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An outdoor nativity set enhances your Christmas decor and creates a charming scene that professes your faith. Outdoor nativity sets can have a lot of figures or just the Holy Family which includes Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus. The lighted Holy Family nativity from Kmart is made of blow-mold plastic and is a nice choice if you have limited space. Customers who bought the nativity set give it positive reviews for quality, price, and ease of set-up. You can purchase additional figures in white or color to complete your scene such as angels, animals, wise men, and shepherds. If your budget and space is small, consider this Christmas Yard Decoration Nativity Set from Amazon.
The set earned a four-and-a-half star rating on Amazon for its budget-friendly price, durability, and appearance. A few customers gave the nativity five stars for its ample size, durability, and for being easy to put together. This classic Holy Family set from Amazon includes the family within a creche topped by a bright yellow star. The set is made in the USA of PVC plastic, measures 58" wide and 44" tall, and costs around $120 with free shipping.
This nativity earned nearly an overall five star rating for easy set-up, durability, and appearance. Before purchasing a nativity set, there are a few things you should consider before setting it up. Amount of available space - Measure the available space in your yard that to be dedicated to the nativity scene.
Ground conditions - If the ground will be frozen or snow covered when you're decorating for Christmas, opt for heavier sets that don't require deep posts being hammered into the ground, or those with other options for securing them.

Place a shepherd's hook near one side of your set and hang a lantern with a flameless candle from the hook.
Add a bale or two of hay to your display or scatter hay across the ground surrounding your set. When Christmas is over and it's time to pack away the decorations, follow these tips to help you keep your nativity set looking like new from year to year.
If the figures are being stored in an outdoor location such as a shed, wrap them in plastic sheets or tarps to keep them safe and dry. Smaller pieces or those prone to breakage can be wrapped in old blankets or towels, bubble wrap, or thin foam.
If your nativity set is made from wooden boards with stands, stack these for storage as long as you place a protective layer like a blanket or cardboard between each item.
If you've purchased your nativity set brand new, check the box it came in for any special storage instructions. As Christmas becomes more commercialized each year, adding a nativity scene to your outdoor Christmas display is a great way to remember "the reason for the season." Placing a nativity set outdoors each year can become a special family tradition. The Silhouette Outdoor Nativity Set Holy Family Scene can be displayed in your yard and garden, in any winter climate.
The set is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and includes ten, almost life-size figures which stand up to 55" tall.
Because of special shipping considerations due to its size, weight, and fragility, there is an additional shipping cost of up to 40 percent of the purchase price.
Unlike other nativity sets, Mary is holding Baby Jesus instead of sitting next to him while he is in the manger. If your nativity set is your sole Christmas display, you may want it in the middle of your yard or in a prominent place in front of your home. If no creche is included, place your set underneath a tree or in front of a tall bush and hang a star with white lights above it.

Use the opportunity to teach your children about the story of the nativity, explaining each figure and its importance to the scene.
This easy-to-store outdoor nativity scene is designed for quick set up and maximum longevity. Some assembly is required and an instructional video is offered on the company website to assist. Each piece is made of corrugated plastic which range in height up to just over thirty inches. The set is also available in a larger size which stands 66" high and costs about $240 with free shipping.
Otherwise, you can purchase single spotlights for holiday lighting to make the display more visible at night.
The set is priced around $40 with free in-store pick up; enter your zip to find shipping charges and if free pick up is available in your area. The set is made in the Philippines from fiberglass resin which retains its beauty when maintained.
A few choices are available to fit most budgets such as their best-selling 50" white Holy Family nativity, which works well for smaller yards and costs around $170, or a 72" white Holy Family nativity for about $800 which is great for larger yards, churches, or businesses. Each piece is vibrantly colored but only decorated on one side which may limit your display options. If your nativity set is part of a larger display, be sure you allow plenty of room for your other decorations.

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