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Is there anybody out there who has purchased a hands free, voice activated car kit for the Breakout? So, has anyone bought a hands free, voice activated device that fits on the car visor that really works. Why not just simply get a universal car mount for the breakout and use the breakouts external speakers.
What you say makes very good sense but I still prefer to have a separate hands free, voice activated device. I just purchased this phone, and when texting in Swype mode, I cannot type the letter \"d\" without closing the text box and being unable to text any more words. Also, make sure to carry around an extra charger, and close apps you're not using, because the battery life is unusually poor, even for a smartphone.
In the first couple months of owning this phone, I used the music app quite a lot between doing work around the house, to walking or exercising. A couple of months ago, I noticed that the screen would also freeze, and only the buttons would function. Not only did it do the same things my first phone did (freezing, skipping songs) but it is even SLOWER than the first one. Overall, unless this is a phone you're planning to get is maybe only temporary or for someone who is not planning to use it all the time, DO. To help measure the devicea€™s performance, we first ran the Quadrant Benchmark app, which gave a score of 1191. It may not have some of the super high end features of the Bionic or Thunderbolt, but it is still a very solid phone. I bought this phone in September, and in December, I started to notice that the music on my phone would skip over songs, or stop them half way through and then switch to a different song, which was extremely annoying.
It takes forever for apps to open, even the apps that came with the phone, entire photo albums will randomly delete themselves! This is slightly ahead of the Samsung Droid Chargea€™s score of 939, but is still much lower than the Motorola DROID BIONIC (2465), LG Revolution (2122), and HTC ThunderBolt (1703). It's compatible with my computer, so I can transfer files from my Mac to my phone (pictures, videos, music), and it also is extremely customizable, which was something I was looking for.
I didn't mind the picture quality, because there wasn't any reason for me needing to take perfect quality pictures, but for anyone planning to purchase this phone, please be aware that the video and photo quality is terrible. I ended up replacing that phone, but getting the same phone again, thinking it was just a glitch with that one phone in particular. Signal reception was also adequate, as we would average 2-3 bars in our area and didna€™t drop any calls.
We also didna€™t experience any 4G data drops, which can happen often with the Samsung Droid Charge. In our testing, we were able to get up to 5 hours of continuous talk time on a full charge, or about 8-10 hours of mixed usage.
We like that ita€™s thin and lightweight, and feels comfortable in the hand, through the 4 function buttons on the front are a bit awkward to use. The 4a€? display is a bit smaller than its competition, but this also allows for the phone to be smaller too, which some people prefer. We were pleased by the interface that Pantech uses and that it comes with a nice selection of widgets, as well as the good call quality and signal reception. Though we were a bit disappointed by the lacking camera quality, limited room for storing apps, and less than average battery times.

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