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Unique in design, each Lean-To shelter is manufactured within the constraints of our technical “rulebook”, guaranteeing durability, structural integrity and longevity of service for up to 15 years. Bespoke in design, and signed off by our Consulting Engineers, each Lean-to uniquely enhances its location to bring about a ‘whole’ class experience undercover and protected from the elements, especially rain and UV. Lean-to’s provide fantastic value in multiplying the space of your learning environment offering opportunities for extended group work, quiet zones, activity areas and art corners with young minds encouraged to flourish. The largest size (as the projection from a building) for a Lean-to using a single timber rafter is 6.0m.
The polycarbonate roof material, Lexan® brand 16mm triple wall, in Opal and Clear tints will be complemented by white glazing bars and guttering and the Bronze tint will be complemented by brown glazing bars and guttering.
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I'm wondering has anyone else out there come up with a solution for storing fuel away from their house? At some point I want a large storage shed for it all, but at five grand, that's going to have to wait.

Also, around here no permit is needed for sheds up to 10x13 - that's why those size sheds are so popular. Also the sheds were home-built to specifications because they were designed to hold 3 shelves of gas cans with just enough room to reach in. There was always gas in the tanks as long as we had boats in the water, the cans were empty when not. Even still, that wood was so saturated by the occasional splashes from moving cans in and out it was black, and had it caught fire it no doubt would have burned for days.
The shed was not airtight by any means, it would have been psychotic to store that much gas that way. That's what I was thinking of, except I was going to tighten one bung with the gasket in and take the gasket off of one and just leave it on, since I don't want any debris, or the kids dropping more of my screwdrivers inside. Not a bad idea, I think I'll go grab one of the large desiccant packs from my safe and hang it inside the barrel from a string while it sits in the sun. These Lean-To structures foster a free-flow movement of children from the inside to the outside to enable full engagement with curriculum and learning objectives.

I'm thinking about maybe keeping 30 or so gallons on hand and rotating them out, but I'm not crazy about the idea of having that stored inside my house in the garage. I don't really have much use for a shed as I already have a sizable garage that houses most everything.
The wife is sleeping in the room above the garage and it puts exhaust in there that I would prefer not be there, but you can't move a 500 lb mower without powering it up. Each Lean-to is constructed to a high specification, using specially sorted, prepared and pressure treated timbers, durable polycarbonate roofing and flooring, as required, to meet the needs of your environment.
I was just thinking about maybe building a small doghouse like structure near my property line to store fuel in, but that isn't big enough to fool with permits and all the bullshit that goes with it.

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