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Swamp kauri comes from kauri forests which were buried and preserved in peat up to 50,000 years ago in New Zealand's North Island at the end of the last Ice Age. Extraction of the logs is time consuming, expensive and technically difficult requiring skilled operators of heavy machinery.
The extracted kauri has become an alternative source for old-growth wood supply and often finds its way to furniture builders, boat makers, and wood artisans. This is your chance: We offer our limited stock to the European market for the last time at a very competitive price. TreeTrunkTables was established in 2001 in the Netherlands and introduced as a unique table concept on the furniture market. All tables are solely made from Swamp Kauri, at least 3,000 years old timber excavated from swamps in New Zealand. We hope you have a pleasant time reading, watching and discovering all the fascinating facts and beauty of Swamp Kauri, a true treasure of nature. View the video about how we get the most beautifull and oldest wood on the planet or read more about Swamp Kauri wood. Since the earthquakes in Christchurch during 2010 it has become impossible to export Swamp Kauri from New Zealand. So I was thinking about drilling a hole in it, painting it neon pink and using it as a candle holder. I bought some a couple weeks ago and cut up to turn pens, it is a simple grained wood that does not make shavings but dust and splinters. Definitely a most special bandsaw box for the most special jelewery, maybe weding rings or so. Talking about painting it pink, I recently built a three level display shelf for my daughter and had to paint it….pink! If I had a 30 000 year old piece of wood, I would want to display it for everyone to see, I like the idea about the clock.
Hi Steve,How about resawing it and making some coasters or something like that,keep uo the good work! I would probably make a bowl, yes screw the faceplate into the face of the bowl but you will need a chuck when you flip it around. Until you do decide I wouldn’t handle unfinished wood with my bare hands, or leave it exposed to the air either! I agree I say make a clock out of it and auction it off for WWAC that way you have turned something that someone has given you to do what you feel is right in your life. Robert Teisberg's Ashland, WI woodshop recovers the primordial old growth trees from prehistoric peat bogs in New Zealand, then ships them back to the states, milling lumber and making exceptional furniture. The wood from the root section of the tree is where the wild grain come from and has burl-like qualities. During the drying process the subterranean wood moves and changes as the tremendous pressures from within are relaxed. There is a grain activity specific to Ancient Kauri, called “Whitebait.,” a rare confluence in the grain of the wood, says Teisberg.

Ein Vergleich mit handelsublichen Tischen in Bezug auf Material, Ausstrahlung des Tisches, Arbeitsweise und Service ist nicht angebracht.
Diese Platte wurde fur Sie vom Stamm geschnitten und mit dem Container auf dem Seeweg nach Deutschland bis zu mir in die Werkstatt geliefert werden.
Statten Sie Ihren Raum mit einem echten Eyecatcher aus, fur gro?e Raume sind gerade lange Kauri Tische mit der au?ergewohnlichen Naturcharakteristik besonders pradestiniert. Naturmerkmale wie Risse und Einwuchse gie?e ich nach Wunsch mit einem transparenten Fullstoff aus. Wurzelholz bietet durch den sehr interessanten Maserverlauf das wertvollste Holz am Baum. Sumpf Kauri dunkelt im Laufe der Jahrtausende nach und betont die prachtvolle Maserung zusatzlich. Untenstehender Tisch aus einem Stuck Kauri Holz aus der Wurzel mit gefullten Naturmerkmalen steht zum Verkauf an.
Um die Einzigartigkeit Ihres neuen Mobels zu unterstreichen wird jedes Mobelunikat und jedes Tisch Unikat mit einem Siegel mit fortlaufender Nummer versehen.
Ein sehr seltenes Einzelstuck aus der Wurzel eines gro?en Kauri Baumes, sie ist quer zum Baumstamm geschnitten. Gro?er Wohnzimmertisch aus Ulmenholz mit besonderer Naturcharakteristik aus einem Baumstamm Unikatnr.
Exklusiver Eiche Massivholztisch mit Tischplatte aus Baumstamm und Glasfu?en, au?ergewohnlicher Esstisch aus einzigartiger Natur Holzplatte, Nr.
Gro?er Kauri Esstisch mit zweigeteilter Tischplatte und transparenter Fullung in der Mitte, ca. Rustikaler Eiche Holztisch aus kunstvoll gewachsenem Baumstamm handgefertigt mit ausgepragten Baumkanten und interessanten Naturdetails, Unikat Nr. The trees have survived the centuries underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that preserved the timber in perfect condition. White bait refers to the deep, shimmering streaks of iridescence found in some of the wilder grain patterns. The best lacquers are used, and for the SS frames we are also using the best companies for cutting and welding the plate material and for polishing. Well, he recently won a drawing at Charles Neil’s web site and asked Woodcraft to just send the gift to me. It would be a horrible waste of such a rare wood to turn most of it into sawdust turning a bowl or the like IMO.
An electronic movement recessed into the back, then carve the numbers on front or just some simple applique numbers.
It takes time, and one has to find the zen in this fiddely work, but it would be the perfect way of honoring this wood.Or just use it for some kind of game. On the plus side, You can use the entire chunk, and it works very well as a coffee table conversation piece. Perhaps a flattened sphere with a hole for a candle in it, sanded super smooth to at least 1000.

The great size of the trees delivers some huge and highly figured pieces, with bark inclusions alongside the wild grain. In modern trees sapwood is typically a lighter color then the heartwood, it is the reverse with Ancient Kauri. Satin-like cords of grain with subtle shading of color tones makes this a highly sought after characteristic, found only in Ancient Kauri wood. Hier wurde ich dieses einmalige Stuck fur Sie exklusiv weiter bearbeiten, sei es als Wohnzimmertisch, Esstisch oder als reprasentativen Konferenztisch. Im gesamten Verlauf erkennt man eine wunderschone Dreidimensionalitat in der Oberflache der fertig behandelten Tischplatten. Durch die Glasfu?e scheint diese Tischplatte in der Luft zu schweben und die Aufmerksamkeit wird auf die Tischplatte gerichtet. Die Platte wurde mit Fullharz verbreitert um auf ein vom Kunden gewunschtem Ma? zu gelangen.
Die Naturholzplatte wurde nach Kundenwunsch mit Fullharz auf ein einheitliches Breitenma? gebracht. Some logs are on a 20 degree angle into the ground suggesting they have fallen over with force, probably under a larger tree that has fallen on to it. This particular grain is named after schools of New Zealand whitebait fish that emit a similar pattern when swimming in one direction.
I saw that they had gotten some but haven’t been able to swing the extra cash to buy a piece, especially the size I want to get. The possibilities are endless in this field, and the nice thing is, that you get to handle the wood when you play it, and it will be in the family for generations.
This ancient wood begs for depth enhancing oils (danish oil etc) I would refrain from using chemical lacquer stuff. You can see this unusual coloring in some of our boards and timbers that have natural edges. Considered the Best of the Best, pricing ranges from $100 per board foot to $60 per board foot, depending on the size of the order and the amount of Whitebait activity in the piece itself.
Die wahre Gro?e der Natur kommt durch die besondere Ausdruckskraft imposant zur Geltung. So wird jedes Kauri Mobel wertsteigernd sein und Sie haben eine sinnvolle alternative Geldanlage.
Sie wird auf dem Seeweg im Container nach Goch transportiert wo sie in Tischplatten unterschiedlicher Stake aufgetrennt wird. What I would do is cut the corners off and turn a bowl and then use the leftover corners to make a couple of bottle stoppers. Die Tischplatte hat wurzeltypisch eine sehr schone und ausdrucksstarke Naturcharakteristik.

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