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It is to help educate and guide in the diagnosing and trouble shooting of security light, "no start", and engine immobilizer problems on GM vehicles using Vats, Passlock, or Passkey antitheft security systems. If you see a light that says SECURITY, ANTI THEFT or the picture of the car and padlock on your dash when your car won't start, you HAVE an anti theft issue. If you see a light that says SECURITY, ANTI THEFT or the picture of the car and padlock on your dash when your car won't start, you HAVE an anti theft issue.
A In most GM cars and trucks there is a hiddenA system that most people are unaware even exists. When theA signal breaks, the car misinterperates this as an attempt at theft andA goes into antitheft mode. The car thinks its being stolen or hotwiredA because it is not getting that signal from YOUR specific key.
Sometimes you can have ALL the symptomsA and no lights.I have put this site together to help others out with this problem. IveA added things at different times so im sorry if the info is choppy or ifA there are things described twice. The LOCK CYLINDERA Inside the ignition lock cylinder there are pins that read the chip in theA key OR the part that reads the frequency on newer models.
Pretty nice when working, but these systemsA are flawed and the average life is 6-10 years.

The concept being, if the key, ignition, and TDM don't match and communicate, the security will fail and shut you down. If you have looked into replacement or fixing these systems, you know that the cost isA very high and may actually be more than the Blue Book value of yourA vehicle.
Starters,A batteries, injectors, fuel pumps, selenoids, keys, ignitions, LABOR and so on.A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A SYMPTOMSA  A  A  A  A  Symptoms of a Security system failure.
I thought i could just keepA doing that 10 minute key trick (described below) forever, but NO. Having to tell her that we have to run in the cold and ice to goA back inside and wait ten minutes for my car to start was heart breaking and embarrassing. If the ten minute trick works on this system, then theA problem is NOT in your key or ignition. So basicallyA you can take an OHM meter and read the OHMS between the sides of the chip in your key. Whatever the reading is (one of the 15 listed below) you canA reproduce this with simple resisters from Radio Shack or some place likeA that. You place your resister pack between these 2 white wires, and you'veA now bypassed the ignition and key.
This is an inexpensive way to do this,A and it can work well, but i strongly recommend only using it for a shortA time.

The system isn't designed to read that constant signal and youA can kill your Theft Deterrent Module even faster.
There are a lot of bypass systems out there, but they are designed to work with remotes starters and will still rely on the security system once you insert the key.
This is the only one i found that is designed to fix the failure, and not just get thr car to temporarily start on a cold morning.
AA TDM that costs $700 for my $1000 car, or spend the $250 for this bypass,A or just throw my car away. This is the same list from their site and may update.A Double check the list on the site before you get too excited. If you don'tA think you can install thisA part on your own, remember you can always ask your mechanic to help. WhenA i did this on my Buick, it took me about 30 minutes to find the TDM andA about 10 minutes to install the part.

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