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Imagine you are in a tight situation where you wish to increase the width of your shed by 10 mm or 286 mm. Often people like the colours on their houses and sheds to match and hence we have come up with a unique range of custom made sheds that will not only make your home’s surrounding aesthetically pleasing, but will add value to your house. We use advanced design software that lets us design the custom sheds to suit an individual’s needs. Personal access doors, roller doors, steel sliding doors, glass sliding doors and security doors.
Aussie Sheds offers superior service, value for money and custom shed design to suit your needs.
Our kit sheds are delivered with detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions for you to assemble yourself.
Take advantage of our shed building service which covers full construction from earthworks and slab to turn-key completion using our Broome shed builders and concretors.
You can be assured your shed has been engineered to comply with the Building Code of Australia. Vikram Builders On-Going project consists many of the commercial projects Acorrphen Coating Pvt.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. The Boatbuilders Yard is a cafe and restaurant housed in Cargo Shed 4 in the South Wharf Maritime Precinct in Melbourne. South Wharf has undergone major redevelopment in recent years, specifically through the construction of the new Melbourne Convention Centre and associated large-scale shopping, hotel and commercial facilities. The adaptive reuse of the cargo sheds, conservation of the dry docks, and design of the riverside promenade formed part of the extended works associated with the convention centre.This sought to provide an appropriate context for the new buildings while also maintaining a link to the area’s maritime past.
Constructed in 1889 (Shed 9) and 1929–31 (Shed 4–8), the cargo sheds are described on the Victorian Heritage Register as “the last remaining link with the cargo and berthing facilities of the nineteenth century river port of Melbourne”. In 1978, the National Trust took over Cargo Shed 4, and it became home to the volunteers working on the Polly Woodside and other historic boats stored on the premises. Finding a compatible new, long-term use that would allow the building to be retained despite significant changes in its surrounding environment.

To conserve the building, with all its signs of wear and tear, while meeting new building regulation requirements arising from the change of use. The reuse project sought to put a viable use into the shed while preserving the building’s ability to tell a meaningful story of its past. This was possible because Cargo Shed 4 was retained in its entirety, leading to dispensations that meant the requirement to raise the shed above stipulated flood levels could be avoided. New pavilions and landscaping between the shed and the dry docks house the outdoor cafe functions.
These new elements are visually dominant when the shed is viewed from the land, but the reuse retains the clear connection between the heritage shed and the water’s edge. A building that could have been dismissed as small and inconsequential, when compared with the major development around it, has been kept, thus retaining a layer of Melbourne’s important maritime history. The small scale of the heritage building is used to develop a new ‘fine grain’ urban environment that complements the large scale of the convention centre. Dispensations allowed the fabric of the building to be retained ‘as is’, thus keeping the building’s patina. Aussie Sheds Group has recently launched in Darwin – supplying the Top End with locally manufactured quality steel shed components installed by local NT shed builders. Aussie Sheds offers superior service, value for money and custom shed design to suit your needs.We supply quality steel sheds with cyclone-rated cladding in zincalume or colorbond steel.
We offer a shed building service which covers full construction from earthworks and slab to turn-key completion using our Darwin shed builders and concretors.
What is the best choice for you, bulldozing your entire shed or adding a little extra to the structure? Our staff can guide you through step by step… From the size design and colours of your garage to plans and permits, even the concrete slab can be organised all under the one roof. We have delivered an enormous range of cheap sheds in Melbourne to industrial and government, agricultural, commercial and domestic customers.
Aussie Made Garages and Barns have highly trained staff to greet you on entering our offices at Lilydale and at Thomastown.
In addition to retaining and reusing the shed, the project uses the scale and historic associations of the shed to reintroduce a ‘fine grain’ urban quality into an area that mostly operates as a largescale urban environment. Cargo Sheds 4–9 sit between these new buildings and the Yarra River in the newly landscaped South Wharf Promenade.
Located next to Duke’s and Orr’s Dry Dock, home to the barque Polly Woodside, Shed 4 sits separately to Sheds 5–9, and has been designed as distinct project within the precinct.

It was in sound but deteriorating condition and the site was home to salvaged ship parts and other maritime objects. Compliance would have required insulating and plastering the interior – this was avoided by arguing that the heritage value of the fabric took precedence. The patina built up as the different uses marked the building – dented corrugated iron, exposed wall framing, nails, bolts, scrawled words – has been kept, hinting at the building’s previous lives and lending character to its new use. As a result the timber substructure and the timber piles, which supported half the building, could be retained in situ, along with the original timber structure and floor.
These are arranged in a way that maintains public access through the site, as part of the South Wharf Promenade, and encourages a new informal engagement with the dry docks. From large scale industrial sheds, remote covers and mining sheds to residential sheds, we supply and build in Darwin, Katherine and throughout the Northern Territory. This is where shed builders like Aussie Made Garages and Barns help you to take a step back and relax. Ranging from stable and storage complexes, car washes, outdoor learning areas, factories, offices and extending old sheds are the few examples of our previous shed projects.
From large scale industrial sheds, remote covers and mining sheds to residential sheds, we supply and build in Broome and throughout the Kimberly region.
This is in contrast to Sheds 5–9, which had to be rebuilt to meet regulatory requirements in relation to building regulations and river flood levels. Whether you want custom sheds or need to increase the space of your old shed, we have all the expertise, shed designs and the machinery to fulfil your wishes.
We strive to find an economically safe solution to build designer sheds that are strong and pleasing to the eye.
With our services, everything will fit where it is supposed to and you can see the proof with our previous projects on our website. Contact Aussie Made Garages and Barns on (03) 9739 6999 to understand what we are capable of doing. All Custom Outdoor Sheds are designed and created keeping in mind the safety of children and families.

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