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Metal Building Outlet supplied a large prefabricated steel warehouse building to Agrihusac, a citrus and avocado processing company in Lima, Peru.
Our project manager worked closely with Agrihusac to determine appropriate codes as well as make the building as efficient as possible for the climate conditions in the area. Boasting ample interior space for planes and helicopters, a second-floor custom mezzanine for viewing and an abundance of top-of-the-line attributes and features, this Longmont, Colorado airplane hangar supplied by Metal Building Outlet offers comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness in one durable and low-maintenance package. To ensure planes are able to easily access the metal buildinga€™s interior, the hangar features(2) Hi-Fold metal airplane doors. In addition to the area reserved for planes and helicopters, the owner chose to include a custom mezzanine and stairs that leads to an office and comfortable viewing area for aviation fans to watch the planes take off and land.
Numerous insulation considerations were made at the time of construction to ensure maximum energy efficiency and consistent interior temperatures year-round.
Also included in this hangar project is a monolithic concrete pad with a thickened edge to enhance the strength of the foundation, as well as a 30a€? footer, which was upgraded from a typical 8a€? footer. The City of Longmont is located within both Boulder and Weld Counties in north-central Colorado, and sits about 20 miles from Loveland and 30 miles outside Thornton.
This uniquely designed 54' wide x 21' long x 13.5' high metal building is home to the first-ever metal building Pizza Hut location designed exclusively for "to go" orders. Among the metal building's key features is a highly energy-efficient R-30 double-layer insulation package in both the building's roof and walls. Because of the metal building's Louisiana location and the region's propensity for hurricane activity, the building was constructed with a high wind speed of 120 mph. This 60x120x35 metal building boasts (4) impressive 50 ton cranes with an overall capacity of 200,000 lbs., and was designed to be extraordinarily strong in order to support the loads which they carry.
The metal building was manufactured by Nucor Building Systems, and now serves as a manufacturing facility for Metal Trades, Inc., who, in turn, fabricates steel for Nucor. Yonges Island and most of coastal South Carolina experience a humid, subtropical climate prone to afternoon thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and hurricanes, and as such, the large, exceedingly durable blue building was built with a wind speed of 130 mph and constructed with R-13 insulation in the roof and walls.
Approximately one year after construction, the building had a kitchen fire and was completely damaged by the fire.
The new structure is a 60x110x16 Nucor building with a lean to on each side and a 50x40x10 building attached in the front. Both buildings were built with gambrel roofs with cupolas on top to give the buildings a barn like feeling. This attractive lake side pavilion operates as a Youth Center for Events for the First Baptist Church of Morristown, Tennessee, where it comfortably accommodates over 300 guests at a time. Hipped roofs or hipped back gables require a complex system of rafters, making it more difficult to construct versus a typical gable roof design.
Metal Building Outlet is currently working with Dish Network, a leading provider of satellite and interactive television services to consumers across the United States, to provide them with steel buildings and components for their new facilities they are building nationwide. Erected in Oak Ridge North, Texas, which lies about 30 miles outside Houston and 42 miles from Huntsville, these Nucor-brand buildings are 114'6"x104'6"x10 in size, with a 2:12 roof pitch.
Both metal building facilities feature multiple door and window openings, including three overhead doors, (2) 12'x12' and (1) 8'x10', (5) steel walk doors sized 3'x7', (1) 6'x7' glass storefront door and a total of 16 windows, (14) of which are 4'x3', while (2) are 3'x3'. Careful craftsmanship is also readily apparent in the building's roofs, both of which are standing seam, crimped with a hand tool and fully seamed with a seaming machine.
Both Dish Network buildings were built with ground snow loads of five (5) pounds and wind speeds of 110 mph, the latter of which was necessary due to the strong, gusty winds that are quite common across eastern Texas. Grant Self Storage is located in the scenic mountain community of Morrison, not far from Conifer or Evergreen, Colorado. Because these buildings are set on a hilltop, they have step downs on each of the buildings.
The front building of this complex has some units that are insulated for climate controlled. The customer ordered 2 additional buildings from Metal Building Outlet in 2012 to be built in Boerne, TX.
Compared to wood trusses or other building systems, exposed roof rigid frame steel church buildings from the Metal Building Outlet convey a sense of strength, have an open feeling, and integrate modern technology and advanced steel architectural elements. To sustain community support for the construction of proposed new steel church building designers need to produce credible, cost-effective construction plans that can be completed within a predictable time frame and within budget.

When budgets are tight, there can be a conflict between the functionality and the outward appearance of a building.
Metal building accessories such as commercial overhead doors and windows can add finishing touches to any prefabricated metal building.
Get instant online pricing or more information by visiting our Metal Building Accessories website or call 1-800-292-0111.
A professionally designed mini storage site plan will lay out the building unit structures on your specific property plot for the best use of space.
Call us today at 1-800-486-8415 to get started on your Mini Storage Building design and planning today. Located in Boulder Countya€™s Vance Brand Airport and erected by Double Helix Construction, this 60a€™x115a€™x25a€™ steel building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet, and is covered by a galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch.
The first is a 54a€™x20a€™ bi-fold door for airplanes that strays from the standard post-and-beam design in favor of using a clear span rafter to support it. Included in the mezzanine project were large 8a€™x4a€™ spectator windows, of which Metal Building Outlet provided all of the framing materials for, and a unique ceiling crafted from beetle-kill woods for a rustic aesthetic feel.
Included in the hangara€™s roof is an R-30 double-layer banding High R-Value insulation system, while the walls feature a custom, two-layer R-26 insulation system in compliance with local energy code requirements. Due to the hangara€™s proximity to areas heavily affected by the 2013 Northern Colorado floods, the owner chose to use his own personal helicopter to aid in nearby search and rescue efforts.
This not only helps employees stay comfortable while on the job, but it also notably reduces the business's overall energy expenditures. Assumption Parish is perhaps best known for its impressive production of sugarcane, and is located in Southern Louisiana, about 78 miles from New Orleans and 53.6 miles outside Baton Rouge. It was purchased through Metal Building Outlet in June, 2013, and erected on Yonges Island, South Carolina the following winter. The building also has an attached, 1,000 square foot office space, which features both hurricane-impact glass windows, heavy wind rated doors and an R-30 double-layer, high R-value banding system in the roof. This building was an exact mirror image of the original building, except we insulated the roof with a double layer Energy Saver System, rather than the original double layer banded system. This building also features Kingspan insulated wall panels with a stucco like finish and a double layer high energy saver system.
They were both heavily insulated and built to meet county snow and wind loads to accommodate extreme weather changes in Colorado. Erected in Bean Station, Tennessee's Harrell Park bordering Lake Cherokee, the steel structure was supplied by Metal Building Outlet. They have several different sized facilities and this one is the largest of the building designs.
Attention to detail is readily apparent throughout both buildings, which boast pre-fabricated interior walls by Starrco, insulated office wall paneling with a striking, granite stone finish, a thick blanket of 9" R-30 fiberglass steel building insulation in the roofs and money-saving, energy-efficient 8" R-25 insulation in the walls.
In addition to the step downs, certain building customizations were needed to be made to adjust for the buildings being in the mountains. We did not supply the office building on this property however we did provide core 10 metal panels to make it match the other buildings. Metal Building Outlet supplies cost-effective designs for steel church buildings that meet proposed material specifications and offer engineered solutions that easily adapt to individual facilities and cost effective construction methods. In these situations, the project should focus on the functionality of the steel church building as a state of the art facility that supports the goals of the church congregation and not on "fancy" and expensive exteriors. This building is engineered with a high wind load, high snow load and calculations - Washington.Call 1-800-292-0111 for information.
Due to the fact our self storage building designers specialize in this type of construction the cost is commonly a fraction of what an outside local steel building design planning organization would charge. Enter your mini storage building dimensions and choose from several floor plans for your building size.
The second is a 40a€™x18a€™ bi-fold airplane door using a jack rafter to remove a load-bearing column to make way for the door, which supports both the weight of the buildinga€™s roof and the weight of the door itself.
Being that this single slope building is wider than long with the restaurant's store front on the high side, the building has a uniquely modern look and feel. Additional features of the prefabricated steel building include a 9'x8' storefront glass system and a 4'x3' drive-up customer window, and the building itself boasts an alternative design in that its higher end appears at the front of the building.

The erection was performed by Metal Building Outlet-preferred erector Commercial Steel Builders, which services all of South Carolina in addition to many outlying areas.
Both the manufacturing area and the office space's insulation were provided by Metal Building Insulation, Metal Building Outlet's insulation-specific division. In addition, the owner decided to use concrete floors, rather than the wood floors he used originally. Boasting a finished size of 58'x105'x12' with a 4:12 roof pitch, the metal building features a unique hipped roof design. The hip rafters rise to the ridge of the building by sitting on each outer corner of the building. Oak Ridge North is made up of two massive, energy-efficient commercial metal buildings that together serve as an office, training center and warehouse facility. These included making sure that the load requirements of the buildings were suitable for this area. Built in 2009 with several framed openings featuring Janus Roll Up doors of both 9 x 7 and 4 x 7 sizes, this mini storage complex has the ability to service the needs of the community of Morrison for many years to come. Metal Building Outlet understands these issues and is skilled at consulting our clients on the selection of exterior materials that look great and require little or no maintenance. Metal Building Outlet only works with name brand suppliers that have the experience and service capabilities to meet our builders' professional demands. Considerations for set backs, traffic flow, entrances, retention ponds, climate control units versus standard storage units, and easements that are existing will be shown on the self storage plot plan.
The software also pulls your local building codes and loads to ensure the proper size self storage building is quoted. The Longmont metal building also has (2) 4a€™x7a€™walk doors, both of which were upgraded from the standard 3a€™ wide models to ensure adequate space for moving wide equipment.
Located in Louisiana's Assumption Parish, the building is constructed from Nucor Building Systems components and was customized from its original fox gray with white trim design in order to match the existing gray-and-red corporate color scheme of the Pizza Hut brand. The building featured Kingspan insulated wall panels and a double layer insulation system in the roof. The main building has an archery range and kitchen on the main floor with a hunting and archery display on the second floor. The triangular sloped ends add curb appeal and differentiate the building from a gable roof style building. Three of the four buildings have single slope painted roofs while the fourth has a painted gabled roof. Furthermore, all proposed steel church buildings and school gymnasiums should take future growth and expansion into consideration. When selecting a supplier, we look for consistency in manufacturing and quality of products. This top view comprehensive mini storage layout is commonly an essential part of the self storage project planning process, financing, project bid documents, zoning variances, and building department approval. They now use the second floor as an office for Full Rut Archery Range & Hunting Club on the second floor.
Adding a hipped roof is a great way to add aesthetic value at a minimal expense to the overall metal building. To add to the durability of the roofs Metal Building Outlet added lifetime roof fasteners and a roof sealant. We only stand for the best quality and service and we demand the same from the companies we represent. This door utilizes a vertical lift, instead of an overhead track, which in turn results in more head room in the space above the door.

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