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This just in… Fine Woodworking just received word that the New Yankee Workshop is ending after 21 seasons on PBS according to Patrick Ramirez, a spokesperson for WGBH Boston. Woodworking TV 2.0If you thought woodworking TV died with the retirement of the New Yankee Workshop, think again. But, if this news is getting you down, it’s not too late to see this woodworking icon up close and personal in just a few days.
And, New Yankee plan fans can continue to buy projects plans at the New Yankee Web site as well as order DVDs, find Q&As, etc. So, now audience, back to you… what are your thoughts on the New Yankee's retirement? If the show were presented as a sustained, continuous webinar, it would be possible to reinvent "the show" (I'd surmise that it would be at least a complete reboot of the show and more likely a relaunch) with far lower levels of financial underwriting than would be necessary for television distribution. PBS you need to continue this as there are a lot of us out there that watch Norm and enjoy this hobby.
We can only hope for a Brett Favre like return(s) or maybe pbs can show the series from the first to the last episode.
01191943 writes: Always looked forward to seeing Norm in that dream workshop, but I suppose this is the result of the suits on the TV networks that think it is time for young blood to reach their intended audience, BIG mistake, I would far rather watch Norm who has the years of experience and knowledge that comes with working with wood.
Rvette writes: Norm, I join everyone else in saying how sorry I am that your show cannot continue.
I see in a photograph of the bench that the hardboard cover on the planing beam does appear to be as wide as the planing beam itself.
Oliverd writes: Dave- I am new to Sketch Up and serious woodworking and would like to build White's NF workbench.
Is there an easier way to get Sketch Up to show the dimensions other than using the dimension tool on a component? Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog.
Another big decision you need to make as a new woodworker involves setting up shop and buying tools. Keeping your tools running smooth will not only yield better results, it will also make your time in the shop safer. There really is no better way to improve your woodworking skills than to simply head into the shop and build something. A card scraper is nothing more than a simple thin sheet of steel, but it can be an incredible asset to any workshop, as it saves you time and money. Once you have several years of projects under your belt, you’ll have some great examples of successes and failures, good ideas and bad ideas, flaws that turned out to be obvious and flaws that no one will ever see. Sorting through the immense volume of information out there can be daunting, to say the least. One of the things that makes woodworking interesting and a lifetime hobby is that it covers a lot of ground.

Although the techniques are same as in full size woodworking I have had to adapt to the new (small) circumstances by making some new tools and modifying others. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Bring the speed and precision of computer controlled machinery to your shop with this top value CNC Shark system. Fine Woodworking featured host Norm Abram on the cover twice, once in 2008 when the series celebrated its 20th anniversary. FW published a profile on Abram in 1993 (FWW #99) and more recently Abram wrote an article about crafting your dream kitchen in 2008 (FWW #196). I have done woodwork since I was a child and enjoyed Norm and the New Yankee Workshop weekly show. Choosing the right bench design seems to be more difficult than picking the right tablesaw or handplane though. You could generate a report or run a cutlist and get the dimensions in tabular form but there's no automatic way to have the dimensions show in the drawing.
I maintain anesthesia and respiratory equipment for the largest medical facility in southeast Minnesota. Many newcomers to the craft assume they are doing something wrong with their technique and quickly get discouraged because they just picked up grandpa’s old plane and started hacking away at some poor piece of wood. In Norm Stories, a former editor at Fine Woodworking, recounts how Abram got him into woodworking after an appearance at Good Morning America. Norm knew what to do,how to do it, and when to do it.Saturday mornings are not the same without NYW!
In an effort to help with my decision process I've been drawing different benches using SketchUp. Perhaps he had them on hand or maybe they were cheaper than iron caps especially if the pipe isn't threaded at that end as he might have had to pay to have the ends threaded. With its robust steel and high-density poly-ethylene construction, it can take accidental impacts that would normally damage or destroy an aluminum or MDF machine. The included clamping table features two hold-down slots for securing work anywhere along the length of the table.
By the time I've completed a bench model, I have a pretty good idea of how things go together.
I rarely learn anything of value from this old house but the techniques I have learned from Yankee are numerous and invaluable.
I also find as I'm drawing I end up working out an efficient method of machining the lumber so I can avoid having to duplicate setups where possible.Last weekend I decided to take another look at John White's New-Fangled Workbench (FWW #139) or the "Six Clamp Bench", as it has recently been dubbed. Simply connect the USB cable to the controller box and the other end to your computer (not compatible with Mac computers). So often I have been confronted with a woodworking dilemma in my woodworking hobby that you have solved for me.

John designed it to be quite versatile as well as simple and inexpensive to build.Drawing the bench itself is pretty straightforward. This new and CNC Shark exclusive software ''maps'' the surface of your table or work piece and uses the map as a dynamic reference point.
I would also like to know who took the show off so we could lobby for a return--or at least re-run the shows again.
There are only 22 different components in the bench itself.After I completed the bench and the pipes I needed some clamps.
It's important to consider just how much value high levels of detail actually add to the overall model. For this clamp, I wanted something a bit more detailed than simple blocks but I didn't want a component that was so large that it would bog down the bench model when I added it. I could have sketched it in a sort of free hand matter but I find it easier to take measurements and draw to scale. Since this clamp has to interact with the bench model, it is easier to work with a properly scaled component. If you add all the filleted areas, the potential number of entities--edges and faces--could skyrocket. As I worked I made decisions about the number of line segments used for the various circles and arcs in the model. The paddle end of the crank is an area that shows where I reduced the segment count perhaps a bit too much. This didn't concern me much and from a distance, it isn't very noticeable.I broke each of the parts down into sections to make it easier to draw.
As I've shown in several other blog entries, I split the part in half and made it into a component. The component was copied and mirrored to make the opposing half and these halves were joined. The two components are made into a nested component so they can be handled as a unit for moving.Rather than drawing in the fillets, I used Soften (Ctrl+Eraser) or Hide (Shift+Eraser) to insinuate that those edges are not sharp. Click on the image for a larger version.Originally I used a texture in the Metal library called Metal_Aluminum_Corrugated to create a fairly convincing thread appearance. A texture is a good alternative to modeling small detail because it is faster to do and it usually has less of an effect on file size. Note that the size of the image file does impact the size of the SketchUp file.I showed this drawing to some friends. This single turn was made into a component which can be copied as many times as needed to get the desired length of the threads.

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