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Gravity, as far as motorcycle banking is concerned, is very much like an aircraft in a coordinated turn. While you can incrementally thwart that in a plane (push the opposite rudder pedal), or on a bike (scoot or lean to one side and then crank the bars so you're riding straight, but off-vertical), let's ignore that sideways effect for the purposes of this discussion. A little JB weld would fix it so it won't cut the engine off if you lean your bike over in a turn. So, what I am discovering is that the sensor is a multi-axis accelerometer (not a new device), and except for gravity, the use made of its signals are complex calculations using its dynamic perceptions.
Once the bike gets there and is in its smooth coordinated turn, the sensor is, again, blind.
Yup, these Bosch guys are way smarter than I am, and as amazing as solid-state accelerometers are, the genius of this application is the knowledge of physics, implemented wholly within the software. The lean angle sensor on my S1000RR has invoked the Traction Control a couple times - on the track.
Since the amount of grip is reduced at higher lean angles I suppose that isn't a bad thing on a bike with 187 RWHP. If someone were to ask what is the most important thing about riding sport motorcycles, what would you answer?
Basically, the Lean Bike is a 1997 ZX-6R equipped with a set of outriggers that act like training wheels.
Right away I noticed that the bike doesn't steer: It feels like it has a sidecar on both sides.
The instructor explained that the trick is not to chop the throttle, which is a natural tendency, but to stay on the throttle and allow the bike catch up.
What Ducati did in the process of adding the word a€?Enduroa€? to the Multistradaa€™s vocabulary.
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Should I be experiencing any rear wheel sliding or other traction issues at this sort of angle?

Try to bend your inside arm more and get the chin bar of your helmet right down on your inside grip.
Instead of sliding way off your seat in an attempt to get your knee down, you might want to try sliding a little combined with pivoting your hips and shoulders in the direction of the turn. Disclaimer: I'm no racer, have never and most likely will never drag a knee through a corner - oh, that's a lie, I dragged a knee, then my hip, followed shortly by my elbow and shoulder once, but that didn't end well. Since you are doing a track day so soon, it would be better to ask the coaches these questions. I did see the other thread about your suspension, but didn't chime in, because I consider that sheet to be black frickin' magic. It will make you better, safer rider and help you work on the things you want to work on, as well as some things you may not realize will help. But, I'm starting to get the idea that maybe these devices don't actually work (or do what's claimed), after all. The outriggers consist of a steel frame, hard rubber wheels and a pneumatically controlled lean damper system.
However, once the horn button is pushed the tension on the outriggers is released the bike may be leaned over. He also explained that on a set of race-compound tires even Keith Code, at least at skid-pad speeds, had a hard time getting the rear to break loose.
This is not to say that learning how to control a rear-wheel slide easy, but the Slide Bike is a good tool on which to learn. It's not a race, nobody will force you outside your comfort zone, and it looks like you have all the safety gear already.
Your ability to negotiate turns will make all the difference on how fast and how smoothly you can ride a sportbike.
To adjust the lean angle you push the horn button, which releases tension on the lean-damper. To date, no one has been able to flick it, but it is not immune to lowsides, so a bit of faith is involved.

I was only on a set of sorry looking Dunlop 204s but they still stuck better than I thought they would.
I still didn't touch knee but it looks like the bike was down further - could I still get down significantly more than I was in the last few shots?
Pickup up either new feedback with suspension that is telling me I am close to the limit, or I need to make it a tad softer.
Even if you live in the flat American Midwest, you'll eventually have to learn how negotiate a corner or two.A few years ago Keith Code placed outriggers on a motorcycle to allow students to experience -- without highsiding -- how it feels when the front brake of a motorcycle is locked. Without the tension, they don't believe that the outriggers will help keep the bike upright and they are afraid to lean the bike.
So just trying to have some people look and say no you're fine, or yeah you're getting close to the edge.
After a few minutes of riding around in a big circle (and fighting dizziness), I was dragging knee. However, flat track racing is very expensive and trial and error can be just as expensive (repair bills) and even more painful (medical bills). If you're like me, and you prefer to keep money in the bank and your body in one piece, I recommend the Slide Bike. The first time I tried I spent a lot of time getting over our inhibitions about throttle control, but eventually I just whacked it. I was sent sprawling onto the windshield but not flying through the air as would have been the case without the outriggers.

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