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The particular concern over the “toxic” molds is due to the fact that these molds can produce mycotoxins – special chemicals that may be poisonous.
The best way to prevent or stop mold from growing on wood is to keep the surface of the wood dry. Mold-Clean can be applied by your pest control company or purchased directly from them for you to apply.
Mold stains can occur anywhere wood is exposed to an environment where the moisture content is too high. The average family produces up to 12 gallons of moisture in a home per day through cooking, bathing, even breathing. Home renovations can transform a house from the inside out, but they often pose significant health risks. Homeowners and building contractors may come into contact with asbestos when they renovate older homes.
The public learned of the health hazards of asbestos in the late 1970s, when the federal government began regulating its use. Once these microscopic particles are inhaled, they become embedded in the lung tissue known as the mesothelium.
Learning about identifying symptoms and effective treatment for Mycotoxicosis (the toxic infection you get from exposure to from mold spores) is important since the average doctor is inexperienced in this field. Mold is a fungus which has long been known to impact humans such as causing disease of our food crops, decaying our foods, and infecting us with Pneumonitis and Toxic Pneumonitis, while some fungus mold spore infections can cause death.
Diseases associated with inhalation of spores include toxic pneumonia, hypersensitivity pneumonia (characterized by inflammation of the lungs which can lead to scarring of the lungs, an irreversible condition that decreases lung capacity), sinusitis, tremors, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney failure, biofilm, hair loss, skin conditions, vision disturbances, neurologic disturbances, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, internal hemorrhaging, and abnormal liver levels. In recent years, an increasing number of mold- induced diseases has been reported from mold contaminated water- damaged buildings.  At a World Health Organization (WHO) convention, Dr. Most important is to diagnose the effects of mold exposure and understand your symptoms so you can obtain the correct treatments. In addition, toxins left over from pathogens such as those for Lyme Disease and Babesia remain even after the infectious elements have been killed by antibiotics and malarial medicines, so those toxins create the ongoing chronic symptoms. In order to correctly identify and safely correct mold related conditions, you must contact a certified mold remediation environmental company.
1)    Do they perform detailed inspections of the building, including both occupied and unoccupied spaces?  This includes HVAC systems, intake registers, return air plenums, basements, roofs, attics, crawl spaces, building drainage, sump systems, window wells, wall interiors, and false floors. 2)    Do they perform testing of the air for microorganisms to identify molds or bacteria, and quantify them with comparison to outdoors and reference levels? 5)    Do they compare the identified organisms to symptoms that the building occupants are having? Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from Uranium, a chemical that is found in most soils.
Again, a quality Radon test kit is always used to confirm analysis of the presence of Radon in your property.  The instructions for these test kits must be closely followed in order to procure an accurate reading.
Radon mitigation firms are available to fix your Radon problem.  You can easily contract with them just as you would for any other home repair. Homeowners and the contractors they hire to renovate their houses can take a number of precautions to prevent exposure to dangerous substances. Investigating a home’s history and hiring a professional to perform an inspection can cut down on asbestos exposure.

Healthy & safe building cleaning program, The term sick building syndrome (sbs) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked.
How kill cockroaches apartment ratings, You’ve cockroaches , concerned screaming, running , finding raid notice bug.. Environmental news information mnn - mother nature, Mother nature network world' leading source environmental news, advice sustainable living, conservation social responsibility.. Reports of so-called “toxic” molds in particular have caused people to be more interested in preventing, detecting and eliminating mold on the wood in their homes. Molds are a kind of fungus that can grow on wood, concrete, bread, oranges, or any surface that provides a suitable combination of temperature, moisture and food. If these spores land on the surface of wood (or other materials), and conditions are right, then a new growth of mold will result.
However, the warm, wet conditions that lead to mold may also lead to wood rot, so preventing the conditions for mold growth is the best solution. Use industrial-strength Mold-Clean to eliminate stains and discoloration caused by mold and mildew on your structures. Heavy rains and standing water breed mold spores which attach themselves to both the interior and exterior of walls and ceilings, causing discoloration, odor and decay. Permanently solving your mold problem will require fixing and maintaining water and moisture sources in your home. It is applied directly to an affected area of a wall or any other surface to thoroughly remove mildew discoloration and stains.
Every Do It Yourself-er and home remodeler should consider the dangerous substances they may encounter during a home remodeling project. Asbestos was used extensively for much of the twentieth century since it was notable for its fire- and heat- resistant properties.
Skin contact with mold-infested substrates and inhalation of spore-borne toxins are also important sources of exposure.” (Bennett and Klich, ibid). Exposure to mold, according to the Florida Department of Health, can cause cognitive problems such as memory loss and mood swings. Be aware the majority of American doctors are “Pharmadocs” (those naive doctors influenced by the drug industry) who hold delusions that mold is merely fixed by general property cleaning or antifungal drugs for patients.
This air pollutant is sometimes called a “silent killer.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Radon test is the only way to discover the presence of Radon in a home. Radon generally enters the home through cracks in the floors, walls, construction joints, pipes or in the water supply. You may want to get more than one estimate and always check their references to make sure the person is qualified to install a mitigation system. Awareness and education, home inspections and protective clothing are good ways to minimize exposure and prevent illness. Fortunate me, I found your website by chance, and I’m stunned why this accident did not happen in advance!
Molds feed on nutrients on the surface of wood – they do not eat or weaken the wood itself. Existing mold can be removed by washing with water, and bleach or detergents can be used to eliminate discolorations.
If you build in a high-moisture climate or in a place that gets a lot of rain, Mold-Clean is for you.

It’s the only product you need to truly clean a mold stained area without the intense smell of bleach.
Asbestos is the most common toxic material in older structures, and it is also most deadly. Industry found it was a popular additive in wall and ceiling insulation, plaster for walls, flooring tiles, exterior siding, roofing shingles and other materials. Cutting, sanding, tearing or otherwise disturbing it will cause asbestos fibers to become airborne. Asbestos fibers cause inflammation of these cells, creating scar tissue which is the foundation in which cancerous cells develop.
In some individuals, these can lead to depression, fatigue and loss of interest in everyday activities.
The pharmaceutical industry has profound financial influence on physicians; these chemical producers (pharma drugs) offer to “temporarily treat” symptoms to keep patients buying their drugs, which do not effectively cure the diseases – simply reducing or masking symptoms with no cures.
Make sure they compare the results of the Clearance Tests to those results taken from the initial inspection performed prior to the remediation (removal) process.
Radon exposure poses serious health risks, including Lung Cancer and other respiratory conditions. Some states regulate or certify Radon mitigation services providers, so contact your state Radon office or health department for more information. Gloves, face masks and other protective gear can protect renovators from mold, mildew and other harmful substances. Most molds don't produce mycotoxins, and even those molds that can produce mycotoxins don't produce them all the time.
Unfortunately, if the conditions for mold growth remain, new spores will land on the wood and fresh mold will grow. Eventually, this causes severe, often fatal diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Mycotoxins can cause sleep disturbances and if left untreated, can lead to neurological problems such as impaired balance and difficulty walking. In general, while moldy wood may be an unsightly nuisance, it is not usually a health hazard. This will keep spores from becoming airborne whilst cleaning the surface. Hang clothing. Measuring antibodies in the blood stream which imply an autoimmune condition are actually antibodies against ubiquitin, a substance that is present in fungi. Curtains and Blinds can trap moisture and cause mold to grow, especially curtains of a heavy material. Keep the room well lit.
Mold thrives in dark spaces. Do not shelve books or place furniture directly against an outside wall.
Due to temperature and humidity differences between inside and outside environments, moisture may develop along walls.

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