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To begin with, you will need to download your files from your online server with a software called Filezilla. Some web host even offers packing your files for you in the form of a zip file and it can be served to you in the form of a download link. Using the import option, import back the sql file that you have exported out from your site.
You are required to make some changes to the database since the destination of your website will be pointing to the online version.
You can also use the Xampp icon at the lower right hand corner of your taskbar, click on the admin button of Mysql and it should take you to the same place. This file is also important because if whatever you key here is wrong to begin with, it will not connect to your website. Simply edit and replace the words in between the quotes, to the ones that correspond to you. All the values that you need to key in are the values that you use in the Xampp, not the online web server. The folder name will be the name of the folder you created in htdocs with your whole website in there.
For as long as we can remember, WordPress has been the dominating content management system for website owners. It is so easy to use that even those without technical knowledge or web design experience can concoct professional-looking sites in a relatively short amount of time.
To help you with site maintenance tasks, here are the top 5 powerful plugins you can count on. Let’s have a look at the guarantees that web hosts make when introducing their hosting plans. Additionally, remember that downtimes are sometimes caused by an error in your site’s code, which can sometimes only be fixed through your hosting account.
Another issue for site maintenance is your protection for known security threats; the most common being fake web crawlers who steal content and post spam comments.
WordFence is currently the most popular security plugin for WordPress due to its easy integration, open source development, and the very low price of free.
In addition to this, don’t forget that there are also security threats that may cause data loss and coding problems that may lead to site failure. Over time, you may accumulate all sorts of ‘junk’ information you’re too lazy to delete yourself. WP-Sweep is a free clean-up tool that can easily and quickly delete junk from your website to save space and maintain the integrity of your database. Last but definitely not least is WP-Optimize – another free tool that can preserve and optimize your WordPress website. For a free plugin, it does a lot of optimization processes to preserve server space and, ultimately, speed up your website.
Maintaining a WordPress website can be a lot of work, but if you have plugins like the ones listed above, all of your maintenance tasks can be completed within several minutes without breaking a sweat. You are welcome to view the content on our Forum, just scroll down to view this forum post.
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Make sure you don’t have any Carta 1 Column Headers set to responsive header images without any actual images entered.
Went through all of the templates as suggested above and did find a few Carta 1 Column Headers to get rid of.
Also – the reason you are seeing this is that you have turned on error reporting for your site. Never could really get rid of the errors, even though I couldn’t find any more 1 column header boxes with blank entries.

Add additional directives to have WordPress write error messages to a log file that you can review on a regular basis.
Implementation and styling of premium Wordpress child theme for Director of Photography portfolio site.
Creation, installation and integration of premium Wordpress child theme and Woocommerce solution enabling in-house development of all content and structure. A white label PHP, CSS and jQuery sew-on label designer powered by XML to make client updates simple and quick.
An HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery responsive Wordpress website for Integra Brass Ensemble incorporating a diary of events updateable by the client. Classic ASP website for Amanda Woakes Handmade Jewellery with bespoke product CMS and PayPal shopping cart. If you want to add chat option to website wordpress made it very easy with plugins, There are plenty of plugins are available, with live chat option you can offer better service to your customers also you can make it offline if you away. Chat is free and most used wordpress plugin to enable chat option on your blog. Separate chat windows are added to any post or page in WordPress through a new button added to the built-in editor, supports any kind of theme.
Quick Chat is another most popular plugin that quickly adds private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more to your website. User interface is translation friendly to metalanguages.
Note: Before you install Quick Chat please check is you web server sufficiently capable to support number of users you expect visiting your chat at the same time.
Zopim lets you monitor and chat with visitors surfing your store in real-time and increase your sales.
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We were commissioned to supply a fully implemented WordPress theme for the Camden Council who were launching a new website to represent a group of independent advice agencies in Camden providing free advice and information on a range of issues affecting people living in the borough. As long as you have a website, there will come a time where you will need to do some testing offline. But for the benefit of those who do not know how to do so, I will include some basic instructions on how to backup your site. You may need to seek assistance from your webhost on how to set the configuration to connect to your online server.
If you encounter an error that states that the sql is too big, you will need to make use of the Dos commands to import the sql file. This password that you need to key in will not be the one from your online site, but the one you set in Xammp, if any.
The only problem you will encounter is that all your links to your posts are broken, simply login to your wordpress like how you will do, and set the permerlinks to default as page numbers first.
It is complete with everything you need to build any website you desire; be it a blog, an ecommerce store, an affiliate site, and so on. In addition to constantly updating your content, you should also check the integrity of your site’s database, security, and uptime. However, its key feature is the real-time checking of your website’s uptime, which is an extremely crucial issue for long-term site maintenance.
This means you can immediately take action to bring your site back up, thus significantly reducing overall downtimes.
You may also be familiar with Trojans, hackers, and backdoors that can damage the integrity of your site and result in data loss or prolonged downtimes. First of all, remember that WordPress itself occasionally rolls out updates to improve the platform. BackupBuddy can give you the peace of mind when it comes to backing up your precious data, including resources like theme files, plugins, photos, and so on.
A hacker may choose to attack tomorrow or you may delete an important PHP file by accident later.

This data includes unapproved comments, spam, auto-saved drafts, orphaned posts, revisions, and so on. Not only will this improve the performance and speed of your site, it will also make the dashboard a lot easier on the eye for your site admins. The main difference between WP-Sweep and WP-Optimize is that the latter can disable certain functions such as trackbacks, and comments which may result in junk data. It will also display how much space you can optimize and clean so you know exactly what the plugin does for you.
Managing word press site with multiple plugins is good for business, all of your maintenance tasks can be completed within several minutes.
If you like what you find and want to be able to post a question, please check out our subscription options.Please feel free to search the forum using either the Google Site Search above or the forum search below. Interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript or other code. Chat pro version supports buddaypress and social network sites like facebook, twitter and google pluse. We help small business owners and new bloggers to bring Their business to be brilliant online. If you are looking to procure web services from a highly proficient digital agency, please get in touch. You cannot possibily fool around with the site that is currently live and thus it will be useful to do any testing offline. Most web service providers will provide downloadable configuration text files that can be opened with filezilla software.
Not only is it easy to implement and use, it also supports tons of plugins which you can use to provide additional functionality to your site. Remember that uptime is a measure of when your site is online and accessible to your audience. With each update, there is a risk that a certain bit of code or plugin will no longer work.
Once you have successfully connected to the server, you will be able to browse the contents like a drive and simply copy everything to a folder on your local computer. Put the exported sql file together with the downloaded website contents if you do not want to misplace anything. Of course you can use dreamweaver or any other advance html editor, but there is no need to. For the password, if you did not set any password, simply delete all the letters in between the ‘’ quotes. We're big supporters of local businesses & have a few dog owners here,so it's nice to connect :) Happy Friday! For a simple website, simply copy everything to the new folder and you will be able access your site by keying the correct url in your browser. Click on the phpmyadmin link which is located at the lower left of the menu and it will take you to the phpmyadmin configuration.
Bekki James - 4C BucksI just wanted to say the website is fantastic, we really appreciate what you have achieved for us.
And the last shingo.sql will be the sql file that you have exported out from your online site. Most importantly it contains information about your site, server, system, permissions, text filters, database password, database name, database user, and more.

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