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Despite being fan favorites on one of the most popular reality shows in cable television history, Storage Wars couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante have gone out of their way to keep their private life just that… until now! All I know is, if Brandi and Jarrod are as entertaining at home as they are at the auctions and in the store, then I think a spin-off would be can’t-miss entertainment! A&E Storage Wars reality stars Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante pose for a photo outside of their Now and Then Second Hand Thrift Store in California. During their visit to Vegas, Jarrod kept fans in the loop with their appearances on Twitter.
Storage Wars is currently in hiatus after the third season wrapped back in August but season 4 is coming soon so stay tuned for more of these two on A&E.
To see more Outlaw Apparel and get yourself some of their goods, visit the official website. Brandi Passante is the "not wife" of Jarrod Schultz, and has been a fan favorite on Storage Wars for years.
Jarrod Schultz, "The Young Gun" from A&E's smash hit Storage Wars started buying storage units and opened a thrift store as just another opportunity in a long line of "unique" business ideas.
Payton is a sweetheart of a nine-year-old who's usually got either candy or money on her mind. Admittedly having the least amount of financial resources at their disposal, Jarrod is still an aggressive, some might say reckless, bidder at the auctions.
Some fans have pointed out that with the time they have been together that Brandi and Jarrod may have a common law marriage, but common law marriages are not recognized by the state of California. He owns outlaw clothes, him and his friend opend it up, he wares it everyday to promote it!
Brandi Passante was a stripper in Orange County in the late 90’s, she worked at 7th Vail , Playpen , and a few other spots. I would have paid to stick my head between those giant hooters and let those babies tickle my ears.
My wife said that she would really like to screw Brandi….and damn, I almost blew my load when she said that! If anyone has information on how i could get into bidding on storage units, email me ASAP!! Yes Brandi is definitely very sexy, but it’s probably best not to publicly drool over someone who is married with children. I would like to see Darrell or Jarrod punch Dave in the mouth and shove him in a locker and close and lock the door!
Jarrod is such a terd, really why is BRANDI with him, she could do so much better, hes what i like to refer to as a bog rat. I dont have anything against anyone Brandi, seems to be very nice but no that bright having as a parner Jarrod, he acts as a jerk all the time, maybe as a person Jarrod is great but as a parner or worst as a business man is terrible.
There has been many, many times on the show when Brandi mentions they aren’t married.
It’s official, the Long Beach, CA location of Now And Then, the second-hand shop owned by Brandi and Jarrod closed its doors. Brandi and Jarrod began the first show in Montebello on a buying tear, with Jarrod telling his wife that they needed inventory for their store in Long Beach. Brandi was tired of Jarrod not taking time to care about their original location in Orange County and took the big box truck on her own to an auction. Meanwhile Rene Nezhoda was getting antsy that he didn’t outbid the others in Montebello.
Rene was on Twitter during the episode and informed his followers that the truck then promptly broke down on the way home. His special find of the night came from Montebello, an apparatus used in figure skating to keep skaters upright when they are learning jumps. Brandi and Jarrod have their own A&E show that aired its first season some months ago.

I think Brandi and Jarrod are headed for Splitsville, if they aren’t already there (as a couple, not necessarily as cast members).
I too am not interested in the show without Jarrod and Brandi.Every guy I know is all about Brandi. The show needs Brandi and Jarrod in as they are now considered the main characters of storage wars and its a pleasure to watch all the series. STORAGE WARS welcomes the return of the duo known as Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz tonight as the auction action shifts to good old Santa Ana, California.
Along for this particular ride are The Gambler Darrell Sheets, auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson and the Texas pistol herself, Mary Padian. None of the auction bidders are looking for the same kind of merchandise which should make it less of a battle royal for lockers, right? While Mary Padian loves the goods that are ripe for refinishing or re-purposing, she’s been known to love her some collectible merchandise. The Gambler is always on the hunt for the big score and in so doing will run over anyone in his way with a wad of cash that seems endless.
Brandi and Jarrod are never going to turn down a bargain, particularly if they know the goods will sell fast at their second hand shop in Orange County. Before You Go!Don't forget to sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter, the "TVRuckus Weekly Round-Up!" Just enter your name and email address below:Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. When the bidding stops, Brandi and Jarrod come home to Orange County, CA where their busy lives revolve around raising two children and managing their second hand store.
PLUS, where can you buy it?Kylie Jenner’s Coachella Day Two eyeballkini outfit may have seemed unique and fresh, but it was actually soooo 24 hours ago as festival goer Brit Day rocked the same exact look on Day One! Although they are promoted as a husband and wife teamon the show, all evidence suggest the two have never officially married despite having been together for twelve years and sharing two children – a boy and a girl.
Brandi wore jeans and a plain white blouse while Jarrod was spotted in a T-shirt and tennis shoes.
To see more of Jarrod and Brandi posing on the red carpet, check them out at the 2012 A&E Upfront event in May, along with Barry Weiss and Darrell Sheets! And lucky for he and his family, this one struck gold!Jarrod has lived in Orange County his whole life. She may come across as shy, but Payton's more than tough enough to hang with the boys.If a song comes on the radio, you will quickly find out that she knows all the words. In stark contrast, Brandi plays the part of the beautiful buxom buzzkill babe by cracking the financial whip in an attempt to keep their fiscal risk taking to a minimum.
They have reportedly been together for 12 years and have two children (a boy and a girl) together, but have never officially tied the knot.
But anyone who has been married for any significant length of time can watch these two together on screen for 30 seconds and know that, even if they don’t have a piece of paper proving it, they are married! You must be a giggly little beeatch…cause no true dude would even spread gossip like that.
Jarrod is a cool cat, but should thank his lucky stars for landing her, especially considering the popularity she has now, due to the show.
When ever I see her on Storage Wars I get so hard I end up jerking myself like crazy dreaming of her magnificant rack. The lockers are suppose to be left untouched, however there have been episodes that show the locker a few times and in some scenes the boxes have been opened and moved. Rene told wife Casey that he didn’t think Brandi and Jarrod would let anyone else get a locker since their store was in the city. It’s not like she did it on purpose to hurt anyone, but she ended up doing it anyway. Not only did he go home without any merchandise, but his big truck backed into the storage place’s gate, causing damage. Got him to a skating rink for an evaluation and we learned that Ivy Calvin has a crush on Michelle Kwan.

You’ll see Rene, Hester, Darrell and Brandon, as well as Brandi and Jarrod come and go.
I am sure all these TV personalities are sitting around wondering what you are up to today.
The show ran a few months ago and what we were pitched was a wedding at the end of the rainbow. The next day, Brandi upped her game in a floral dress and heels while Jarrod wore his signature Outlaw Apparel shirt, khaki shorts, and converse sneakers. He's got charm and attitude and he knows how to use both, but he's still figuring out when it's time to make jokes and when it's time to be serious.Cameron loves roller coasters, new sneakers, and lists Captain America as someone to look up to. The result is a wonderful dynamic often seen in male-female relationships on screen, with the guy having an irrational passion for something and the woman having to shake her head and keep him in check. Click here to see family photos shared by Brandi Passante, including one of Payton and a couple of herself as a child! She swears to the ends of the earth that Jarrod picked up Brandi at an all nude strip club. Honestly I dont like fights, the whole world is screw up and it seems like people like to keep watching fights on tv, Dave is an Ass… the show is already interesting finding goodies on top this fighting is what I dont really like. The couple ended up the two new half-hour shows being in the dumps about the prospects of Long Beach.
Brandi’s on a mission to find the perfect tutor to help their son Cameron who is struggling in math, but all Jarrod can think about is planning his perfect birthday party with his rag tag friends. She loves being a mom and spends lots of time reading to Cameron and Payton, playing games with them, and encouraging their endeavors. He is a great big brother to Payton, but like all brothers can also be a punk to her at times. He is always wearing their shirt and they have a poster or something of it on the wall in their store. In fact, I’m surprised that someone as attractive and intelligent would want to keep you around, except for the kids.
When the truck returned to Long Beach with all the inventory, there was no place to put it. With Jarrod she's more of an eventual supporter, because it usually takes her some time to come to terms with his crazy schemes.
We are not legally married in the eyes of the law but try telling me to my face that she is not my wife & you better be ready to throw down cuz I am gonna kick some butt. Same thing hold true for the shows in New York and Texas, as well as the show with that idiot with the tattooed head. As a result, the family joke is that Jarrod doesn't get in trouble; he's always in trouble.
Like many mothers, Brandi is the voice of reason in a chaotic household.Brandi describes herself as classy, and sassy. Everyone's seen them bicker, but Jarrod thinks the key to their relationship is that they never give up, "We fight through the fights.
I wouldnt dislike him so much if he didnt give Brandi such a hard time driving up the price. Soooo many people go to them they have sign up lists, numbers, people in line at the crack of dawn (no matter what time the sale starts) Would I go there?
Pays nothing to do it cause he knows how long u can park somewhere without paying or being towed. But enjoys his personal life style, doesn’t talk about me me me, Is pleasant a good tipper, polite, keeps a low profile.

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