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LIVE SUPPORTWith the help of a couple of friends or family you can have your Shed up and ready in just a couple of days.
I have raised Mountains for some time now and are my favorite out of 8 different breeds I raise. Make sure you have roof overhangs so you can put ventilation openings under there without rain blowing in too bad.  Make sure your roof slopes so water runs off, and make sure it slopes so that the rainwater does not run into the run or over a door. I agree with the others.  Just take a look at some coop designs and modify to suit your preferences. Our first coop was built for 25 birds.  It was 8 x 12 and we designed it ourselves based on what we saw on BYC. It was very simple to build (we had NO skills building; this was the very first thing we've ever built).
When I moved out of State, I sold that coop (to a BYC'er) and built a bigger one that is 10 x 12. NPIP Certified -115 Chickens, 19 Geese, 19 BR Turkeys, 7 Rabbits, 120 Muscovy Ducks , 9 Guineas, 9 Peafowl, 8 sheep, 1 Goat and currently have 100 broilers to be processed March 2014. There are several shed plans in this book around 80-100sqf that could easily be turned into a coop. Find something or an idea you like and if its for 5 birds make the unit 5 times large with some changes to fit it more to your needs.
What I did for my little coop was find a design in the coop section on here and modified  it to fit what I wanted.
I turned into liquor - Popcorn SuttonWe live out in the middle of nowhere with our family- the next town is 10 miles away.

An enclosed run that is 4'X8' is good for 5 chickens then you need a run that's 20'X40' or 30'X30' minimum. I could very easy with the BYC information available and a post to building it and asking for suggestions is all one would really need. It would be terrible if you had to stop construction because you forgot to buy some specific tool or construction material. It is preferable to use pressure treated wood as they are more resistant to weather and pests. Build The Floor and Wall FramesCut out the wooden boards required for the floor frame and nail all the 4 sides with each other.
Secure the frame into the ground.Next cut out the support beams and position them at the four corners of the floor frame.
Check that each section of the floor frame is flush with the support beam before you nail them together.
Start adding remaining pieces of the floor and make sure each piece is flush with the adjacent piece on all sides before nailing it in.Cut out all the pieces required for the wall frames. Build the frame on the ground and making sure to check that the diagonals match up so the frame is properly square.
After a wall section is finished, hoist it into place and nail it to the support beam and floor frame. Make sure each wall is flush with the beam and the floor.Measure the opening for the door on the wall frame section and build the frame for the door before you hoist it into place.
When you are nailing the boards to the wall frame make sure to use a nail at every 8 inch interval from top to bottom to make sure the wall is secured properly.Building the roofYou can make use of either rafters or trusses for building the roof.

Use metal brackets to hold the joints of the trusses to make the roof stronger.Construct the trusses on the ground and later hoist them into place and nail them down. Keep your ladder inside the shed and lay down each truss leaning on the shed.Tie the rafter with a rope and throw the other end of the rope over the wall frame. This will allow you to finish your work quickly without external help.Measure the roof from side to side and keep at least a 6 inch overhang on each side.
Add each hinge about 5 inches from the top and bottom.It is more convenient to have the door swing outwards to allow for greater space within the shed. First loosely attach both screws, and then first tighten the screws on the top hinge making sure the doo remains parallel to the frame. Make sure you stain contains sealant or if you prefer pain then use exterior emulsion paint.Use a pain roller to finish the job quickly and use the brush for places which are hard to reach.
You can pain the shed before attaching the windows if you want to keep any paint from getting on the windows.You can further customize the interior of your shed as per your needs. You can build shelves on the inner walls for holding light and small item like tools or keep potted plants.

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