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See the Antique Woodworking Tools Forum - Upload and share your own antique tool photos and information! My first woodshop was put together by going to garage sales with my dad and bringing home old woodworking machines. I bought this shaper about 15 years ago from an aquaintance who no longer had room in his shop. It seems like a decent tool, you should look into keeping it, though you said you don't use it anymore. This Boice Crane 14" Band Saw has given most excellent service to many thousands of users.
In any of this work, a band saw needs the exceptional strength and weight that is built into Boice-Crane Band Saws. The wheels are very large in diameter, so their gentle curvature causes no strain on the blade and that means long blade life. In other words, the Boice Crane 14" Band Saw is exactly suitable for homeshop and for every woodworking plant. One or two blades reclaimed in this way will more than pay for the slight extra cost of Boice.Crane Aluminum Wheel Guards.
Both upper and lower halves of the guard, are fastened together and hinged on the left side. Old Fort William, now known as Fort William Historical Park, is a reconstructed fur trade located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Voyageurs could obtain liquor, tobacco and other provisions at Boucher's Tavern which was located outside the fort. The white-washed walls and numerous windows give good lighting for those working inside the wood working shop.

This week I got to spend an afternoon with Miller to interview him for an upcoming article in Popular Woodworking Magazine, plus I got a peek at the table he’s building for an upcoming issue of of the magazine. With the table’s parts arrayed around his shop in varying stages of completion, Miller discussed the project and how it was an interesting combination of challenges and surprisingly easy operations. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. I totally agree with your comments regarding Jeff Miller’s direction with his studio furniture. In addition to being an extraordinarily skilled person he is a patient and gifted teacher of his craft. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
This web site is devoted to providing information and resourcesabout antique woodworking hand tools and vintage woodworking machines. Likewise you can saw metals, such as brass, copper, iron, metal lath, or composition board, cork, meat, paper. On the other hand, if you have the capacity, and you do without that wiring, you can't saw such thicker stock for lack of power-hence a deeper cutting capacity in band saw is of questionable value to home shops.
It was built on the bank of the Kaministiquia River far upstream from its original site near where the river empties into Lake Superior.
Looking at this table, you’ll see how it influenced subsequent design elements in his chairs, rockers, etc.
I just happened upon this older Craftsman Lathe and Jointer, looking to either fix the motor on the jointer or replace it though, since the tool was in a basement that got flooded in 04', but the tool itself took about an hour to get in operating condition.
In lumber yards, mills, industrial woodworking plants, boat yards, pattern shops, foundries, and home shops.

As proved in actual use, the blades will run for weeks at a time without retracking the wheels, or re·adjusting the guides. Even if a blade breaks and strikes against the aluminum, the blade can be reclaimed for further use. Yet Miller manages to fold a surprising number of traditional tools into his tool kit – stuff that you normally see sitting on a half-finished Chippendale highboy. It’s details and joinery details only scratch the surface of what he does with bent laminations.
After teaching furniture and cabinet making for 16 years, I now collect and restore antique hand tools and woodworking machinery. Check back often to stay up to date on the latest additions and please contribute to this information. No time is wasted in slowly unscrewing each half of guard separately and slowly replacing each. Yet his furniture looks like the sculpted stuff turned out by the angle-grinder-and-belt-sander enthusiasts. It would make a nice gift for some family member or you may want to hand it down instead of selling it off to some stranger for a few measly bucks, but its up to you, and I wouldn't sell it for less than 7-800 dollars, since it is going to be a fairly rare piece, plus the quality of it should get you even more.
You can take the large curve, place it on end, and hang your entire body weight on it, producing very little flex.

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