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You custom design your backyard studio to match your exact needs, transforming your garden into your refuge for creative inspiration. To view other videos like these ones, please check our 3D Tour section or our Youtube Channel! With 1 in 10 people now working for themselves and 1 in 12 employees working a couple of days a week from home, Backyard Room taps into a need for people to find a space to work that is separate to home but saves on costs such as office rent and commuting. The stylish structures are fully pre-fabricated, meaning a backyard studio is delivered within a four-week turnaround and you avoid the fuss and inconvenience of construction in your yard or garden. About Jen BishopJen Bishop is our owner and publisher and an experienced journalist and editor.
This incredible green-complex designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures in Paris is just that: absolutely incredible.
One thousand apartments sprawl across the top nine housing levels in The Gate Residence, sitting atop three commercial levels, a supermarket level, and four underground levels for parking.
The environmentally conscious designers at the Chilean architecture firm, VASHO, and like-minded consumers have gotten together to stray from the trend of overly consumptive family homes and are integrating the environment into building design to a degree not seen since Frank Lloyd Wright retired his pencil and square.
Innovative Australian architectural and design firm, studio505, is the creative force behind an exciting new project being developed for their client, Grocon LTD. This outdoor studio is suitable as a home office, guesthouse, or just as a special place in your backyard. A Hackney pres de Londres, le cabinet d'architecture et de design Office Sian a concu un petit bureau a l'emplacement d'une vieille cabane. Launched in March at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, where it won the sustainability award, Backyard Room is an innovative new offering from the team at Archiblox. Whether it’s a home office, studio or exercise room, the pre-fabricated Backyard Room has the potential to unlock a world of possibilities in your own backyard.

This is what I wanted in my head but I went with the insulated shed that will look amazing when we plant around it option. Love these, can see me kicking the kids and all their plastic toys to the rear of the garden…. Lead “archibiotect” Vincent Callebaut from Belgium is behind many of the most environmentally friendly designs recently commissioned around the world, integrating sustainable building techniques in diverse locales from South Korea to Morocco. The design commands 450,000 square meters, or slightly over 100 American football fields –  imagine 50 average city blocks. Also integrated into the complex are 3 levels of offices to line the main street that traverses the entire structure. Plans have begun for a 10-to 12-story “Passive House” apartment building currently called Delta. I’m always fascinated by small footprint homes, buildings and structures that add space, functionality and value.
What better way to store your most precious cargo – your family, or loved ones – than in a stylish, sustainable home? The finished product, which stands in San Jose, Costa Rica, cost an incredibly low $40,000. A home that beautifully integrates into its surroundings and  challenges its occupants to be efficient.
Petit budget et temps limite etaient les contraintes fixees par les proprietaires pour creer ce "studio de travail" fonctionnel et chaleureux, petit cocon noye dans la verdure d'un jardin de ville. Worried that converting the shed will mean something totally impractical in winter and full of spiders?

Hailing from the UK, she loves anything decor, digital, bubble baths, coffee, writing & travel. He was recently commissioned by Abraj Misr Real Estate in Egypt to build this “iconic sustainable building that would express the future of the city” of Cairo. The green building is designed to be carbon neutral and built entirely from engineered timber on the former site of the Carlton Brewery in Melbourne. A little English outfit called Custom Built in Surrey creates just such structures, cute, one-of-a-kind, custom garden buildings that can perform a variety of functions.
Creating a signifying, monumental building that represents the role of green architecture in the fight against climate change is a top priority of both the designer and the client.
The company creates garden sheds or offices (above) that can fit in a corner of a backyard. This library of regional listings may well have the number of the office you need to contact.
In addition, concerns over renting studios as apartments have caused some areas to implement special requirements when plumbing and electrical are installed.

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