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Magnificent Outdoor Garden Decor For Small Home Backyard Featuring Lacquered Oak Wood Gate With Double Swing Doors And Gable Roof Style.
Make everything brief and simple.If you are living in smaller spaces with smaller incomes, we have to learn to live with less stuff, to simplify, to develop zen habits.
You wouldn't know it from the Christmas sales, but the trend might be towards Conspicuous non-consumption.Collin wrote about the Simple Living Manifesto with 72 ways to simplify your life.
Chis is talking about communication, about twitter and blogs, but we talk about how computer technology lets us share, trade, and get what we need without having to buy and store it for when we need it.

That is why we love Product Service Systems so much; to quote Alex Steffen again, "why own a drill when what you really want is a hole?" Just as renting housing vs ownership is up, more people might take a minimalist approach to stuff, or as William Morris put it, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"More on Share:Why Buy When You Can Rent? But as Chris also says,Not all of this is easy to implement, but I know you realize that in order to succeed you can't just do the easy things, right?
Just because it's "simple" doesn't mean it's going to be "easy."Getting rid of stuff is hard.
Living a simple, minimalist lifestyle is really hard, you have to be disciplined and organized.

Making the decision not to own, say, an electric drill gets harder all the time; ten years ago they cost a hundred bucks and now they are almost throwaways, it is hard to say no when the Home Depot sells them for under twenty bucks.

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