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With our camera lenses for large format, we offer high resolution image quality for technical and industrial applications. The Infrared Edition of these lenses are suitable for the use with special cameras like IR cameras without an IR blocking filter.
ZEISS lenses need to operate perfectly in extreme conditions, withstanding everything from scorching heat and bitter cold to sandstorms and severe vibrations. The Industrial Edition of ZEISS lenses are provided with lock screws for both the aperture setting and focus. The new ZEISS industrial lenses with an M42 thread mount feature a compact size, good image quality and a robust, all-metal body.
The new lenses are only half the weight of the known ZF lenses from ZEISS and take up only one quarter of the volume taking into account the shorter flange focal distance . Thanks to their compact and stable design, the new lenses can better withstand shocks and vibrations. In automated image processing high contrast and good sharp edges are a must for an easy running automated image processing.
It offers brilliant edge contrast, extraordinary resolution and shows hardly any chromatic aberration. As this lens is an Apo Distagon type its color correction is extremly good which has an very positive affect when imaging cylindrical shaped objects with shiny surfaces.
With an angular field of 110° it is possible to image a FoV of 400 mm to a 43 mm line sensor with an OO?distance of 260 mm. Like the other SLR lenses in the ZE and ZF.2 series, stray light and reflections are well controlled by the ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating and the sophisticated treatment of the lens element edges with special light absorbing paint.
COXREELS® manufactures heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels of the highest quality.

Once a vital part of a working farmstead, this barn fell into disuse over the course of the last century.
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This Replica Turner Industrial Stool in a larger height maintains that minimal style with a rustic height adjustment function that is used by turning the seat to screw the seat up and down. Replica Furniture Pty Ltd products are not manufactured or approved by, or affiliated with, the original designers, manufacturers or distributors including Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen, Ray or Charles Eames, Flos or Knoll. ZEISS lenses for industrial applications are key components in complex production processes as well as in measuring tasks, quality assurance and many other applications. The F-Mount and the M42 Mount are popular standard for high-resolution industrial cameras with large sensor sizes up to 24 x 36 mm and for line scan cameras with sensors up to 43 mm. The video shows how ZEISS researchers systematically submit lenses to extreme stresses in order to arrive at findings that can help in future lens design and development. Both the locking screws and the stable design make the lens inured to vibrations, improve measuring repeatability and avoid machine downtime. The very short flange focal length of just 26.8 mm also facilitates an overall compact camera lens system. Six lenses are made of highly specialised glass types with abnormal partial dispersion and one bilateral aspheric lens.
Our comprehensive selection of reels includes spring retractable, hand crank and motorized hose, cord and cable reels and our patended EZ-Coil® Safety Series spring retractable reels with controlled rewind. This fabulous stool is perfect for those with a vintage inspired decor, or to create an industrial look.
ZEISS lenses are widely used in machine vision, automation, quality inspection, optical metrology as well as in research and development e.g.

The new ZEISS lenses are equipped with a flexible and stable M42 thread and create an image circle of 43 mm.
Finally, these compact ZEISS lenses can be used by demanding customers for many additional applications. The focusing works extremly precise and thanks to its floating elements design keeps the high performance both at infinity and close focus. A long focus rotation and buttery-smooth action is perfect for users who want to take control of their picture making. We are the worldwide leader in the reel industry and have been serving customers in residential, commercial and industrial settings since 1923. New design elements such as ductwork, walkways, and railings were articulated in steel to contrast against the orignal timbers.
It is therefore ideal for imaging on area sensors between 1.3” and 24x36 mm, or line sensors between 28 mm and 43 mm. Our engineering capabilities and manufacturing processes allow us to design and build top quality products for any conceivable application where reels are needed.
Thanks to the large image format, our objective lenses are ideal for the constantly increasing use of high-resolution image sensors with bigger sensor formats. Due to the precise manual adjustment of the helical focusing mount you will gain much better results than with comparable lenses.

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