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Once considered a simple look, log and country homes are so much more than a basic box-shaped home touched by nature. Beyond the construction materials, log and country style homes offer landscaping opportunities that may not be supported by other home styles.
With rustic homes gaining popularity, it may be a good idea to examine exterior options before you settle on a home plan. Electrical and plumbing hookups are not available because of the difficulty of including them in the kits. Lakefront Log Cabins also offers several new designs including an extended corner porch model and small, home-sized cabin kits. But… in the 3rd-to-last photo, that kitchen clearly DOES have electrical and plumbing hookups. You will need to get in contact with the company themselves to get exact pricing for what you want.
The electrical and plumbing hookups are not included in the kits, but can be put in after the customer is finished putting the kit together. Hi, the company in this article has since switched over to using structural insulated panels (SIPS) and changed their designs somewhat. Would like to see a brochure on these cabins, I am interested in 1 bedroom, kitchen, bath, and living room plus loft. A perfect “working triangle” represented by this kitchen with a great view and a spacious island. If you are in the design process of your new home there is a good chance you will spend more time on the kitchen layout than that of the rest of the house.
There are lots of formal dining rooms that I know of that are currently not being occupied. Avoid encouraging high traffic through the kitchen with your design, but many like to take their meals outside to enjoy, and need an escape route. Creativity is key, and designing your home around your taste is important when creating a kitchen area you’ll love.

The number of bedrooms and baths, the kitchen layout, and the amount of storage are certainly the first things on the mind. They are exceptionally strong; the frame of a log or timber frame home can often bear the entire weight of the structure. When it comes to landscaping country and log homes, it is best to create a look that flows with the natural aesthetics of the architecture.
Log and country home plans offer a fun opportunity to build a dream home that dares to step out of the box. I would dare to guess that more people eat in front of the television than in a formal dining room.
The “work triangle” is defined by the National Kitchen and Bath Association as an imaginary straight line drawn from the center of the sink, to the center of the cook top, to the center of the refrigerator and finally back to the sink. With a little bit of creativity combined with practicality, you can make the kitchen a place to enjoy for years to come.
After that comes décor strategizing, which is unsurprising considering how much time one spends inside the home.
You need plant life that appeals to the natural look without upstaging the visual appeal of the home itself.
Each standard cabin kit is created from fresh milled logs and then precut by Amish craftsmen in Kentucky.
For this reason people are seeking opening designs that allow people in the kitchen to be able to talk and visit with people in the living room. The solid construction of a log home means you’ll never have to hunt for a framing stud to hold the weight. Each leg of the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet with the total of all three legs between 12 and 26 feet.
This helped to keep the kitchen area less cluttered and gave them more usable counter space by having a place to keep small appliances. The harvesting of logs leaves a smaller footprint than processing procedures of other resources.

While a perfectly orderly garden does not match the impression of your home exterior, an informal garden does not have to be out of control. But no one will be indifferent to the unique exterior of a house that looks like a ship on land. Therefore it may be surprising to hear that rustic country and log home styles are finding a new place in home building. Not only do log home resources take less energy to produce, they save energy expenditure by the homeowner. The sheer mass of the logs used in construction makes the home strong enough to withstand most severe weather. Hardscaping such as trellises, stone pathways, fences and retaining walls manage the plant life and add an extra layer of visual interest. Lakefront will arrange for delivery of the kit, but off-loading, zoning, permits and construction are up to the customer.
The most important thing to think about in the design of the kitchen is how you will actually use the space.
There are a few interesting features in this house, such as its memorable appearance, an efficient layout to ensure a spacious internal area, and the large area of the glazed entrance facade, which allows the surrounding landscape to somehow gain access to the house. The nearly impervious structure of these homes is growing more attractive to financial and insurance institutions making it easier than ever for homeowners to get the proper financing and insurance for their desired dream home. This ability to manage heat provides log homes with a better R-value than traditional insulation.
This can be done by adding an island or extending a peninsula to give a defined space for the kitchen and living room, but keeping it all open.

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