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Reinforcing every truss in your 8-foot wide shed increases the snow load capacity from 23 pounds per square foot to 30 pounds per square foot. Note: This snow load kit is not compatible with any other manufacturers of storage sheds, or with 7-foot or 11-foot wide Lifetime storage structures. If you experience excessive snowfall in your area, you can increase the snow load capacity of each roof truss of your 11 ft.
The end trusses would already be supported by the end walls, so I am thinking only middle trusses need extra support?
We recommend having a kit for each truss on your shed if you are planning to add snow load kits to your shed to help strengthen the entire roof. Built with safety, strength, and durability in mind, Lifetime Outdoor Storage Sheds have steel-reinforced, heavy-duty construction that can withstand wear and tear from normal weather and use. I own a lakefront second home in Maine and although the 8x5' shed I bought is extremely well built without this extra Snow Load Kit, I feel more secure knowing the roof will be able to withstand a tough Maine winter! An excellent product and highly recommended if you live in areas that receive a lot of snow during the winter.

Fast Shipping: When ordered by itself, the 60045 shed roof reinforcement kit ships via FedEx for a doorstep delivery. Lifetime shed from 16 PSF without a snow load kit to 30 PSF with snow load kit reinforcements. However, for high elevation areas with severe snow, the Lifetime Snow Load Kit is a perfect addition to your storage shed.
Shed) - Kit includes: (1) roof truss bracket, (4) gusset reinforcement brackets, and installation hardware.
You will need to order the 1034594 snow load kit for your Lifetime storage building (Lifetime sheds that are 11-feet wide). If you live in an area that receives an excessive amount of snowfall in the winter, you'll appreciate the option of installing a Snow Load Kit in your 8 ft Lifetime storage shed. I straightened the bent middle trusses and reattached the roof panels (although many screws popped during the collapse and cannot be re-screwed).
THIS SNOWLOAD KIT REINFORCES ONE TRUSS with large truss gussets which attach to the front and back of the main truss, as well as a short brace to go above the main truss. Reinforcing all the trusses in your Lifetime 8-foot wide storage shed strengthens the snow load capacity from 23 pounds per square foot to 30 lbs.

I have since bought a second exactly same Lifetime shed and want it to avoid snow load problems.
The kit is sold per truss (multiple kits may need to be purchased for one shed) and can be used in addition to the Extreme Weather Kit for the larger 8 ft. Thus, the 6411 Lifetime shed will need to snow load kits, and the 6405 Lifetime storage shed will need three kits. However, sometimes the packaging may be slightly damaged, but you may not be sure whether something inside is damaged. If you are interested in picking it up locally contact our customer service for a super cheap pickup quote at 866-308-5484.

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