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If it wasna€™t for Goda€™s Mercy; I never would have come to know there is a link between scale modeling and the Lorda€™s plan for the end of days. While researching Noaha€™s Ark, I came across a couple of modern day versions that made me marvel at the power and wisdom of God.Who could have imagined they would live to see the construction of Noaha€™s Ark in Frostburg, MD, a city with a population of just over 8,000 happening in their lifetime?
Complete evacuation instructions will be available to all qualified staff members once our transportation plan is complete. All staff, please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should be deleted after reading. Unlike with the Miami drop, this time we were able to find someone who actually picked up a package at the Dallas Drop yesterday. 2012 opens nationwide November 13th and you can discuss these updates to the viral in the comments below, or on our forum.

Special features include a loading ramp, hinged cabin roof, side ramp, colorful rainbow on the stern, and eight wood people (Noah took his wife and three married sons with him). I would have liked to have been more directly involved, but I have been a reporter most of my life and it shows no sign of ending.
The church wrapped up its 1st phase of construction in 2009. Dens Model Ships in Allenstown, PA does exceptional work when it comes to modeling Noah's Ark. More information regarding the site selected will be available on an as-needed basis for teams involved in shipping and construction only. We are assessing how to propagate this information as securely as possible and will report when analysis is complete.
An interesting website that calls itself ARG Dead Drop is our source of information this time.

We again got schematics in the package, and this time I have the high res versions courtesy of ARG Deaddrop. The second is of a mountain side dock platform, presumably for the vessel itself, and the third is of some windows on the ship. While none of the images themselves are terribly interesting, the name of the last one did perk my ears. We’ve already figured out that the whole conspiracy revolves around these modern Arks and their seemingly unethical determinations as to who gets on board.

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