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WDL has developed a full range of Structural Steel buildings like steel Sheds, Garages, Garden sheds,  farm sheds, log cabins, garden storage to suit every household, industrial or agricultural situation and project style. WDL has manufactured steel sheds as large as 3000 square meters Commercial Showrooms, and as small as 8 square meters utility garden shed.
Whether you are looking for a small storage shed for the garden, or a multipurpose workshop steel garage or EXTRA large storage shed WDL will do all sheeting, cladding, flashing and steel frame for You.
Colour of the shed that’s Your choice as You see very popular is green box or corrugated profile. WDL build steel sheds up to 33m clear span and 12m wall height, using structural framed steel. Steel Farm sheds are available in a huge  range of sizes to meet your unique needs. Farm sheds are one of main type os steel structures in our Business and we have been working with Irish Farmers for over 30 years to ensure our sheds are cost effective and meet farmers needs in Co. If you are looking for a sheds in Ulster or Connaught find that WDL is the leading shed manufacture in North Ireland but we are also exporting our sheds to UK and Scotland.
Call Us and we will demonstrate how WDL shed is able to offer outstanding  performance, versality and aesthetic appeal, and why it is ideal choice for a variety of projects ranging from domestic and industrial to agricultural sheds. You can begin NOW by answering this simple question: What are you going to use the shed for?
WDL manufacture all types of buildings we are able to manufacture and deliver to you ready to erect building in few days.
WDL manufacturer of steelsheds We supply a large range of roofing and cladding products, which may also be known by the following terms of description:roofing sheets, steel roof sheets, steel cladding sheets, steel corrugated sheets, metal roof sheets, metal cladding sheets, box profile sheets, profiled sheets, metal corrugated sheets, galvanised sheets, grp roof sheets, translucent roof sheets, plastisol coated sheets, plastic coated sheets, polyester coated sheets, tin sheets, vented sheets, curved corrugated sheets, insulated roof sheets, composite panels, insulated composite panels, insulated cladding sheets, zed purlins, roof flashings, roof trims, grp rooflights, translucent rooflights, fixings, fillers.
We have at present over 50 different designs in our standard range, and more than 300 designs and size variations in our extended range (longer waiting period). We can also design and manufacture a bespoke log cabin to match your exact needs and specifications.
So whether you want a home office, home gymnasium, studio, garden workshop, games room, summerhouse, hobby room, timber garage, TV play room for the kids, man cave, all weather barbecue hut, or just some extra storage space,  we have a log cabin or a garden shed to suit your exact requirements. Depending on their floor area and intended usage, the log cabins come in 6 wall thicknesses, ranging from 16 to 70 mm.
We will respond as soon as we can, to talk to someone immediately call Mark on 086 8202767. Our Log Cabins & Garden Sheds are made from high-quality Northern Spruce and manufactured according to strict ISO 9001 quality standards backed by 5-year written guarantee.
Here at C&S Sheds we are delighted to be able to provide all our customers with a wide range of products to choose from.
C&S Sheds are made to order at our state of the art facility centrally located in Tullamore, we offer a 2 week lead time which is confirmed when your order is placed and we are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. Each and every shed ordered is made to spec, specially designed and built for you and your particular requirement. As a general rule of thumb we find this range is best suited to domestic customers who require a garden shed for storage of garden and household goods. Should you wish to view images of these garden sheds, please visit our garden shed gallery for a full range of options.
C&S Sheds, Garden Sheds range is highly commended for its high quality superior finish and comes with free delivery to any location in Ireland. We find our domestic shed range adds a special something to an outdoor space and can help to enhance your garden or work area by providing well laid out space, a covered area in which to store garden and domestic good & is perfect for those with a love of gardening who want to be well prepared for all seasons.
Should you wish to view pictures of just a small range of our garages, please pop over to our garages gallery where you will be able to view a sample of our work and see for yourself just how worthwhile an onsite garage is.
C&S Sheds are happy to offer our customers a number of options for outdoor insulated buildings.
For further information on our 25mm Insulated Buildings please feel free to get in touch with a member of staff here at any time. You can also view our online gallery here, which will give you an insight into how effective these insulated buildings are: 40mm insulated building gallery.
Appearance is everything, and when it comes to our home and work areas we all know that staring at the same boring facade day-in-day-out can be more of a hindrance than help.
Our wood grain cladding gives the appearance of a natural finish without the costs involved and will help your outdoor building blend in with its surrounds whether that is in your back garden or working environment. A wood grain clad shed is the perfect option for those who want their outdoor building to sit well within its environment. To take a look for yourself, please visit our wood grain cladding gallery where you will see just how much of a difference this affordable option provides.

For those of you who are looking for an outdoor building on a larger scale, C&S Sheds and SkyBuild will be happy to advise on all the options we have available to you. With new Corus steel technology providing improved corrosion and UV protection, our steel roofs and cladding profiles are durable, very strong and available in a range of metal grades, colours and shapes like box profile and corrugated profile. Whether for farming, commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic use, the variety of steel sheets in our roofing and cladding range have been designed to meet your specific applications. Whether you are building in the inland Ireland or in coastal Donegal, we can provide advice and the most appropriate roofing or cladding products to meet your needs. For complete peace of mind always specify Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® with the market-leading Confidex® Guarantee.
The durability of Colorcoat Prisma® is derived from Galvalloy metallic coating, its high performance primer and its topcoat which contains polyamide beads.
These layers also provide excellent scratch and abrasion resistance for easier handling and processing. WDL stock of Corus Colorcoat Prisma®  and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® steels modern range of designer colours and finishes offer a solution for a functional and good-looking roof in any application like farming or housing.
We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality.
Transparent Corrugated Polycarbonate Rooflights can be used to form complete roof coverings or can be incorporated into profiled steel roofing and metal cladding systems.
Corrugated profiled sheet in 1.3mm thick is available from stock to match our Corrugated range of steel sheeting. WDL sheeting supply high quality, cost effective solutions, coupled with ease of installation, and lead themselves to almost any steel roof application.
We can offer a wide range of composite roof and wall panels with specifications that are unrivalled in both performance and quality. We can provide a wide range of single skin products in different profiles and colours of the steel. Steel Gutters are available in lengths of up to 8 meters and are available for valley or boundary wall applications. Roof Guttering can be designed to meet the requirements of the building, please contact WDL’s technical advisors for further information.Ask about cost of guttering check our competetive gutters prices!
Established in 1983, we are the largest and longest established manufacturer of Sectional (Panel form) steel buildings in Ireland. Our buildings are designed using the latest 3D computer modeling to withstand the forces of wind and snow to European construction standards, and are built using high strength structural steels. If you want a well built steel shed that is manufactured with strength, safety and quality in mind look no further. The strength, quality of workmanship and finish of our products are unmatched by another shed company and if you don’t believe us please visit our sales and display area so we can talk to you and show you! With a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes, we can custom build your unit to suit your budget and needs. We are proud to say we are the ONLY Sectional shed company that build to these high standards. Our log cabins are manufactured  from  high quality Nordic Spruce, harvested from responsibly managed, sustainable, FSC-certified Eastern-European forests. We use double tongue and groove logs in the walls of most of the cabins as it offers superior finish, construction stability and ease of assembly. They come in a wide choice of  wall thicknesses, from 16 mm to 70 mm depending on the size and use. You can even have double walls with full insulation, giving a building that would need very little heating even in winter. Woodpecker Log Cabins can be delivered in kit form (for DIY enthusiasts) or we can fully assemble them for you.
This includes levelling the ground, building a suitable concrete base, putting in optional plumbing and electrics, assembling the cabin, insulating it, adding the roof felt and painting it with wood preservative and finishing it to your specifications. The log cabins  can be erected in a couple of days (as opposed to weeks or months that an extension can take). There is no mess, no mortgage problems… and for smaller log cabins no planning permission is required. Log cabins are energy efficient – up to 70% more efficient than conventional block or brick buildings, so you can save money on your heating bills.
They are also environmentally friendly and much healthier than concrete blocks (anti-allergenic).
So get an extra space for your in-laws or your guests, create a spacious garden office, build a summer house, therapy room, a workshop, a garage,…or a place for your teenagers to hang out.

With such a large range in stock and our ability to customise many fitting options, we can guarantee to supply a log cabin designed to match almost any needs.
If you have a specific floor area or usage in mind, use one of the menus on the right (Log Cabins by Floor Area or Log Cabins by Usage). All sheds are finished to the highest of specifications are available with free delivery throughout Ireland. If you require a more bespoke design, tailored to your existing space then please feel free to get in touch and we’ll get working on your design as a matter of priority. We find that clients like to use the area not just for car storage but as a working area for any DIY projects they are working on. We currently offer these in two thicknesses (25mm & 40mm) and will be happy to advise on which option will suit your personal needs. We find that 25mm insulation is perfect for the Irish weather, which can be unpredictable at the best of times.
You can also view some pictures of recently completed projects in our 25mm Insulated Building Gallery. 40mm Insulation is essential if you wish to heat the building and have it remain at a constant temperature throughout the day. With wood grain cladding you can change the appearance of any building without breaking the bank.
Choosing wood grain cladding will make a huge difference to how your building sits in a back garden or wooded, green area. SkyBuild can handle extra large builds that come equipped with all the functionality you require.
A full range of coatings and colours are available for steel sheeting and steel roof profiles, but there are a number which are identified as particularly suitable for steel roof. We are the longest established shed manufactures of PVC coated steel sheds and garages in Ireland.
Make no mistake, we are different to the other shed companies you might see, we are professional steel building manufacturers with a proven, reliable track record.
The log cabins are precision engineered according to strict ISO 9001 quality standards and backed by a 5-year written guarantee. If you have a specific requirement  and you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us! They can be painted over or just stained and varnished… or we can add some special cladding to match the look and feel of your existing house. Each garage ordered is custom built at our facility in Tullamore and is finished to the highest specifications. Remember, a secure place to park your car at night means you don’t have to worry about damage or theft and will keep it in from the ever changing Irish weather. Give us a call or get in touch using the contact page to discuss which thickness is most suited for your requirements.
This insulation thickness will help to keep the cold out during the winter and spring months and will keep the temperature steady throughout the summer months. We recommend this application if you are thinking of using the building for a home office, hobby room, work space, small business, gym or shop storage.
Wood grain cladding not only adds to the aesthetics of a building but can add something to the surrounding areas, making a worthwhile investment any time of the year. Whether you are looking for a commercial or agricultural site or simply require space for a business or large-scale storage, we have options available that can accommodate all of your needs.
With over 33 years experience in our field of business, our level of expertise and know-how is second to none.
With 40mm insulation you can be assured that your building will remain at a temperature that is comfortable to use throughout the year.
For further information on large outdoor commercial builds, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team here. We will be happy to assist you and discuss your requirements in detail, whilst providing top quality service at every turn.

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