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Please Note: While this is a music website, this guide can be used by anyone wanting to make a profitable website fast. Today we’re going to be looking at how you can set up your very own successful music website. With your website, people will always know where you are regardless of what else is popular at the time. The good thing about WordPress is that it’s easy to set up (When you follow the below instructions). While WordPress is free, you need to get hosting to be able to upload files onto your website. The best place to get both hosting and a domain name is from JustHost (This is the hosting company I use at Independent Music Advice as I feel it’s the best.
At this stage, I’d advice you to look around the WordPress dashboard and get familiar with it. Now that you’ve got your website up and running, you need to get a design to make your site stand out and look fully professional.
The final option (And probably best if you want a good design on a budget) is to buy a professional pre-designed theme. Now you’ve got a great looking website, the next stage is to make your website do more! This plugin allows your to add a dynamic photo or video gallery to your website, great for visually keeping your fans up to date with what you’re doing.
The easiest method I’ve found to sell digital downloads directly from your website is a service called E-Junkie. Once you’ve got the button, your simply put it into the page you want to sell your music from.
Anything on top of those four pages is optional, so it’s down to your personal preference. Join thousands of musicians who receive exclusive career changing advice direct to their inbox! Learn the tips and techniques on how to design your own quality website from start to finish with no steps skipped.
Maybe for your business, Church, Ministry or even your music group, then this course is designed with you in mind. Even if you are a complete beginner, we will walk you through step by step on how to design your own website using the WordPress platform. If you have every wanted to design or make your own website, then this course if just for you, so let’s start learning about web development today! This class will be taught by Andre Henderson who has many years experience of developing, designing and building websites.
This course is guaranteed to give you everything you need to design your own website and keep up with technology. So enroll today and let’s take the online presence of your Business, Church, Ministry or Music Group to another level. Every music studio needs a website these days, and My Music Staff makes it easy to get one. Sites built using My Music Staff are automatically mobile friendly, so they look great on a PC, tablet or phone! Ready To Join?Create your 30-day free trial account today and get started with My Music Staff instantly! If you decided to build a website and are in need of professional advice and useful tools you can rely on us. Making use of web templates, choosing domain name and optimizing pages for search engines - all these aspects are inside our competence and we are ready to give you a helping hand. So feel free to make use of our service right away and you will see how pleasant and easy a website building can be!
This website is a very nice option to listen to music online and specially Bollywood music. The website provides you with a great experience of listening to both English and Hindi music.
The website contains some regular features like adding songs to your favourites list, creating your playlist, browsing through new songs, albums etc.
The second very impressive feature of this app is that there is an option to listen to radio. The third most important feature of this website to listen to music online is option to sing along. All these features, along with the great interface and quick results give this app a great advantage and lots of fan following.

While other websites like Facebook and Twitter are useful to have and gain interest from, they aren’t a place where you can communicate with your fans on all levels. They will also be able to get all your information and media in one centralised location, which is more convenient for them.
Think of this as getting space on the internet to upload all your music, pictures and information to. The more professional your site looks, the more likely people are going to buy your music from it. As you can see, the default theme isn’t very attractive and will have to go straight away. StudioPress themes are the themes of choice from my experience, I use them on Independent Music Advice and most of my other websites. Now you just have to provide content people want to share… Check the bottom of this post for an example of that (We only choose a few services to allow people to bookmark with but there are a lot of other options).
While we don’t currently use this on Independent Music Advice, we have other websites that do use this great plugin. They’re basically a shopping cart system for your website but allow you to sell any type of digital downloads.
You’ve now got a hosted website with unlimited space for all your media, a great looking design, enough plugins to make your site fully interactive, and a way to sell your music directly off your site.
Different people add different things to their home page, but you can check the home page in Independent Music Advice for a clue as to what you could include. Make sure you have some useful and interesting information in there, and really sell yourself for your readers. No, Justhost and WordPress don’t have any restrictions, you can add as many pages as you want. Now also includes insider information, competition announcements, and music marketing discounts.
I am sure you have heard about it on the news, seen it on tv, browsed through it on the web or talked about it with a friend or co-worker.
The good thing about this course is it has 30 day money back guarantee, so if you feel we didn’t meet your expectation you can get a full refund. Choose a template, paste in your text and drag ‘n drop your pages however you want – My Music Staff will do the rest! You can also upload files – lesson materials, pictures, songs, movies and even use your own custom domain name. Posts that are created and sent to your studio blog can also be sent to the Student Portal and Teacher Portal (in multi-teacher studios) to be sure no one misses any important announcements or news. If you already have your own website hosted somewhere else, you can keep using it and still take advantage of all the other features and benefits that My Music Staff has to offer.
It lets you listen to your favorite songs and also create your own playlist. The website contains all kinds of music and users just have to go through a simple registration process to get access to all of it. The radio option allows you to listen to live music going on the radio apart from the music available on the website. This option basically allows you to select a song of your choice and record your own voice along with it.
The only problem users might face is that some songs might not be available on the website, and, hence inaccessible.
Instead, they should be used as tools to get your fans back to your website and sign up to your mailing list (We’ll talk about why this should be your main aim later on).
You also don’t have to worry about a site going out of fashion and leaving you to start all over again on a new platform (Was you one of the people to get stranded when MySpace stopped becoming an effective tool for musicians)? For those that don’t know, WordPress is free blogging software that also doubles as a very powerful website builder. It’s also has a lot of features, so anything you want to do on your site will probably be achievable (Stream music, have a picture album, run a mailing list etc).
The reason we use JustHost over other hosting companies is because they give you unlimited website space (A must for anyone who’ll be uploading a lot of music). On the next screen fill out your information and choose how long you want your hosting for. If you can’t design your own WordPress themes, one option would be to hire a professional designer.
They offer lots of professional pre-made WordPress themes which you can quickly (Within seconds) install onto your own website.
Below are a list of useful plugins that I’d recommend using to boost the performance of your musician website. And if your site ends up even a little bit popular, you’re guaranteed to get loads of spam messages.

What you do is upload your single or album, state the details (Price, how many times the buyer can download it before the link expires etc) then E-Junkie creates you a button. These are the people who are supporting your music career, so at least let them have access to you in some form.
The way people do business and ministry is changing and if you don’t have an online presence you maybe left behind, but we have created this course to help make sure that you stay up to date with technology and ahead of the game. My Music Staff is the easiest way to create a great looking website for your studio without having to be a tech whiz!
You can also use the student portal by adding the My Music Staff login widget to your existing site. An added feature of Radio and a great interface gives this website a distinctive lead over any other music website. The songs are also classified according to their movies, stars, albums, genre, popular ones etc. The music player gives the option to pause song, go to next or previous song, repeat, and shuffle.
It saves you a lot of time as you can directly type the name of the song, artist or album you wish to listen. A new space opens up where you can sing along the original song going on in the background. If you want an idea of what WordPress can do, note that the Independent Music Advice website, and many other big websites you probably already visit, are built and run using WordPress. A lot of hosting companies only allow you to upload a certain amount of music a month, which of course isn’t suitable for building a popular website. Once you’ve logged in using the details you gave when setting up WordPress, have a look around at some of the features. All these plugins are free, and are plugins that either Independent Music Advice use personally or is used by one of our sister sites. This plugin comes with WordPress so you don’t have to search for it, you just have to activate and configure it. Now that you’ve made your website and are ready to start taking payments, you need to get people to actually visit your site. The website provides you with the option of logging in with your Facebook, Twitter account as well. The website displays all the options relating to your search and you can choose from there. Other than the live radio, the website has its own gaana radios where special albums have been provided for users. The website also gives you a score based on how you sing for the purpose of engaging and entertaining  more people. While professional designers can do very good jobs, they’re often very expensive so not ideal for people with small budgets. You will have to further customize them to work how you want, but this isn’t hard and the instructions come with the plugins.
However, selling music directly from your own website both looks more professional and allows you to keep more of the profit, so this is the ideal situation. This process is fully automated, so even if you’re half way around the world and someone orders your music they get sent it straight away. Without content your site won’t be worth much, so start filling it up with useful information and media for your fans. While you can make sales from your existing fans, you really want to get your site ranked in Google so when people search for certain terms your website comes up.
Please share this post on your favourite websites and let other people know how to make their own profitable musician website. Once you log in, all the actions that you can perform are displayed on the left side of the screen. This search tab is really impressive and information of the song  you choose is also displayed. These settings can all be changed later, but for now use details that you feel will be appropriate for your website.
We’ll go into how to do this in a future post, but for now just promote your site as much as possible.

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