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Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits when customized will make a dramatic impact on your backyard landscape and provide lifelong lasting memories. You can also incorporate one of our outdoor pizza oven kits into an existing space or patio.
This entry was posted in DIY Pizza Oven, Outdoor Entertaining, Outdoor kitchens, pizza oven kits, Wood Fired Pizza Recipes and tagged outdoor oven kits, outdoor pizza oven kits, pizza oven kits. You’ve heard the stories of people tinkering with the thermostats of their ovens to make them burn hotter.
The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven comes up to baking temperature in as little as 20 minutes, making pizza night a more spontaneous occasion.
Its custom-made and independently-controlled burners give outdoor cooks the ability to tailor the oven’s heat and bake any style of pizza, calzones and artisanal breads. The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven’s compact size leaves a small footprint on a countertop, making it an ideal piece for a new outdoor kitchen. Want to make tasty pizzeria style pizzas at home, but at a fraction of the cost of building a traditional wood-fired oven? It features dual hollow core cordierite baking stones that diffuse the heat evenly, a reflective heat shield that ensures the toppings cook at the same rate as the crust, and a moisture vent on top to vent steam and prevent sogginess.
Two cordierite stones feature a hollow core of air in between, diffusing heat and eliminating hot spots for evenly baked results. With a Catmount brick oven, you can produce reliable, consistent results that are hard to match using other woodburning ovens.

Over the years, I have also become expert in the design, construction, and restoration of authentic beehive baking ovens for the home. After the concrete base is formed and the hearth is installed (we often use Soapstone as it absorbs heat 3 times faster than brick), we set the wooden forms for the dome. Cooking wood fired food like Pizza, whole roasted chickens,  apple wood fired salmon and  steaks flavored with fruit wood provide unique flavors and textures you just cant get with conventional cooking or grilling.
Look at the picture gallery of some beautiful custom outdoor pizza oven kits our customers installed.They used a variety of finishes, textures and designs to create unique one of a kind outdoor pizza ovens that make a bold statement. One burner warms the bottom baking stone, cooking the crust, while the second browns pizza toppings by heating the oven’s interior and ceiling stone.
Its ability to connect to standard 20-pound liquid propane gas bottles or natural gas lines makes it easy to add to preexisting outdoor kitchens, patios or balconies.
Unlike a regular oven, this one is lightweight, portable, and safe to use on any surface, which means it's great for tailgating, parties, picnics, camping trips, or anywhere you think some great pizza will really hit the spot. These are miniaturized versions of the big restaurant pizza ovens that I build, and they can cook and do everything as well as their big brothers.
Check out one of my favorite outdoor pizza ovens made with one of our outdoor pizza oven kits. They use a beautiful combination of materials textures and colors to create this dramatic look!
The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven™, the first dual-burner countertop outdoor pizza oven, gives homeowners the power and heat of traditional wood-fired pizza ovens in a small, stainless steel package.

The oven’s open front gives cooks the ability to view the flames dancing at the back of the oven and watch the pizza as it bakes so it can be taken out at just the right moment.
This highly portable, propane-fueled outdoor pizza oven can replicate the super high temperatures (700°F) of a wood-fired oven, allowing you to bake up gourmet pizzas with crispy crusts and bubbly cheese and toppings in only five minutes.
Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. Since 1979, I have also become expert in the design, construction, and restoration of authentic beehive baking ovens.
My crew and I have been building commercial and residential brick ovens throughout the Northeast since 1979. Start with small fires, then increase the size each day until the top of the dome reaches between 1,600 to 1,800 degrees F, and the hearth is about 700 to 900 degrees F. Food cooked in this way is delicious, and because there is no door in the way, you can watch your food cook.
Heating to more than 800 degrees and able to cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in as little as three minutes, it brings the power of a pizzeria oven to a home’s outdoor countertop.
Every brick oven I create is handmade and unique, and is built on site to your custom specifications.

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