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As you can see, the items are fairly alike in size, with a bit of extra weight on the Black & Decker.
The Black & Decker Workmate requires assembly, and comes with tools and directions to assist with this.
The winner in this category, however, has to be the Keter folding work table, as it comes pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the box.
One of the main purposes of a folding work table (versus a permanent one) is to be portable and easy to fold away, transport, and store. The point for portability goes to Keter, for its slightly lighter weight, more convenient carrying handles, and shorter time required to set it up and fold it down.
The built in clamps on the Keter table are very useful for small sanding jobs, quick cuts, and other light-duty work.The two 12” clamps are adjustable, and provide secure holding options, clamping down tightly without scratching or otherwise damaging the finish.
Similarly, the Black & Decker Workmate comes complete with clamps, but in comparison with the Keter version, these ones aren’t quite as secure. A few slight design flaws mean that while the Black & Decker provides essentially the same service as the Keter in terms of clamping, the latter’s better execution wins Keter another point! Because of the Keter’s ability to support heavier weight and pressure, it wins the point for structure.
De kunststof bergingen van Keter zijn de perfecte opbergmogelijkheid voor al uw tuingereedschap, tuinmeubelen, tuinstoelkussens en barbecue accessoires.
Both are designed to fold up and down easily, both support heavy weight, and both have clamping features to keep your work securely in place. No set-up is required, so a quick start-up means the point for ease of assembly goes to Keter.
Both of these tables are relatively lightweight, making them easy to carry, although the Black & Decker is a little bulkier and doesn’t have the advantage of the Keter’s convenient handles on both sides, making it a little more awkward to transport. The advantage offered by the Black & Decker model, however, is that the height is adjustable, so you can use it at two different heights.
They are well integrated into the bench, and can be used to clamp either vertically or horizontally.
This is likely due to the plastic (versus metal) gear holes that are used to rotate the knobs.

When properly locked into place, they are strong and sturdy enough to hold weights of up to 1000 pounds. Coming out on top in four of the five categories, it’s the Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table!
If you’re constantly using the lawn furniture to saw things on, and don’t have space in your garage or basement for a permanent workbench, these useful tools could be just what you need.
In the same affordable price bracket, and with similar product descriptions and intended usage, each aims to do the same job.
Many users have complained about poorly-written instructions making the assembly process more tricky than it needs to be, and it’s probably a better idea to use your own tools to get the job done. Using a simple folding structure, you can select the height you require by either folding out the spider-like legs or leaving them as they are. When the unit is folded for storage, they also fit neatly into the bottom of the second shelf. The locking mechanism necessary for keeping the vice parts engaged occasionally slips as a result.
The table does not move or slip out of place even when pressure is being exerted, and the plastic body means that it won’t rust or otherwise deform it it gets wet. First, expect signs of wear and tear on the plastic table top if you are going to have any sharp metal edges pressing against it – it will get a bit scratched or scuffed up! It can be raised 90 degrees – excellent for clamping a board or other horizontal item on the work surface. A frequent complaint is that the boards are sometimes slightly warped – not seriously, but not completely flat either.
Despite the Black & Decker’s W425 neat options of adjustable height and front panel, it can’t quite beat the Keter’s sturdy structure and reliable performance. Hierdoor zijn de kunststof bergingen van Keter duurzaam, onderhoudsvrij en waterresistent.
Designed to be lightweight and portable, you can set them up for use whenever you need them, fold them up to take to a family member’s house to assist with some DIY, and store them away using minimal space until you need them again.
Once you overcome these obstacles, however, you should be able to get your Workmate constructed and ready to use.

However, both products fold down to a conveniently small size, and can be easily transported in the back seat of most cars.
The second set of rubber feet on the frame of the Workmate means that the legs have secure feet to sit on whichever height setting you’re using, which is a nice addition to the table.
Also, the clamps sometimes move up off their side supports when the crank assembly is being tightened. Also, if it should happen to break, there’s not much you can do to repair it since it’s made from plastic, other than trying to purchase a new part. The table itself has a heavy-gauge steel frame construction, supporting up to 550 pounds, and the three wood table tops are made from bamboo.
Also, the Black & Decker does not seem to respond quite so well as the Keter when heavy pressure is exerted on it. De bergingen zijn voorzien van ventilatie om condensvorming te voorkomen, zijn makkelijk toegankelijk vanwege de lage drempel en goed afsluitbaar (slot niet inbegrepen). Hopefully I can save you a bit of time trawling through reviews by giving you all the information here to help you make an informed decision. They also take up very little storage space when they’re packed away, so that’s good news for those with limited space! The Keter model only has one height setting, so the point in this category goes to Black & Decker! De Keter bergingen zijn eenvoudig en snel te monteren door het slimme kliksysteem en worden geleverd inclusief bijbehorende vloer en duidelijke montagehandleiding. This is in large part due to the plastic ribbon used to open and close the table: apply too much clamping force, and it jumps out of the hole.

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