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So you have just bought and built a new shed, and it is now time to make it look good and give it a finish.
Here are some helpful tips that you can follow when painting your wooden shed to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Oil based primer and wood treatment – we have a range of treatment products available. The first step in the process is to make sure that the shed doesn’t need any more structural work. This approach contributes to making shed is waterproof, so won’t let any snow or rain in.
You can also help keep the heat out of your shed by following our guide on how to insulate a shed. It is important to allow caulk to dry off completely before you go any further. Once it is dry, you can start using spirit-based wood treatment on all the wooden surfaces. Once you get all the preparatory stages out of the way, the actual painting process is quite simple.
Make sure to cover the areas that have already been painted with the same sheets, in order to prevent any overlaps or colour-runs. Plascon Wall & All can be applied directly to new and previously painted plaster and concrete, wood, and various building boards.
For whatever purpose you decide to use your garden shed, hut or wendy for, decorate the space to blend in or stand out. Choose a basic design for your garden shed, hut or wendy house and then add on elements that make it unique. Check with the supplier as to the options they offer for modifications to existing designs. More than just a place to store your garden tools, or hide away your junk in my case, a garden shed or wendy hut is an easy way to add a garden room to your outdoor space if you're not into DIY or looking for something out-of-the-ordinary. Many homeowners tend to overlook the option of adding a room to the garden, as opposed to extending their home. A quiet corner or shady spot would be perfect, and even if you don't have any trees in the garden yet - you can always plan around the placement of the hut. Shade is also an element to consider if you plan to use a hut or shed as a working space, as you want a room that's cool during the hot summer months. Increase the size of a small garden shed, hut or wendy house by adding on a new addition, just as you would to add an extra room to your home.
Not all garden rooms need to be pretty, there's also a place for a more modern or contemporary design. So, you have identified the perfect get rid of plans, and you’ve got developed a storage shed to keep your lawnmower, rakes, shovels, and other gardening equipment. If you don’t have any bouquets or shrubs around your picket backyard shed, you should contemplate planting them. There are two main reasons for painting wooden shed: to decorate and style it and to protect the wood.

If you are using a silicon-based caulk, or similar materials, you need to wait for about a day after applying the sealant before you can proceed. In addition to providing an extra layer of protection against the elements, the primer also makes it easier for the paint to be spread uniformly, and to grab hold of the surfaces without any problems. If you want to use multiple colours on the same wall, apply the wood treatment and primer, wait for them to dry off, and then attach thick sheets of paper or nylon to the walls, using duct tape. Here in South Africa there are a wide range of designs for garden sheds, huts and Wendy Houses. Paint allows you to be creative in so many ways, and Plascon Wall & All can be tinted in your choice of colours.
Make the interior comfortable by adding furniture that fits and then give it a cosy feel with the addition or matching curtains and rugs.
Plant up boxes with seasonal annuals so that they are filled with colour throughout the year. Simply by swapping out an IBR sheeting roof with a shingle or tile roof makes a big difference. If you consider the difference in cost between a garden room (around R8000 for a reasonably sized wendy house) to that of around R50,000 for a small extension - you really are saving a lot of money. You can add on elements as and when you can afford them to create a wonderful garden room or an outdoor room. One of the most popular DIY trends today is design hacking - or to transform a basic design into something completely different. There is only a single problem, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and it detracts from the landscaping.
If you go to your local house and backyard retailer, take a appear at the backyard artwork that they have. You can plant bouquets and shrubs around the edges of the shed to incorporate a contact of shade. You need to remove any debris, spider webs, mud, and mold from the walls and roof of the shed, and also ensure that all cracks in the wood are properly cleansed.
While the caulk dries, use sandpaper to chip away at loose or patchy paint that may have been left behind from previous paint jobs.
A proper application of wood treatment can significantly prolong the lifespan of wooden garden sheds, allowing you to enjoy these buildings for many years. As with the caulk, the chemical needs to dry off completely before you can proceed.
Paint the colour you want in the exposed area, wait for it to dry, remove the covers, and then paint the other colours.
But I love the idea of buying a ready-made garden shed and transforming it into a sanctuary for the garden. Instead of just allowing the backyard garden shed attract attention to alone, there are several items that you can do to help it to mix in to the landscape. Several occasions you will find wall art, meant to be hung on the outside wall of the home, or on a fence. A trellis connected to the aspect of the get rid of would be best for growing ivy, honeysuckle, clematis, or other climbing vegetation.

After this step is done, apply caulk to the areas in need, making sure that all gaps are covered. Specialists usually recommend the same type of paint used on porches, since it is very durable, and can withstand a lot of punishment from the weather. Buying a garden shed that's already assembled means you have more time to spend tweaking it here and there to make it perfect for your garden.
Once your garden hut or wendy house is placed in location, all that's left is for you to add the finishing touches.
If you have a topic in your garden, possibilities are you will find some thing to hold on the partitions of your get rid of that will complement the other artwork in your garden. If your backyard garden drop has uncovered eaves, you could dangle planters or flower baskets, or you could attach planters to the outside of the drop. Just use your creativeness, and your drop can grow to be a focal level of the backyard garden, rather than an eyesore.
You can also browse local garage sales, flea marketplaces, and antique shops for outdated gardening resources and gear. Just get be aware of how much sunlight every aspect of the shed gets each and every working day, and plant accordingly. This will allow you to paint a flower, or another design, on the side of your shed without worrying about dripping and errors. If you have a good deal of blue and purple flowers in your garden, you can pick a nice shade of blue to paint the get rid of. Hung on the walls, or just propped up in opposition to an outer wall of your garden get rid of, these items can incorporate their own special charm. Even just a few containers of vibrant crops sitting down up coming to the backyard get rid of can make a huge big difference.
Apply it just as you did the first, making sure that the paint is evenly-distributed and consistent throughout all surfaces. A great inexperienced shade might help the shed to mix in with the garden and the leaves of any crops or shrubs in your backyard.
Something hung on the walls or propped up against the outdoors of the get rid of can go a extended way in breaking up the lines of a bare wall, and incorporating curiosity to your backyard garden.
You almost certainly will not want to select a color that precisely matches the encompassing lawn or backyard garden, but something that will complement the backyard, and help the shed to look like component of the backyard. Get a few of scrap pieces of lumber, and paint them in the colors that you are thinking about for the shed. Prop them up next to the get rid of, and consider note of how the shades perform in your garden.

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