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Atelier Charivari, is a blog but also a shop in Rouen, France that specializes in making old furniture new again. I'm a wife and mom who is enthusiastic about home projects, home organization, food, family, and entertaining. It’s the last big week before the holidays, so I bet lots of you are running around trying to get everything prepared in time.
I was in search of something to use for a bedside table, in a cream color, because our master bedroom is dominated by browns.
What you have to look for, above everything else, is first do you like it (of course) but next, it needs to have good bones — it must be sturdy and made well. I wish they had another or that I could find something just like it and soon — because I want to get my work room finished so badly it really hurts at this point.

You know that feeling?Metal lockers, metal tables with exposed rivets, wood tables with metal tops, metal bookcases with wood shelves, these are all quite the rage currently, have you noticed? My husband has a wood locker with a metal base and hardware, all in black, where he stores his photo equipment in his office and I love it.
If you like what you see in these photos, choosing a color from this palette would help you to re-create the look on your own piece of furniture in one day or less!I love Atelier Charivari and hope you do too!
These types of posts always give me an urge to dig through Craigslist for a treasure to fix up. I am a huge fan of the slightly industrial metal pieces that you showed in the last two photos and have been for a long time. I look at those lockers and am immediately transported back to the locker room at my grade school (whether that’s good or bad!).

I used to do a lot of it in highschool (when I had my parents’ big garage and driveway at my disposal), but working out of my teeny London flat makes certain kinds of DIY a bit unlikely! Last time I went home, my old bedroom was painted Theresa’s Green, and very lovely it was! I also love the fact that their paint is and has been zero VOC, although not their oil based paints. I have just purchased three and have read that you should first sandblast them and then paint or spraypaint.

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