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You will be able to insert text, images, audio, video to any page of your website, and drag n drop support makes it more easy to add stuff. Drag n drop support is available to insert images, audio, video at the required area of a page.
Spell checker is also available to correct spelling mistakes for all pages or for whole site.
Step 2: In this step, you need to select whether you want to use a template or you will move on with a blank page.
Now you only have to customize your website by inserting text, images, audio, video, text color, text background etc. You can either drag n drop images, audio, video to web page or can simply use Insert option. You can also add text links or image links that will direct you to a new page or the same page for information stored in that link. Enhance your webpage and add new pages with or without templates according to your requirement.
Modifying a Yahoo email address is simpler; please refer how to change a Yahoo email address without letting go of your present account. The registration form is divided into three sections - "Personal information", "Select an ID and password" and In case you forget your ID or password (security Information ).
Type in your first and last names, select your gender from the drop down, tell Yahoo your birthday and country.
A Yahoo ID can be 4 to 32 characters long, has to begin with an alphabet and can include numbers, the underscore and one dot. Important note: Make sure the password is not something people can guess outright and don't make it so complex that it slips your mind. This section is VERY important so please don't take it lightly!The password is the key to your account. The alternate email address and the two security questions help you regain access to your Yahoo account in case you forget the password or the ID.
The free Yahoo email stationery is presented in a panel to the right displayed only when you create a new message or send a reply.
Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way you can create your own stationery in Yahoo. But with a little ingenuity you can create a sort of stationery template that would be quite unique.
The only thing that will disappoint you is that publishing website online is not free. You have to buy a web hosting plan for publishing website. After completing the editing part, save created website, and preview it on web browser using File menu.

The process is quite easy - you simply need to fill an online form which we shall go over in detail below. Except for one, all fields of this form are required and need to be filled with correct information.
The Yahoo ID also becomes the first part of the email address that you get free from the company.
You may think of using either of the latter two characters in the ID, especially as a separator between your first and last names. Take the help of the "Password Strength" bar but don't spend too much time trying to come up with the strongest password!
If this is the first email address you are creating, leave the Alternate Email field blank (it's the only non-required field in the registration form) and concentrate on the two security questions.
Detailed instructions for beginners on how to get a Yahoo profile and use the services offered by the company including free email and photo album (Flickr). There are over 100 free Yahoo mail stationery templates that you can use to send your messages. Mail remembers the stationery you had last applied so you'll see the same one even if you log in after a few days - no need to waste time hunting for your favorite stationery!
However, there are more than 100 available including ones for Christmas, Valentine's Day, baby showers etc.
With solid colors along with styles for the text (an appropriate font and colors) you can come up with a nice looking layout.
Unlike some similar website builders, it offers more than 400 customizable templates which you can select to design a beautiful website. There are basic, advanced, and premium plans available based on disk space, data transfer speed, number of site pages, etc. But unfortunately, publishing website online is not free with this website building software. You'll now get to see the online registration form similar to one in the image to the left.
The password can be 6 to 32 characters long and can contain alphabets, numbers and symbols. I know this because everyday I get emails from tens of desperate users who have problems in accessing their Yahoo! Again, just like the password, ensure the answers to these security questions are not what people can guess easily. If you find it difficult to make sense of the wavy text, try a new code by clicking on the link. These have been segregated into categories so that you can quickly locate the one you want.

Also you can change the email stationery any time; at the start of new email message or when you have fully composed it. Take a look at the snapshot below in which I use a nice pink background and colored the heading and text in a different shade.
There are plenty of categories available, like accountant, games, baby, agriculture, bands & music, beauty, birthday, electronics, entertainment, law, exterior design, industrial, computers, software, Internet, and much more.
With the help of a simple site creation wizard, you will be able to select template, and pages for your website. Give any suitable name of your website and select a folder location on PC where all files of your website will be stored. We have reviewed some other tools that you can check out to create attractive web pages and publish them online. In fact, the two versions of Yahoo Mail have different email stationery and there is also a difference in how they are applied. Now you can either pick one immediately or check out others by clicking on "Featured" with the small downward arrow beside it. The small rose image is an emoticon and the heart is an ASCII symbol which is displayed with the ALT-3[Num Pad] keystroke combination. For each category, multiple templates are available which you can download and use absolutely free. Because you may be required to provide this information to regain access of the account in case you forget the login details. We shall first look at the new version (All-new Mail) and then explore Yahoo Mail Classic interface.
At the time of writing, in addition to Featured, there are 9 other categories - Abstract, Animals, Flowers, Fun, Holidays and Events, Nature, Patterns, Sports and Solid colors. However, please remember that different Yahoo mail stationery have different font style, colors and indentation. Rich text email composition displays a toolbar with many icons - the last one is for stationery. The Solid colors category lets you choose a single background color for your email message. To create a new ID, enter it in the field and click on the conveniently provided "Check" button to see if it's available. Click on a stationery thumbnail to have it applied to your email message and then close the pop-up window by hitting "Done".

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