribute that a user may extend website’s capabilities using plugins. In fact, if you don’t need your website to perform custom functions, yet, you should use four plugins in your website for reason that they would help you out for keep your website in optimum state.
Sure, you can link your domain to your WordPress website, simply install WordPress on your host (all modern hosts offer one click install).
Sure, you can, simply install WordPress on your host (all modern hosts offer one click install). All other names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, TemplateToaster is not endorsed by Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento projects.
Credit Headquarters Live website Local bands will begin filling venues around Delmarva as the tourist season gets underway.  But what does it take to be a successful local band? I actually set this up on my site a few months back when Windows 8.1 preview showed up, but I didn't mention it. ASIDE: You can do similar type things in other browsers with nice custom PNGs and Icons, like Opera's Speed Dial, or iPhone Home Screen icons.

You get some amount of control as to text and images that can appear in your live tile if you make the notification yourself. The site will generate those, but if you're a really high-traffic site you might just write a little handler to make these Notification Tile Files from your RSS feed. I wonder how hard it would be to write a WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, or MiniBlog plugin to make these notification files?
UPDATE: Looks like Nick Halsey has already crated a Windows Pinned Sites Plugin for WordPress. I'm looking forward to seeing tiles like this for sites I visit like LifeHacker, The Verge, CNN, etc. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. Developing a website is very easy, once you gain the knowledge of installing WordPress and dashboard options. When you will register a domain and pay for a hosting plan for your website, your web host will tell you about “one click installation”.
Let’s say, you want that visitors would see your “Home” page very first page when they visit your site.
By default, the comments are enabled on blogs, which you can turn off in the following way. From general settings as shown in the above image, you can customize site’s title, tagline, URL, mention an E-mail address, and can turn on the registration on site.
If you have a plan to add a custom functionality in your website, you may browse the plugin repository from the dashboard itself. If you've got Windows 8.1, you've likely figured out that the most fun apps are ones that have active live tiles. The service above is speeding things up by making the little Tile Notifications XML file for me. I'll be more likely to pin a site to the home screen if it also shows me updated headlines. In this post, you will learn about installing WordPress on both webhost and localhost, installing theme, adding pages, creating posts, making menu, site title and URL settings, and essential plugins. A webhost is used for making live websites, and localhost is used for offline development of websites and testing purposes.
You may learn about how to install XAMPP and WordPress on the local system from our previous post.

You will find very nice themes in this gallery, which are responsive and designed with bootstrap elements. You can surely make a beautiful custom theme like Costrica using this software, for your website. You would like to read about our previous post, which tells in detail about the Essential Plugins for a WordPress Website. Website title and tagline are as per we’ve defined while configuring making General Settings.
This is similar to Facebook's open graph stuff or Twitter Cards, where you want an image (if available) plus the title of a post to show up as a "card" or in this case, a Tile.
I upgraded one (dual core) laptop and it took over 6 hours with the download and subsquent update. For more details, refer to our post, create professional themes and templates with TemplateToaster. Sadly, I can't afford an MSDN subscription so MS have decided I'm not worthy to have the iso download, so I am forced to download multi-Gb files on all three machines.
It's kind of giving me another reason not to bother with Windows 8, which is a real shame because I rather like it. You can still do that for your Windows Taskbar, in fact, and get a nice right-click context menu with lots of quick access to my site, archives and podcasts.
It's literally minutes of work on the low end, and maybe an hour if you go nuts with JavaScript.
If I change my default browser to Chrome, the live tile stops being live.That part is super lame. I'd love to use live tiles for my website, even if I'm an equal opportunity browser-ist and use Chrome on the desktop. Does MS have a website tile tester site of some sort (I can't seem to find one in a few minutes of googling).
I've got a small problem I couldn't solve - when I pin my blog as a Live Tile - I only have two sizes to pick from - small and medium, no other option.

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