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Metal Garden Sheds are ideal as a storage solution for garden furniture, the lawnmower as well as any valued clutter from the house; in view of the fact that they are considered more secure than traditional wooden sheds. Metal Garden Sheds are ideal as a storage solution for garden furniture, the lawnmower as well as any valued clutter from the house; in view of the fact that they are considered more secure than traditional wooden sheds. Metal garden sheds are made from galvanised steel, the 'traditional' corrugated iron or aluminium. We manufacture metal sheds to ANY SIZE from small garden sheds to keep the mower dry to agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, the choice is yours.
Custom Metal Buildings supply a range of small, medium and large steel sectional buildings. We supply quality metal sheds which are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of needs, from the humble garden shed to garages and workshops, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Custom Metal Buildings offer a flexible, low maintenance, cost effective structure that can be made to fit any situation. When compared to traditional building costs with virtually no maintenance, it's easy to see why more and more people are turning to Custom Made Metal Garden Sheds.
Simple to construct and reasonably priced, plastic sheds like the Duramax Littlehut 5x3 Apex Roof, are manufactured from flame retardant PVC and supported by a sturdy hot dipped galvanised steel frame. London is a major tourist destination for every type of traveller, whether they are from across the ocean or within the UK. There is a wider variety of languages spoken in London than in any other  city worldwide.
London has more international visitors than any other city in the world numbering 15.3 million per year. In Britain, drivers are required to drive on the left but there is one exception to this rule.
The London Underground is host to a unique species of Mosquito, thought to have arrived at Heathrow Airport and carried to the underground trains and tunnels where they bred. For low maintenance, good value garden storage Walton’s have a wide selection of metal sheds for sale. Also available at Walton’s are a selection of the best metal sheds available from Yardmaster and Storemore. A metal shed makes a great garden storage choice, as being constructed from toughened steel these metal sheds are fire-retardant, as well as practically rodent and pest-proof, making them good places to store seeds, compost or fertiliser.
A metal shed is a useful garden storage option, as metal sheds are generally a little cheaper than their wooden shed equivalents, and once erected, need little maintenance to keep them in good condition.
Building a base for a metal shed is also easier than building a base for a wooden shed – read our guide below for more details. If you would like an explanation of the differences between metal and wooden sheds, and the different shapes and sizes available, read our handy buying a shed guide.

Whilst creating a base for a metal shed is a little easier than for a wooden shed, you still need to consider where in your garden is the best place to site your metal shed, and what you will use as a foundation. You will need to locate your metal shed in an area that does not suffer from water logging, and is clear from overhanging trees, bushes and other obstacles. Your base for your metal shed should be slightly larger than the footprint of the shed, ensuring that there is no overhang, and also helping to prevent splash back from rainwater and mud, keeping your metal shed clean from mud and grime.
For base materials, a solid concrete base is very effective, providing that it is level and flat. A third, and much easier option is a Walton’s Eco Easy Shed Base, which is essentially a toughened plastic grid strong enough to support a metal shed, and available for sheds up to 12’ x 10’.
The main benefit of metal sheds is that they require no seasonal maintenance which reduces stress and hassel on you.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Canberra 8 foot fronted premium garden shed is an apex roof shed manufactured from high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout, finished with 3 coats of paint. CANBERRA products are the highest specification lightweight metal garden sheds in the market. There is a wide range of accessories available and the strength of the frame allows a choice of shelving to be screwed to the structure. Full details on preparing a base for all buildings will be sent prior to the unit being delivered. BASE REQUIREMENTS FOR SHEDSAll steel sheds must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage.
The timber base allows you to construct a wooden floor (using the instructions provided), place it on your level ground over your damp proof membrane and attach the shed to it. A foundation kit forms a steel grid over your damp proof membrane, allowing you either to fill with concrete or cover with marine ply to create an internal floor.
Both base options are ideal for steel buildings, however if you have an existing concrete or slab base with a damp proof membrane, you will not require either option. Wooden sheds require more frequent maintenance with a recommended annual slap of treatment to prevent premature rot. Every Steel Building comes pre-welded, pre-cut and pre-drilled allowing the building to be installed onto a foundation in a fraction of the time of other more traditional builds..
One of the main advantages of these sturdy PVC garden sheds and buildings is how maintenance free they are, never requiring painting, treating or waterproofing. The Woodbridge 10 x 13 plastic shed comes with a 15 year manufacturers non perforation guarantee.
Belongings like bicycles, motorbikes and lawnmowers hanging around can spoil that organised look which is why the Biohort Storemax is an excellent option.

This exciting city has something for everyone and its museums, theatres, art galleries, changing of the guard, 10 Downing Street, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament act as a magnet to enthusiastic and enquiring minds.
Whether you are looking for a apex metal shed, pent metal shed, metal garage, we have a metal shed to suit all budgets and needs. The only time a metal shed would require maintenance is if the shed isn damaged in some way. This shed is the perfect solution for your garden storage needs at a highly competitive price. Apart from the high grade of steel and paint finish, they have ventilated gables and all standard buildings have the tallest wall height, allowing you to walk into your shed without having to duck down, unlike other premium sheds.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Then you have metal garden sheds that are pre-treated, painted at the factory or clad with metal panels coated with plastic that can be resitant to outside weathering for a considerably long time. They stand up to any severe weather conditions when properly secured, and won't rot or become susceptible to infestation or insect damage.
Amongst the excellent quality garden storage range, you will find plastic garages like the VDM Apex Roof Garage, protecting its contents from the elements and other unwanted attention!
With a double opening system featuring sliding roller shutters, this compact storage solution is presented in a metallic silver finish. This curious rule was bestowed upon Savoy Court by parliament to allow women to exit the car first, as historically, women traditionally sat behind the driver. Our Yardmaster metal sheds are the perfect space saver and Waltons metal sheds are certain to match your requirements. To prevent this from occurring construct your metal shed in a clear area away from overhanging objects and trees. We can supply a Timber base or a Foundation Kit, which you can purchase with your product, simply select it below. Canberra sheds are perfect for caravan parks where non-combustible storage sheds are compulsory and will provide a rust-free, durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 20 years. Security, style and value are the catchwords with garden storage products from SM Garden Sheds.
This ancient park has remained relatively unchanged and has never been a stranger to Royalty.
These double sliding doors, manufactured from heavier gauge steel, provide great access to all your stored items through the spacious opening.

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